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[TRANS] Tohoshinki Will Participate in 'o9 Avex A-Nation

On August TVXQ will be participating 09 Asia AVEX A-nation's show, this time there are 2 stops, Korea and Japan.

2009/08/01 Korea Jamsil Olympic Stadium 13.00 - 15.00 PMNamie Amuro,大冢爱, GIRL NEXT DOOR, Koda Kumi, Anna Tsuchiya, TRF, TOHOSHINKI, Do As Infinity, Suzuki Ami, V6, BoA

2009/08/29 Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo 13.00 - 15.00 PM大冢爱, GIRL NEXT DOOR, Koda Kumi,玉木宏, DA PUMP, TRF, TOHOSHINKI, AAA, Do As Infinity, Ayumi Hamasaki, BoA,三浦大知, misono

source: DBSKLJ
credit: TVXQbaidu
translation: crazee@TVXQfever.blogspot
shared by: dbsk dream & cassiopeialuv


[NEWS & TRANS] Guiness World Records - DBSK Most Photos Taken

Korea's band DBSK//TVXQ, has made another record in the Guinness Book Of World Records. According to the incomplete counts, Korea's famous male band - DBSK, from debut to today has partake in numerous photo shoots of magazines, album, singles, CFs, endorsement etc. kind of photos has surmount over 500 000 000 (including group, solo shots and with others). DBSK has became the only artist with most numbers of photos of all celebrities globally.

This record has been officially recorded in the Guinness Book Of World Records. This is Korea's artist, DBSK. They have the most number of fans, which is also included in the records.

note: The total number of photos are counted from the day they debut to 19 March 2009.

Just in case, here's the link to the original post in baidu.

source: TVXQbaidu
translation: crazee@TVXQfever.blogspot

credits: TVXQfever & cassiopeialuv

Hehe...another World Record.
Which doesn't show up in the stinking book! -_-
I feel a little offended somehow...
Whatever DBSK, Congrats again! ^__^

[TRANS] Why DBSK's Micky Yoochun Doesn't Wear Socks (Or Full-Length Pants)

For those of us who wonder why Yoochun shuns socks and full length pants, a Bigeast fan actually asked this question. And we have an answer. (By the way, this is from a Bigeast in January, but Yoochun's socklessness ever goes old.)

CM :‘Hello THSK. You always travel back and forth between Japan and Korea, are you still doing well. I am really worried, especially about Yoochun’s legs. It’s winter, but his pants are short or three quarters long. And also, seeing his shoes, I want to ask him. Does he not like wearing socks ? Or doesn't he have any ? (LOL! Oh I wonder how he felt asking Chunnie this.)

YC : Ya, I do have socks. (Yoochun is super amused here.)

CM : I am really not careful today (Referring to his choice of letter to read.)

YC : I do have them. But I like the feeling of being cold.

CM : How strange.

YC : I really like that cool feeling on my body.

CM : I understand this, but to open the biggest window in the room …

YC : I don’t do that anymore … really.

About the shorts/three quarter pants, Jae defends him by saying it's his sense of style and Yoochun agrees.

translation & credits: whisperpuppies@YT, extrafugly@DREAMiN & cassiopeialuv're such an odd boy.
But finally an answer! xD
I've been wondering about this issue for the
longest time ever...
I thought I was the only


[NEWS] Dong Bang Shin Ki Fashion

Lately, in order to grab the attention of the girl that you like, men have had to start inspecting themselves, starting from their clothes. To women, even if the men are not exceptionally good-looking, they are still able to create a good impression as long as they dress appropriately and give a pleasant impression.So, what is the male fashion style that women prefer? An interest survey titled “If Only My Boyfriend Would Dress Like This As Well” was carried out. In order to help the women surveyed understand their choices better, celebrities who emulated the particular style was stated in the survey as well.The results of the survey were revealed and TVXQ’s “Metrosexual Style” was ranked 4th, with 13.84% of the votes. Coming back to Korea after 1 year and 7 months, TVXQ worked closely with various prestigious designers from all over the world to present a “metrosexual” dressing style on stage. It oozes sexiness and masculinity at the same time, attracting attention and support from many. This is also the reason that casual suits are very fashionable among young men now. The style not only makes one seem elegant and classy, it also exudes a sense of capability and suaveness, which makes the younger generation interested in it.Groups Big Bang and SHINee also got 1st and 5th position in the same survey respectively.

credits: copyright ACROFAN
chinese to english translation: Banana-chan@TVXQfever
shared by: sharingyoochun, Dbsk dream & cassiopeialuv

=DD Article on their style?
DBSK is by far the most stylish boy band in the world..
to Cassiopeia XD and their country ^_^
it was proven. leave them alone people who don't agree.
they look better than you. xD
Cassiopeia is biased.
Be prepared for that much.


