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[TRANS] 04.25.10 CM of Junsu's New Song in "Sunanare" Special

2010-04-24 (Sat) 18:06:05
04.24.10 At the Sunanare (Sunao ni Narenakute) Special Program....

This was the first time that there was a special program for "Sunanare", after the drama had started.
(The special program was broadcasted on Saturday, April 24, 16:25-17:30.)

The program itself was nothing special, it was just a summary of the main contents of episode 1 and 2.

(few sentences omitted)

There was ~~~ one happy incident.
The spot CM of BeeTV's drama "5 Nengono Love Letter" (T/N: A love letter, after 5 years) was broadcasted..
That means!?
XIAH junsu's solo single "Kanashimino Yukue" could be heard as the BGM~~♪
XIAH's vocal streamed from the TV~ We were able to head them~~~~~♪

source: Tomo Mama's Blog
translations: smiley @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Hmm...god job on the promotions Avex. XD
But what is that scene in the pic?
It's not the drama is it?!

Always keep the faith.

[TRANS] 04.24.10 Kim Jaejoong & Yamashita Tomohisa Attends Lady Gaga's Show Together

1. From a information about Lady Gaga took part in a special show in Tokyo for spreading Preventing AIDS. Accoding to Apple Daily (Hongkong's Newspaper).
Lady Gaga attracted many Japanese artists including Ken Miyake from Johnnys's group V6, Mizobata Junpei, Aoyoma Teruma. Yamashita Tomohisa and Hero from Korean group Tohoshinki stayed together during the show, and they are close friends!

2. From Wangyouliang's sina miniblog (a web just like twitter)
Last night, Yamashita Tomohisa and Hero from Tohoshinki attended Lady Gaga's After Party Show! They two always stay with Mizobata Junpei!

April 21. 12:44

source: Jaetime & Wang's sina blog
translations: zoe91 @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Thats written all confusingly.. lol

And the after party. With people.

Thats what it say. Lol
but omo..wae didn't you take me too Jae? XD

Always keep the faith.

[TRANS] 04.24.10 Max Matsuura's Twitter Updates

I didn't post the originals in japanese this time.
Theres so many little individual ones. =__=

Please read tweets from BOTTOM TO TOP.

Well then, here is one picture. (Radio-ish)


Q: President! Do Tohoshinki's members not use Twitter? If they do, I'll follow them instantly…
A: I always forget to ask them about that.

Q: Is JUNO not belong to avex?
A: Or I rather say, he is.

Today I'm going to take pictures. No time to sleep… There are too many recommendations from the audition… Today Junsu went to Chiba*.
*Chiba refers to a prefecture in Japan, not avex's Vice President Chiba Ryuuhei.

Q: Who would you choose to be your best friend among the 5?? Ah, I think your answer will be all of them. Unnecessary question. By the way, who would you choose to be your wife then ^^?
A: I am not gay, but I'm always surprised at their senses. It's about the case of wanting to be gay.

Q: Thank you! I'm very happy that you said you love Yunho!
A: I love all 5 of them. Although there are a lot of things going on now… someday, surely… I'm hoping.

Q: Do you love Yunho too?
A: He is wonderful.

I love Changmin. But I don't know how Changmin feels (cries).

Q: Junsu ga kakkotsukete, hitsumabushi matteru~w (JunSu tries to look good while waiting for hitsumabushi~ LOL)
A: Junsu ga kakkotsukete, himatsubushi shiteru~w (Junsu tries to look good while killing time~ LOL)**
**Max Matsuura is playing with Junsu's oyaji gag again here.

source: Max Matsuura's Twitter
translations: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

I hope he'll remember to ask them~
That would be amazing if they did ^____^

Omo Matsuura san and his using of Susu's gags XD

Always keep the faith!

[TRANS] 04.23.10 Xiah Junsu's New Single Entitled "Intoxication"

MTV Making The Video: XIAH junsu "Intoxication"

The camera made it inside the film shooting session for the MV of "Intoxication", XIAH junsu's solo debut single!

