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[TRANS] 03.05.10 Popteen Magazine Interview - Jung Yunho

NOTE THIS: Murata Mari is a teenage girl, age 19, so the words and expressions she used are really different from the usual.

M = Murata Mari
Y = Leadershii Yunho

M: I’m POPTEEN Magazine’s exclusive model Marimo! Dangers ah!!! Do you know ‘POPTEEN’?

Y: Yes, had read it before as guides to get something for my sister.

M: Awesome~~~ Hot girl ok?

Y: Yes, it’s all right, ok.

M: Popular!! Eh, then teenage girl’s common language like ‘Sagee’ can understand too?

Y: No eh…

M: What do you like about female fashion?

Y: Woo~~~ something like what Marimo wear is not bad.

M: Really? Wooo ahh~~ Dangerous dangerous!! Then, what type of girl do you like?

Y: Cheerful. Have self confident towards things that she does will be the best.

M: I mean, from external Yunho look ‘Wei Wei’ (Means very manly), but ‘Meow Meow’ (Means act like a spoiled kid) when you are back home, are you this type of person?

Y: Ah~ BINGO!!

M: Awesome!! Really?!!!

Y: Me~ when I’m with friends or as a ‘leader’ I would be ‘Wei Wei’. But when I’m alone with the girl that I like I would be ‘Meow Meow’.

M: What ‘she’ said that would make you happy?

Y: ‘Happiness’? To be told “Really happy ah~” when we are together.

M: I’m really happy now. Fu fu fu~~ the happiest moment in my life!! Ah~ this time I’m going Korea, where is Yunho’s hometown in Korea?

Y: GwangJu, a place that look like Japan’s Nagoya. There lives a lot of ‘the man of the man’ woo~

M: Look like Kyushu guy? My hometown is Chiba, and famous products are peanut and watermelon!

Y: The watermelon from my hometown is famous too~~

M: Eh?! Fate!! How are you during your high-school time?

Y: Cheerful and loves sport, look like an athlete. As for now, I’m 4th grade in university, in order to further into Master, I’m working hard.

M: That’s great! What do you do during holiday?

Y: Likes to go to the cinema and take photo with friends if we were to travel.

M: Now, what interest you the most?

Y: Skiing. I often go ski.

M: To be frank, I’m learning Korean now, actually I prepared to self introduce in Korean, but forgotten all because I’m too nervous.

Y: What do you know so far?

M: Yunho Oppa~~

Y: Hearing this really makes me feel good.

M: Lastly, what you want to say to ‘POPTEEN’ readers!!!

Y: It’s already spring, a new beginning. Everyone should start planning their new activities and put them into action, without knowing you will become a real good girl. Also, please continue to support Marimo's activites!

M: Me, whenever I listen to Tohoshinki musics, always give me energy, and will work hard seeing Yunho’s hard work. Guess it does not only applied to me, it’s the same to all the fans, I really felt it this way!!!

Y: If that’s the case, I’m really happy!!

M: Thank you so much!! My palms are sweating!! Sweating! So hot!!

source: POPTEEN Magazine & BaiduUKnow
translations: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

LOL the poor girl was all jittery.
I don't blame here..XD
It's leadershii..talking to you...
in person..XD

You can tell she was nervous~ XD
Lucky girl...

Always keep the faith!