[NEWS] Kim TaeGoon's Interview on DBSK's Kim Jaejoong

Newly debuted singer TaeGoon is interviewed on a magazine (parts that are not about Jaejoong have been taken out of the translation).

Q: Jaejoong’s appearance in [Call Me] has been a hot topic recently. Everyone knows that you and Jaejoong had been friends since a very young age. Then, what was the reason for that Jaejoong agreed to make his appearance in the MV?
- I called Jaejoong and told him that “I’m going to debut soon, I wish that you’d be able to appear in my MV.” Unexpectedly, Jaejoong said “Sure, I’ll talk it over with my company” and hung up. After a few hours, he called me back and told me that he would be in the MV. Afterward I found out that it took him a lot of work to convince his company to let him make his appearance. I’m very thankful for him. After debut, Jaejoong and I still talk on the phone and he gave me many tips regarding performing on stage.

Q: What kind of friend is Jaejoong like?
- A lot of people are like this, even though they are very close friends, they fight easily--Jaejoong and I are exactly like that (laughs). When we were filming the MV, we are always joking around with each other. We don’t see each other as “celebrities,” if we did, it would be very hard to be true friends.

Q: In the MV, Park Shin Hye played the role of a bad woman, what would you do if this kind of situation happened in real life?
- In the MV, Jaejoong hyung stole Shin Hye from me (sighs), Jaejoong’s handsomeness is to blame! (laughs). I think that making a girlfriend be a normal friend is a very hard thing to do, I would never be the first to say that I don’t like her or anything like that, but if someone that handsome steals my girlfriend, it seems like I wouldn’t be able to say anything (laughs)!

credits: WithJaejoong, extrafugly@DREAMiN & cassiopeialuv
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LOL at TaeGoon's answer to question three.
It's quite true if I must say so myself...x]
but then again I love Jae to death so maybe
i'm just being biased. xD
TaeGoon's a funny person. lol
No wonder he's good friends with Jae. ^^

[NEWS] SNSD's Sooyoung Tells a Story About DBSK's YoongWoong Jaejoong

"QUOTE" from SooYoung:

TVXQ and other people were having dinner during the early days of TVXQ's debut. A person came up to JJ and said, "You look a lot like Youngwoong Jaejoong." and because JJ has a sense of humor and likes to play around, he replied, "yes, I like Youngwoong Jaejoong so much, I got plastic surgery to look like him." The person took this seriously and replied, "Oh really? But why did you pick Youngwoong Jaejoong instead of Uknow Yunho?"

credits: joonni@LJ, extrafugly@DREAMiN & cassiopeialuv

that is soooo mean....
poor Jae!
that person...omg how can you say that to him...
bwah if i was there i would've whacked them to
the floor. x]


[TRANS] Fan Guy Writes about DBSK for DBSK

神起兄弟团 wrote to DBSK ((TVXQ//Tohoshinki//Dong Bang Shin Ki//Tong Vfang Xien Qi//TVfXQ//DBSG//Dong Bang Shin Gi))

"I only know,
I like you guys,
not because of your appearances.
It's only because of your kindness, honesty, courage, genuineness,
only because of your extraordinary strengths.
You guys are my role model,
my purpose.
A group of God's children.

Donated blood because were penniless to buy cookies,
Relief though life's torturous,
Although the oldest but very pure,
Such Hero JaeJoong,
Who would not like?

Taking on an everlasting mission,
Canonical dancing king,
said "I will not let anyone leave" firmly,
Caused everyone to forget that he is only a child.
Loving such U-Know YunHo still need a reason?

Wage because of his little brother,
Tears fall till dawn because of a broken home,
Self learned talented pianist,
but says, "I'm not a good composer".
He is Micky YooChun whom we love so much.