The number, which is his first solo, is a medium ballad, which he himself composed the music.
Of course there will be his high-spirited approach and the passionate filming session for his solo debut as XIAH junsu. We will introduce you both the ON and OFF shots!

On Air Schedule
May 18 (Tues) 25:30 – 26:00
May 20 (Thurs) 16:00 – 16:30
May 21 (Fri) 8:30 – 9:00
May 22 (Sat) 17:30 – 18:00

translations: smiley @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Sounds like a hit.

omg that would be one hell of a DBSK comeback song album title.
@____@ pweeee~

Always keep the faith.

[INFO] 04.22.10 Dong Bang Shin Ki & Individual Schedule Updates


Date: 28th April 2010 (Wednesday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘HOT CHILI PAPER’ Vol. 58 Released!!

Date: 30th April 2010 (Friday)
Title: Photobook ‘东方神起 お宝フォトBOOK The Secret’ Released!!

Date: 10th May 2010 (Monday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘ARENA37°C’ June Issue Released!! (Tohoshinki Special Edition - 13 ~ 15 pages)

Date: 10th May 2010 (Monday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘Junior’ June Issue Released!!

Date: 30th June 2010 (Wednesday)
Title: ‘COMPLETE + B-Side Collection BOX SET’ Released!!

Date: 30th June 2010 (Wednesday)
Title: ‘COMPLETE Collection’ Released!!

Date: 30th June 2010 (Wednesday)
Title: ‘B-Side Collection’ Released!!


Date: 15th April 2010 (Thursday)
Time: 22:00 (Every Thursday)
Title: FujiTV ‘Sunao ni Narenakute’

Date: 24th April 2010 (Saturday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘TV Fan’

Date: 29th April 2010 (Thursday)
Title: TBS Magazine ‘TV Journal’ No.29

Date: 6th May 2010 (Thursday)
Title: TV Weekly Guide No.18 (Cover Page – Sunao ni Narenakute Cast)
*For more information: CLICK

Date: 10th May 2010 (Monday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘ARENA37°C’ June Issue

Date: 29th May 2010 (Saturday)
Title: Movie ‘Heaven Postman’ Released!!


Date: 1st June 2010 (Tuesday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘Hanako’

Date: 8th June 2010 (Tuesday)
Title: ‘England MJ Annual Mourning Performance’ (England London Wembley Stadium)

Date: 16th June 2010 (Wednesday)
Title: Complete ‘Heading to the Ground’ DVD Box 1 & Box 2 Released!!

Date: 26th June 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 13:00 ~ 18:00
Title: ‘YunHo in HTTG Premium Event 2010’ at Tokyo International Forum Hall A

Date: 1st July 2010 (Thursday)
Title: Magazine ‘Grazia’

Date: 4th July 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 13:00 ~ 17:00
Title: ‘YunHo in HTTG Premium Event 2010’ at Kobe International Hall


Date: 27th April 2010 (Tuesday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘ELLE JAPON’

Date: 27th April 2010 (Tuesday)
Title: Magazine ‘HARPER’S BAZAAR Japan Edition 2010’ June Issue

Date: 28th April 2010 (Wednesday)

Date: 1st May 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 18:00
Title: ZUNO SHOWCASE 2010 in Singapore

Date: 10th May2010 (Monday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘ARENA37°C’ June Issue (ZUNO JAPAN 1st SHOWCASE 2010 in TOKYO)

Date: 14th May 2010 (Friday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘WHAT’s IN’ June Issue (JunSu Solo Single)

Date: 17th May 2010 (Monday)
Title: NHK TV Program ‘MUSIC JAPAN’ Public Recording

Date: 22nd May 2010 (Saturday)

Date: 24th May 2010 (Monday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘SMART’

Date: 26th May 2010 (Wednesday)
Title: JunSu Solo Single Released!!

