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[TRANS] 26th Japanese Single: 'Survivor'

Translations for 'Survivor'.

Everytime, everyday
everybody now is a survivor
Looking for everywhere
In this case, don't give up

Standing up from here
searching for the light
Together we have a chance
to change, so let's try
oh baby let's try

With One Smile
you find a heart Shine on me
Two Smiles
that we can join, Shine on me
Shine like the world does
Smile, Smile
Survive, Survivor!

Even if you're going
on a u-turn, it's not so bad
remember something important
Being alone is too hard
We can unite our feelings / thoughts to begin
Oh baby we can

Somewhere there's One Dream
With the main aim to Still (going) on
Two Dreams for a Brand new world
and someone to love
Dream DreamLet's hug

With One Love
Tomorrow can be So easy
Two Love(s)
that we can join to Be happy
believe in yourself
Love Love
Survive, Survivor

Everyone is a Survivor
Together we are Survivors
Smile and dream now
Everybody Everybody night

With One Smile
you find a heart Shine on me
Two Smilest
hat we can join,
Shine like the world does
Smile, Smile
Let’s hug

With One Love
Tomorrow can be So easy
Two Love(s)
that we can join to Be happy
believe in yourself
Love Love
Survive, Survivor

credits : -- frapbois@DNBN
shared by: DBSKnights, Dbsk dream & cassiopeialuv

I freaking love this song. =DD
It's soooo catchy. The guys are gonna make #1 again for sure. ^__^
Tohoshinki fighting!


[NEWS] DBSK's 3rd Asia Tour Concert-MIROTIC; 36,000 tickets sold out in 15 minutes!

Seupocheuyeonyetim ( 2009-02-20 17:57:54

'Asia's star' DBSK years, 4 months in 1 in 36,000 female fans will hold a concert in Seoul.

Until 20 days from DBSK's 22 times by a total of 3 times daily between the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, DBSK THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC 'will be named on a concert.
Encore Concert in October 2007 after the last 1 years 4 months with a third concert tour of Asia is the first show.

Tickets The concert started 15 minutes after the 36,000 tickets sold was the case once again proved the popularity of DBSK.

20, a member of DBSK 12,000 per sign ttareumyeongak side of SM, the total of 36,000 tickets were sold to 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, DBSK THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC 'to celebrate the T-shirts, cookies, set, mobile phone straps, a wide variety of official products, such as stamp sets chulsidwae found at the concert will give the audience a variety of fun. (Photo News)

credits: dnbn & cassiopeialuv

AGHHH! The 1st touring was today! @__@
Lucky cassi in Asia...T^T
I wanna go too! WTH.
I promise myself I WILL attend a DBSK tour/concert one day.
Until then...Dong Bang Shin Ki, hwaiting!!!


[PHOTO] U-Know Yunho with A Dancer

credits: baidu, sharingyoochun@wordpress, dbsk dream & cassiopeialuv

Yoooo~ this looks like a couple picture, no? Hehe

She's pretty... :D I wonder if Cassiopeia is going insane yet...hehe

ahhh..Happy Early Birthday Changminnie! ^__^

Hope you had fun and Cassiopeia loves you. :]

and Happy Late Valentine's Day everyone! ^^


[INFO] 18th Seoul Music Awards

Date: 12th of February

Time: 5pm to 8pm

Broadcast Channel: YTN Star

Appearances by: 원더걸스 (Wonder Girls), 동방신기 (DBSK), 빅뱅 (Big Bang), 쥬얼리 (Jewelry), 박지윤 (Park Ji-yoon), 김정국 (Kim Jong Kook), 손담비 (Son Dam Bi), 박현빈 (Park Hyun Bin), 2PM, 샤이니 (SHINee)

Awards: 1 Daesang, 10 Bonsangs, 2 Newcomer Awards, 1 Trot Award

Website: HERE The awards will be presented to the best singers based on various criteria such as album sales, popularity, professional judging and mobile voting to decide on the country’s most popular group and singer.

source: SHINee Italian Forum &
credits: KPOP JJANGm, Dbsk dream & cassiopeialuv
Ohh~ I wonder who's gonna win all the awards. xD
Pretty good artist line-up so..i'm not sure here. O_O
Like..DBSK and Big Bang again? Hard Choice. >_< the way, Happy Belated Birthday to
DBSK's lovely leader, Yunho~!
Hope you had a fun birthday party in Bangkok Yunho! ^__^
I shall be able to celebrate all of you guys bdays with Cassi from
all around the world one day. =]


[INFO] Korean Music To Go Global

* Top singers like Rain, DBSK, Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, and Wonder Girls will join forces to promote globalization of Korean music. The artists have been appointed by Minister Yoo of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, perhaps while he was having a fit of Korean Pride. The exact plan of action will be revealed on February 4th at the SM Entertainment headquarters. So far, all we know is that the groups will be working together throughout the year as leaders of the Korean music industry to globalize Korean music. Smells very JYP-ish, did he somehow infiltrate the government and take control to launch this mission?

Minister Yoo said:“Those working in the music industry will come together with the government, in order to encourage globalization of Korean music.”

credits: DBSK Dream & cassiopeialuv
I hope that by 'globalization', they mean concerts in the US. *_*
Omg...I'd so go to every single one I can make. x]
Well fans, we can only wait and see, shall we? =D
Bi's Fans, Cassiopeia, VIPs, SONEs, and Wonderfuls, we may be in for a surprise.
Let's see what these artists have in store for us this year. ^__^


[NEWS] DBSK's Kim Jaejoong's Real Birthday: February 4th

A shocking revelation by sparkskey@dbsgLJ, according to Jaejoong's birth mother:

According to Jaejoong's birth mother, Jaejoong's actual birthdate is the 4th of Feb.

She revealed it on her blog sometime in January.

She posted Jaejoong's baby pictures and stated that his birthday was on the 4th of Feb but changed it to 26th Jan for auspicious reasons.

Apparently, if Jaejoong's birthday was recorded as the 4th of Feb, it would bring him bad luck.

credits: Jaejoong's mom's blog, Junsu China Fanclub
translated by: Sparkskey

Holy...well this is news.
I wonder what really
I should find his mother and ask someday. Hehe...
but nah, she has her reasons. =]
Well, you learn something new everyday.
That's definitely true.

Happy Birthday Jaejoong ^___^
from all of cassiopeia, we love you! =]