Being called as invincible teenager,
Worked hard for six years to succeed his dream,
Painfully cried a lot when he lost his voice during puberty,
but still never said "give up" these two words.
support you, Xiah Junsu!

Never really talk during variety shows,
Didn't give up education though live such hectic life,
Humbly says, "I'm not important".
Sincere, honest, mature.
He is ChoiKang ChangMin whom many are envious of.

Great at rapping,
Heavenly voice,
Perfect composing,
Causes giddiness kind of choreography,
Amazing advancing speed for foreign languages,
Loving such TVXQ still need a reason?

Everyone is perfect to the limit,
Timeless perfection,
Making us having hard time to choose our favorite,
Each of them are uniquely perfect,
Loving such TVXQ still need a reason?

Whatever the setbacks,
Regardless of the low tide or high tide,
Good times and bad times,
Unity from beginning to the end,
sharing the glory or shame,
Loving such TVXQ still need a reason?

innocent, showing everyone their mischievous side,
regardless of their image,
doesn't have a diva's attitude.
Loving such TVXQ still need a reason?

Micky YooChun's perfect sexiness,
ChoiKang ChangMin's intelligent cuteness,
Xiah JunSu's artistic talents,
Hero JaeJong's bumpy indomitableness,
U-Know YunHo's strong determinations,
Loving such TVXQ still need a reason?

I really want to know,
loving and supporting them really need a reason?
If it's really necessary for ten thousand reasons,
I'll still say the same thing for ten thousand times,
"Because universally there's no one like TVXQ!"

Making it hard for people not to love them.

Cassiopeia understands, that's why they've build one large red ocean.
Heaven's Cassiopeia will keep shining.

Therefore, please continue to hwaiting! AZA FIGHTING!
Hwaiting together!!"

--wrote it for TVXQ who had debut for 5 years {兄弟团 小卷}

credit: BRO府邸管家@TVXQBaidu, DREAMiN & cassiopeialuv
translation: crazee@TVXQFever

T__T Why can't all fans put a book together of something like this for the guys?
This was a beautifully written piece to DBSK and i hope they keep the words in their heart.
If they see it that is. Well, of course they'll remember. They're the best. :]
I am proud to be apart of Cassiopeia.
I am proud to be a fan.
I am proud of Dong Bang Shin Ki.
Hwaiting you guys!
You forever have cassi's support and we'll be there as protection.

[PHOTO] DBSK & BoA @「Music Station」Japan

credits: TogetherTVXQ, TVXQFever, Dbsk dream & cassiopeialuv

Ohh~ and the best SM artists meet up again.
How long has it been? O.o
Ahh whatevers.
BoA is still so tiny makes me wonder how tall she really is...
no one knows. x]
but glad to see they're doing okay
wth is with their schedule though...booked month after month. -_-


[TRANS] Kim Jaejoong's Birth-Mother Speaks Out on her Blog

Dong Bang Shin Ki's Young Woong JaeJoong, who received much attention lately because of his birth-related matters, hoped that the conflicted relationship between his birth and adoptive parents would be able to resolve peacefully.

Young Woong JaeJoong's birth mother, Oh-shi, wrote a very long entry in her blog on January 11. In the article, she revealed the things that happened between her and JaeJoong, and her own feelings and thoughts.

She wrote, "Today, I can finally write happily. JaeJun (Young Woong JaeJoong's original name) came to my house. This is the first time, since we separated when he was four years old, the first time in 17 years, that I could truely hold him against me as a mother with her own child." The writing reflected a very happy mood.

Next, Oh-shi explained a bit regarding the hot topic of the lawsuit and JaeJoong's adoption.

"He was adopted at the age of four...I once almost committed suicide because I missed my son too much." From Oh's article, we are able to know that Young Woong JaeJoong (who was named Han JaeJun at the time) was adopted by a family in Choongnamdo Gongju. She had no choice but to give her son away in order to make a living. Three years later, upon hearing that Jae Joong's older adoptive sister was getting married, Oh came to Seoul, but was unable to see her son. Afterwards, regardless of how far they were, she went looking for JaeJoong's elementary and high schools, quietly watching him from afar, before returning home. She described what he was like when he was younger.

Oh-shi, who lived in Kyungkido Mochu, went to Gongju in 2001 in order to see her son. However, JaeJoong's adoptive mother said, "JaeJoong is well cared for. It is best that you go back." Although it is very painful, she would wait until JaeJoong became successful before trying to see him again.