Date” 29th May 2010 (Saturday)


Date: 10th May 2010 (Monday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘ARENA37°C’ June Issue (YooChun Charms in Korean Drama!)

Date: June 2010
Title: BeeTV Drama ‘Loving You’ Starts!!


Date: 26th April 2010 (Monday)
Time: 21:55 (Every Monday)
Title: KBS2 Drama ‘Paradise Meadow’
this has been postponed once again, no new airing date released yet.

Date: 12th May 2010 (Wednesday)
Title: Japanese Magazine ‘ELLE Girl’


Date: 5th June 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 16:00

Date: 6th June 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 14:00

Date: 12th June 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 16:00

Date: 13th June 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 16:00

source: BaiduTVXQ
translations: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Wae must it be so far?!
Seriously...other side of the WORLD isn't fair. Lol

Always keep the faith.

[TRANS] 04.22.10 Yunho's Father Sends Message to Chinese Cassiopeians

Hi everyone.
Is everyone doing alright lately?
Last time meeting you guys at the MJ concert is already one month again.
Everyone brought a lot of greetings and encouragements, I’m sorry I couldn’t address it at that time, so I will use this letter to express my gratitude.
In the past month, disasters struck many places throughout the world, many innocent people passed away, to that I am very sad.

This past 14th in China, there was an earthquake in Qinghai yushu, through the news I found out about the thousands of deaths, many buildings crumpled, times like this are very hard, my heart is heavy with grief.
All the friends in China, are you guys alright?

Many are still recovering from Sichun earthquake, they are still rebuilding, and now this happens, Yunho and I will pray that things like this will not happen again, that more people will not lose their lives, also we want to show the victim’s family and all the chinese fans that we care and give our condolences.

I’m have always been very grateful of Yunho’s always supportive fans. Last time at MJ concert, fans from Korea, Japan, China, and many other places overcame many obstacles to come support Yunho, we are very appreciative.

Once again, I will pray for the victums of the disastors, and I give my condolence to the family members of the victims.

source: 将爱·MyYunho & baidu
translations: sharingyoochun
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

T__T Such a nice man Yunnie's father is..
Thanks for the nice message ^__^
I'm sure the fans in China are thankful of you too. =D

XD the letter says
"from Grandpa"

okies grandpa it is~! ^_^

Always keep the faith.

[TRANS] 04.23.10 Tohomobile Staff Blog - Xiah Junsu

Today is…

PV filming!!!

This is Junsu before the PV filming with a small dumbbell on his side…!


Full power!

Without any hesitation, Junsu was full of power even at the start of the rehearsal!


It's starting…!

Ignoring the inhibition from the staff, XIAH junsu took off his shirt & threw it away & finally getting ready!!

What kind of PV will it become… please expect for it!!

source: Tohomobile Staff Blog & linhkawaii
translations: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog much Junsu spam from Tohomobile. XD
I can't wait for his PV though O__o

I wonder what it'll be like...

Always keep the faith!

[TRANS] 04.23.10 Seki Yoshihiro & Chiba Ryuuhei's Twitter Updates

This update regards the Tohomobile situation.

Please read tweets from BOTTOM TO TOP.

Sorry for making you wait. Since we have received a lot of strong demands and requests from everyone. We decided that we would continue Tohomobile for free. For more details please check Tohomobile site.

Regarding Tohomobile this time, we made the decision [of discontinuing Tohomobile] because we thought that we wouldn't be able to give you more reports considering Tohoshinki's current situation. However, since we have received many requests and demands from everyone, we are having an urgent meeting now. I'm very sorry but please be patient and wait for a short while.

I think Tohoshinki's fans will more or less be bewildered. This doesn't mean that SM Entertainment is bad. They (Tohoshinki) did talk to the Korean side, and it was a positive talk. Please give us a little bit more time. We will get it under control.

