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[NEWS] Lee Minwoo Speaks Up on DBSK Issue

It seems like Cassiopeians aren't the only ones greatly affected by the TVXQ lawsuit controversy these days; KARA's Nicole has revealed her displeasure, and now Lee Minwoo of the legendary Shinwha (previously part of SM Entertainment, interestingly enough) has voiced his opinion on the matter. In a recent magazine interview, he expressed his recognition and respect for TVXQ, and that each member had deep feelings for the group; a few months ago, TVXQ had a chat with him about problems in life. "Backstage, they would hold each others' hands and pray, say good luck; the way they cheer each other on is very similar to [Shinwha]. Because they are a group which has very good team spirit, I believe in TVXQ."

The singer went on to give TVXQ a message, "My dear younger brothers, TVXQ does not just belong to TVXQ. Don't think too much and over-complicate things; just keep thinking about your fans who have spent precious times with you and who have always protected you. I hope that all of you can steadfastly protect the proud name of TVXQ. You definitely can't disband, Hyung is counting on you. After the current issue is resolved, the 11 of us should go out and have fun."

source: [OHMICKY]
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Thank you Minwoo oppa...T____T
Thank you for believing in DBSK with us...
Do you hear him guys? You definitely CAN'T disband!
You have to protect the DBSK name along with us, Cassiopeia,
who are staying strong for you...T__T