In 2003, there was no news of Young Woong JaeJoong. Panicking, Oh phoned JaeJoong's adoptive parents in Gongju, who told her that JaeJoong had been sent to study in America. However, early in 2004, she found out from a friend of JaeJoong's that he had became a singer. Going on the internet, she was able to confirm this. All of a sudden, she felt as if her heart stopped beating, and she thought back to the time when she almost committed suicide because she missed her son so much.

The first time that Oh-shi spoke with her son on the phone was in Sept. of 2004. At the time, she was buying the TVXQ Storybook from a store in Kyungkido and was able to obtain JaeJoong's phone number from a female student there. One month after contacting him, she met him for the first time at Seoul Kangnam.

At the time, JaeJoong's knee was injured during a dance practice for the promotion of the second album, so he was on crutches when he met with Oh. She said, "At first, we acted cool and smiled when we met. After that, everything went smoothly between us. The longing and quickened heartbeat continued."

The time of happiness was short. In 2005, problems arose when JaeJoong's military service came into question. Young Woong JaeJoong was not legally adopted so he has two family registers with his name before adoption, Han JaeJun, and his name after adoption, Kim JaeJoong. They were told that he would not be able to enrol in military service with his birth name Han JaeJun.

The police investigation began, and Oh-shi was very anxious. She went around consulting various places about whether her son's family registers could be changed to a single one.

Because of a reporter in Choongnam Gongju, a lot of misunderstandings arose regarding JaeJoong’s birth parents and the lawsuit they instituted to try to reclaim him as a son. Oh said, “No matter if it is JaeJun, his adoptive parents in Gongju, or JaeJun’s birth father and myself, everyone felt pained because of this incident.”

Next, Oh said, “Nobody did this intentionally with the child as the goal. I also did not do this in order to receive any money or reward. Everyone’s misunderstandings and biased views are like an incurable disease to us.”

Oh-shi said that Young Woong JaeJoong wanted to discuss and resolve the problem peacefully. He wanted to live as Kim JaeJoong, and wanted his adoptive parents and birth parents to be able to live together. Young Woong JaeJoong’s wish all along had been for both families to be able to live sweetly and happily together, until death.

Oh-shi said, “Gongju unnie (JaeJoong’s adoptive mother) sent rice cakes and fruits to JaeJun. We planned to go on a vacation together and go to TVXQ’s next concert. We might even live together in the future. JaeJoong always said that he wanted to have two mothers to be with him. JaeJoong really loves and respects his Gongju mother.” We are able to understand this.

ext, she said, “I hope that all the misunderstandings would be able to disappear and not become an obstacle in everyone’s lives. JaeJoong is very happy now. His Gongju mother is a virtuous person, her joy comes from being able to give the children food and clothing. I am also thankful towards the encouragement and support that his sisters and adoptive mother always gave him. I hope that I will always be able to maintain a good relationship with this family and that from now on, this feeling will never change.”

Oh-shi said that she did not have the ability to be together with JaeJoong, doing the things that a mother should do, but she has always been working hard.

Oh said, “My lucky son JaeJun who has the love of everyone from two families, JaeJoong fighting!” …she then said, “Gongju unnie, I am very grateful for everything you have done. I will pray for you everyday, wishing you constant happiness, smiles, and good health.”She also stated that it is good to see that Young Woong JaeJoong, who often seemed to have such a sad expression, is becoming happier.

Oh said, “JaeJoong told me to come to the concert in February with his Gongju parents. We are looking forward to seeing our wonderful son, singing for his family, for his fans, with his beautiful and sensuous voice. Dong Bang Shin Ki fighting!”

Reflecting, Oh-shi then said, “That time when JaeJoong had to be sent away was the hardest time period. That was a long-lasting pain, a time of suffering and regret. Gongju unnie with her generosity raised him properly. I really am incredibly thankful towards her.”

credits: Douhua Baidu, H.O.T.&DBSK & cassiopeialuv
translated by: lissilme@H.O.T.&DBSK

T____T what a sad article...i'm all teary eyed...
Jae and his mom went through so much up to this day..
i feel bad..
when i go to korea, i will find you both and make you stay together for the day
screw LSM if he wants Jae back. he needs to be with his mom for awhile. T_T