I heard about the discontinuation of Tohomobile from you guys (staff) just now. Did you make a mistake, is this true? If you want to do it, at least you have to tell President and me because we're also in charge of it! No matter what kind of reason you have, it's unbelievable that you guys decided on such important matter without our permission. President and I are already friends of Tohoshinki's fans. Even if it couldn't be helped, to discontinue it is something unbelievable.

NOTE THIS: Basically, there was a miscommunication between Tohomobile staff and the President&Vice President. The staff decided to stop Tohomobile on their own without asking for permission, making Chiba-san angry. As a result, they have decided to change Tohomobile from a charged service to a free service.

source: Seki Yoshihiro's & Chiba Ryuuhei's Twitter
translations: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Thank you Chiba-san.
All tohomobile services will go on free of charge. ^__^

Always keep the faith.

[TRANS] 04.22.10 Tohomobile Staff Blog - Xiah Junsu

In the middle of recording!

Right now, Teacher Junsu is in the middle of recording!

We sneaked into the booth to take a candid shot!

But Junsu was concentrating too hard to realize that we took a picture of him (LOL).

Teacher Junsu's singing voice is indeed the bestttt!! Please look forward to it ♪


Again and again…

In the middle of dance rehearsal!

He said, "I want to show XIAH junsu's performances on TV soon" and give our advertising team a lot of pressures


Important Notice

Due to Tohoshinki who has stopped their activities, it has become hard to keep the content of Tohomobile going, thus we will end Tohomobile service on June 30th, 2010. From our hearts, we are very grateful for all your supports up until now, and we sincerely apologize for this.

They have changed their mind and decided to continue Tohomobile. I will post more info soon.

source: Tohomobile Staff Blog & linhkawaii
translations: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Junsu's butt got bigger, no? lol
Or am I going crazy?

Sheesh...first bigeast stopped then came back..
now tohomobile.. @__@ Scaring fans isn't nice.

Always keep the faith.

[TRANS] 04.22.10 Seki Yoshihiro's Twitter Update


Did you watch Sunanare? Today, JeJung was doing his best while filming for 5 hours in the rain, so he's saying that he will later eat a 5-person meal (LOL). A message from JeJung, "A lot more things will happen in episode 3, and things will get even more interesting, so please don't forget to watch it." I like it ♪

A message by that recording director! Please at least check the CDs!

It's… Doushite!

I'm going to announce the answer!

My job is like a carrier pigeon! By the way, just a little talk of the past. There's a director who came to me being all excited and said, "The best song in my whole life being a director was born!". Well then question for you! What song is it?? Of course it's their song!

source: Seki Yoshihiro's Twitter
translations: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Holy effin..
If he's sick, someone is gonna get hurt. Lol

a five person meal?!
Jaejoong thats a lot of food! @__@
Omona.. lol

Always keep the faith.

[INFO] 04.22.10 Forbes Korea - 20 Most Hardworking Idols of 2009

Forbes Korea has released their yearly survey. This time they ranked the most hardworking idols from 2009-2010. After releasing his solo album and concerts and at the same time promoting with his group – Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon tops this year's chart as the Most Hardworking Idol.

1. G-Dragon (Big Bang)
2. U-Know (DBSK)
3. Taeyeon (SNSD)
4. Nickhun (2PM)
5. Taecyeon (2PM)
6. Leeteuk (Super Junior)
7. Jo Kwon (2AM)
8. UEE (After School)
9. CL (2NE1)
10. Jiyeon (KARA)
11. Minho (Shinee)
12. Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)
13. Daesung (Big Bang)
14. Hyuna (4minute)
15. Sunny (SNSD)
16. Eunhyuk (Super Junior)
17. Jessica (SNSD)
18. Hara (KARA)
19. Yoona (SNSD)
20. Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls)

source: Forbes Korea 2010, BB-TH
translations: Eventys @ FK
credits: ^G_Girl^ @, sonethloveshizz @,, omonatheydidnt @ LJ, OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Mmm...Yunnie should be #1.
He deserves it...definitely.
This list is so biased. Lol..
The other members should've so been on it. =___=

Always keep the faith.

