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[TRANS] Why DBSK's Micky Yoochun Doesn't Wear Socks (Or Full-Length Pants)

For those of us who wonder why Yoochun shuns socks and full length pants, a Bigeast fan actually asked this question. And we have an answer. (By the way, this is from a Bigeast in January, but Yoochun's socklessness ever goes old.)

CM :‘Hello THSK. You always travel back and forth between Japan and Korea, are you still doing well. I am really worried, especially about Yoochun’s legs. It’s winter, but his pants are short or three quarters long. And also, seeing his shoes, I want to ask him. Does he not like wearing socks ? Or doesn't he have any ? (LOL! Oh I wonder how he felt asking Chunnie this.)

YC : Ya, I do have socks. (Yoochun is super amused here.)

CM : I am really not careful today (Referring to his choice of letter to read.)

YC : I do have them. But I like the feeling of being cold.

CM : How strange.

YC : I really like that cool feeling on my body.

CM : I understand this, but to open the biggest window in the room …

YC : I don’t do that anymore … really.

About the shorts/three quarter pants, Jae defends him by saying it's his sense of style and Yoochun agrees.

translation & credits: whisperpuppies@YT, extrafugly@DREAMiN & cassiopeialuv're such an odd boy.
But finally an answer! xD
I've been wondering about this issue for the
longest time ever...
I thought I was the only