[TRANS] 04.22.10 Tohomobile Staff Blog - Massive Junsu Spam

Even between photoshoots…

He doesn't allow himself to slack off from practicing for the new song!!

He keeps dancing and dancing and dancing and turning around!


The familiar scene

In the middle of carefully checking for his styling in front of the mirror!

You do have an obsession with your bang, don't you, Jun-chan!?


Dance lesson!

After the magazine promotion ended yesterday, he did a dance lesson!
Before filming for the PV, Junsu's face and body is full of fighting spirit!!

The dancers seem to have troubles following Teacher Junsu's high tension (LOL).


Someone please stop him!!

Junsu was dancing even during his break, so he was warned to take a break and…
He started playing piano

We warned him to stop singing and take a break and… Junsu started doing handstands.
Junsu won't stop~, someone please stop him~~!!


Just a talk between us

This is Junsu who is dancing by himself during a magazine photoshoot!
Seems like he can't wait until dance rehearsal..!

In the resting room, Junsu said "puritsuke" instead of "puriketsu*", but we fixed him (LOL).
*Puriketsu: a word to describe a round and nice butt.

That is the Japanese word that JunSu has memorized lately ☆ This is just a talk between us only!



This is Junsu who doesn't know what tiredness is!

He easily handles the interviews & photoshoots at a mad pace.


With all his heart

Junsu is signing autographs as presents for the readers!

To tell you the truth, for the sake of XIAH junsu's promotion, he's been trying hard to keep his body in shape lately.
He is very motivated and wouldn't eat anything after 6PM ♪ Teacher Junsu is all fired up!



Junsu carries on the interview with a very docile face!

But on one hand he's holding a manjuu**, what's that?? (LOL)
**Manjuu: steamed yeast bun with filling


Junsu can't be stopped even when he's outside!

We came all the way to this location, but the weather is…

Even so, Jun-chan is still singing and dancing (LOL).
Junsu's brain is 80% consisted of singing and dancing, the rest is probably soccer and games…
Since he still hasn't developed that much interest in fashion, our "Reconstructing Plan" is facing a lot of difficulties.….


Refreshing Junsu!

Refreshing XIAH junsu!!

During each interview, he'll definitely sing a song.

Since he is really really yearning to sing in front of everyone… seems like he can't be patient anymore


In the middle of a chat~!

Junsu finished his lunch in a short time, and he's in the middle of a chat!

By the way, the lunch that he finished in a short time was instant ramen!
Junsu's favorite thing isn't ramen but instant ramen.


I have something to ask…!

Everyone, do you think that he has gotten more tanned??

In the resting room, Teacher Junsu just keeps singing and dancing.
Everyone, get ready to catch Junsu's power… OK!? (in YuChun's style)***
***During tours, YuChun always says something like, "Everyone, get ready… OK?"

source: Tohomobile Staff Blog & linhkawaii
translations: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

♥ Susu has such a simple mind. XD
So lovable. *sigh*
Don't overwork yourself there oppa. =]

Always keep the faith.

[TRANS] 04.22.10 DBSK & Big Bang Nominated for MTV World Stage Video Music Awards Japan (WS VMAJ)

Popular Korean idol groups Tohoshinki (DBSK) and Big Bang have been nominated in The MTV World Stage Video Music Award JAPAN (also known as WS VMAJ) for “Best Group Video” and “Best New Artist in a Video” respectively.

MTV Japan had announced on 21st April that DBSK had been nominated for this category with their “Share The World” MV. DBSK, who had declared their indefinite hiatus from the music scene earlier this month, will be one of the media’s focuses as it is still uncertain if all five members will be gathering again to attend this year’s award ceremony.

Big Bang, who received overwhelming response in Japan last year, is also nominated for the category “Best New Artist in a Video” with their “GARAGARA GO!” MV. Their attending of this award ceremony will further boost their popularity in Japan.

Korea’s female idol group, 2NE1, has also been invited to this year’s award.

This year’s VMAJ will be held on 29th May, at 6PM at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo.

NOTE THIS: Other nominated groups in the “Best Group Video” category include international artistes such as Backstreet Boys (Straight Through My Heart), The Black Eyed Peas (I Gotta Feeling), Remioromen (Kachōfūgetsu) and Tokyo Incidents (Nōdōteki Sanpunkan).

source: HEY!JJ
translations: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

LOL @ the picture.
Jae..why are you sitting like that dear?
and where is GD? or is Daesung missing? Lol..
I don't understand. XD

I hope all 5 boys can make this.. T__T

Always keep the faith.

[INFO] 04.20.10 Pops in Seoul - "The Sweetest Most Romantic Boys of K-Pop"

Pops in Seoul broadcasted by ArirangTV.
There is a part called “Pops Faves” every time which is like a chart with different categories every Tuesday, and on April 14th they chose The sweetest most romantic boys of K-pop.

If your guess was the same as mine, then you're right.
Our DBSK member has made the list. x]

1. (Bi) Rain
2. Micky Yoochun (DBSK)
3. Nichkhun (2PM)
4. G-Dragon (Big Bang)
5. Min-ho (SHINee)

credits: dbskgermany@sharingyoochun, oneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Well, this wasn't even hard to not see coming. XD
Chunnie is extremely adorable in that picture..

But jinjja? Rain? O__o
He's romantic? Lol..
I feel left outta something. XD

Always keep the faith.

[TRANS] 04.21.10 Tohomobile Staff Blog - Xiah Junsu


Junsu who is exploded with charisma received the eels from someone. In fact, he is already full from eating something else…
Now he's in troubles of deciding whether or not he should eat the eels (LOL).

We've decided that we would give you reports on XIAH junsu's promotion that is being highly praised!
We will be giving a lot of different faces of Junsu~ Please looking forward to it!!


Xiami* Junsu!?

During a magazine photoshoot! Somehow he's wearing this outfit by AmiAmi! He looks sexy, doesn't he~!

In the dressing room, Junsu keeps being noisy saying, "Xiami Junsu!!"…
(^o^; )

*Xiami = Xiah + AmiAmi


Taking Polaroid picture ♪

Here he's taking a Polaroid picture for as a present for the readers!

I realized that his jawline has gotten sharper, hasn't it~!


Sign sign!

Right after the photoshoot, Junsu is signing autographs!

These will become presents for the readers ♪
Everyone, please definitely check the magazines that XIAH junsu appears on!!



Junsu-sama during an interview!

He's having an interview with a serious face~!


Reconstructing Plan!!!??

This is Teacher Junsu who is exploding my charisma and is having as many promotional magazine interviews as raging waves.

The truth is that our management and advertising departments are launching "Airport Junsu Reconstructing Plan" and that's why he's doing a lot of fashion magazines now (LOL).

The male editor of the male fashion magazine who has been always supporting Junsu wants to expose Junsu's charms to everyone, thus demanding for some high level of fashion.
Teacher Junsu faces this high-level-of-fashion challenge with a much more positive attitude than we expected!!!
It would be good that he could be more interested in fashion after this…

Everyone, what kind of styling would you want to see Junsu in~?

source: Tohomobile Staff Blog & linhkawaii
translations: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Junsu reconstruction plan?
Omo...let me join. XD

Always keep the faith.

[INFO] 04.20.10 Tohoshinki to Release "COMPLETE" and "B-Side Collection"

Tohoshinki is going to release 2 albums named "COMPLETE" and "B-Side Collection" on June 30th.


First Press Edition Privilege: Digipak

Contains all A-side singles of Tohoshinki up to date.
Price: 5,040 yen

●HUG -International ver.-
●Stay With Me Tonight
●Somebody To Love
●My Destiny
●Rising Sun 
●Heart, Mind and Soul
●miss you
●Step by Step
●Choosey Lover
●Lovin' you

〈DISC- 2〉
●Ride on
●Forever Love
●Purple Line
●Two hearts
●My Girlfriend (YUCHUN from 東方神起)
●Rainy Night (JUNSU from 東方神起)
●Close to you 
●Crazy Life (YUNHO from 東方神起)
●Maze (JEJUNG from 東方神起)
●Summer Dream
●Song for you
●Love in the Ice

〈DISC- 3〉
●Beautiful you
●Kiss The Baby Sky
●Share The World
●Stand by U

B-Side Collection
Contains all B-side singles of Tohoshinki up to date.
Price: 2,100 yen

●Try My Love
●The way U are -Japanese ver.-
●High Time
●Day Moon 〜ハルダル〜
●Box in the ship
●Take Your Hands
●Tea for Two

COMPLETE&B-Side Collection BOX SET

First Press Edition Privilege: 1000-pieced jigsaw puzzle

Is a complication of both COMPLETE and B-Side Collection.
Price: 11,800 yen

source: Bigeast Fanmail & mumo shop
shared by: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

oh my poor bank account...
I'm going to die buying stuffs thats not even "new music".
It's music from before in a new form. T____T

Everything is available for pre-order on CDJapan and YesAsia as of now. ^^

What is this madness?!

Always keep the faith.

[TRANS] 04.20.10 Max Matsuura's Twitter Updates

Since both of us have to wake up early in the morning, let's make this our last shot! Let's drink again! I'll go whenever you call me!

How~ about this!

This one was found on TVXQBaidu..
no source of the origin..
no info on the middle man.. lol

source: Max Matsuura's Twitter & TVXQBaidu
translations: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Oi bah...
more drinking..
aish stop ittttt T___T

Wae is he drinking so much now-a-days.. T__T

Always keep the faith.

[TRANS[ 04.21.10 Changmin for "ELLE girl" Magazine

Changmin will appear in "ELLE girl" June Issue!

There will be an interview of Changmin from Tohoshinki in "Elle girl" June issue! (release date: Wednesday, May 12)

This is a must viewing for the fans, the long interview which Changmin spoke his honest feelings about his career in the future, girls, and fashions. There are fashion shooting pictures, showing his unknown side for the first time.

In our online, we will show in the same timing as the release of the magazine, Changmin's precious videos and the backstage of the photo shooting session, a great release!

And as our magazine’s very special plan, we will present 3 people with Changmin's autographed polaroid pictures. Please check in details "ELLE girl" to be published on Wednesday, May 12★

source: ELLE girl
translations: smiley @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Ahhh...lucky 3 people... O_o
Wonder who it'll be...

Always keep the faith.

[TRANS] 04.19.10 Seki Yoshihiro's Twitter Updates


People from my department really don't let me sleep. I'm very sorry! I will play Gree's fishing game and go to bed. Jejung wants to ask everyone who's been supporting him about your impression. He asked worriedly, "Did you watch the 'Aiko no Aitai YOU!' corner of Mezamashi TV? How was it?" He also talked about how he's been enjoying acting lately.

This message is from Junsu's A&R*. Really goodnight after this! Junsu will release his single as XIAH junsu on 5/26. This time, he is the producer who's in charge of everything, from composing the songs, designing the costumes, and coming up with the performance. Yesterday he was having interview from morning until night, so he really put a lot of efforts in it. Please definitely give him your attention!
*A&R: Artists and repertoire division

I'll end my talk today with this! Changmin has been receiving a lot of offers from fashion magazines lately. Today he had a photoshoot & interview with "ELLEgirl". Although Changmin was being modest like always, he was so impressively good-looking that even the editor was surprised. Changmin is climbing the stairs of adulthood now. We're looking forward to you from now on too!

YunHo is also ambitiously doing magazine promotion (Please check Tohomobile Yunho's report ♪). The drama that YunHo put a lot of efforts in, it's a must-see! By the way he's really good at imitating me, and our boss also laughed really hard at that…

Sorry for the wait! This message is from the manager who's in charge of them. Today we're in the middle of preparation for the event for DVD purchasers of YunHo's first drama "No Limit ~Heading to the Ground~". We're looking forward to seeing you soon!

I'll talk of something in the past. There was a time when a popular group couldn't appear on a TV program on Fridays at 8pm**. Our boss was very disappointed in us and he was very angry. We then had to do our very best trying everything we could so they could appear on the program. After they appeared on the program, they told me that they wanted to express their gratitude to our boss, and they talked to him on my cell phone one by one. And that was the story of our boss and the 5 people.

source: Seki Yoshihiro's Twitter
translations: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Gyah..the guys are busy all over the place...
without each other T____T
Ugh it hurts but good luck to you all. ^_^

I will stand by youuu~

Always keep the faith.

[TRANS] 04.19.10 Kim Jaejoong's Message to Melitehero

This was for the site's b-day which was 04.20.10 ^.^

“To melitehero,
Thank you as always
Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu,
I will wait .. Let’s wait together.”

source: melitehero
translations: sharingyoochun
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Jae's words are precious♥
Simple but it means alot to see..
he's waiting with us. T__T

He even wrote HoMin's names first..

Always keep the faith.

[TRANS] 04.19.10 Tohomobile Staff Blog - Mass Picspam Update

During a photoshoot

Changmin was doing a photoshoot for "ELLEgirl"!

The staff members were praising Changmin's innocent and sweet posing.
f^_^; Changmin responded to the staff's praise by saying, "Thank yo~u!" and continued his photoshoot!


During interview…

They were talking about the drama that Changmin is challenging himself in and about things that he has gotten into lately ☆

Changmin said that he wants to learn a lot of languages to become an entertainer who is able to sing and act in different countries!
In order to make his dreams come true, he said that he's doing his best right now ♪


How was I doing~?

"It's been a while since I had a photoshoot in Japan~! How was I doing~?
Everyone, please looking forward to it (^o^)"

During his break time, he showed the male staff members his trained body, and everyone was getting excited (LOL).



Did you check the corner 'Aiko ni Aitai YOU!" of CX's "Mezamashi TV"?

Since Jejung's favorite katsudon was also there, we also took a memorial picture of it ☆


A little bit nervous?

He started to do magazine promotion from today!
Since he's by himself, he gets a little nervous, but as producer XIAH junsu, he really did his best

He was eating the eels* by himself with great delight~

*The text just says "eels", I'm not sure if it's hitsumabushi or not.


Right now…

Yunho is doing promotion for "No Limit~ Heading to the Ground"!

He's receiving a combined interview from TV & magazines at once! Since there are so many interviewers, Yunho was very surprised, but he still answered every question very politely ♪

There are really a lot of them



Yunho is going from TV & magazines one by one!

While processing with a good speed, Yunho asked, "Is it done-? Eh, next? Haiii!" and quickly decided on his next pose!



During the photoshoot, Yunho was able to display various expressions! His hair color is bright,and it's definitely very refreshing ♪

Even after the combined interview, he still has a lot of promotions to do ☆



Photoshoot for "Hanako"!

He changed from casual costumes to cool ones!

During the interview, he talked about his character in the drama, BongGun.

We recalled of our photoshoot with him during his busy schedule last summer
(>_<) ----- While chatting… We were thinking of doing an offshoot picture… but Yunho discovered our camera!

He looked straight to the camera for us


The last of today is…

Interview for magazine "Bijin Yakka"!

He was diligently eating the strawberries by himself while doing the interview ☆


Thank you for your hard work~♪

Today's promotion has ended!!

Yunho describes today as "Kidoaira**" (LOL). He's making it a trend?
**喜怒哀楽 - Human's four emotions of joy, anger, pathos, and humor

Yunho, thank you for your hard work ♪

source: Tohomobile Staff Blog & linhkawaii
translations: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Wahh... T___T
I miss those 2....aish..

Omo Jae in an apron is just.. a precious moment. x]

Always keep the faith.