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[TRANS] 04.24.10 Max Matsuura's Twitter Updates

I didn't post the originals in japanese this time.
Theres so many little individual ones. =__=

Please read tweets from BOTTOM TO TOP.

Well then, here is one picture. (Radio-ish)


Q: President! Do Tohoshinki's members not use Twitter? If they do, I'll follow them instantly…
A: I always forget to ask them about that.

Q: Is JUNO not belong to avex?
A: Or I rather say, he is.

Today I'm going to take pictures. No time to sleep… There are too many recommendations from the audition… Today Junsu went to Chiba*.
*Chiba refers to a prefecture in Japan, not avex's Vice President Chiba Ryuuhei.

Q: Who would you choose to be your best friend among the 5?? Ah, I think your answer will be all of them. Unnecessary question. By the way, who would you choose to be your wife then ^^?
A: I am not gay, but I'm always surprised at their senses. It's about the case of wanting to be gay.

Q: Thank you! I'm very happy that you said you love Yunho!
A: I love all 5 of them. Although there are a lot of things going on now… someday, surely… I'm hoping.

Q: Do you love Yunho too?
A: He is wonderful.

I love Changmin. But I don't know how Changmin feels (cries).

Q: Junsu ga kakkotsukete, hitsumabushi matteru~w (JunSu tries to look good while waiting for hitsumabushi~ LOL)
A: Junsu ga kakkotsukete, himatsubushi shiteru~w (Junsu tries to look good while killing time~ LOL)**
**Max Matsuura is playing with Junsu's oyaji gag again here.

source: Max Matsuura's Twitter
translations: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

I hope he'll remember to ask them~
That would be amazing if they did ^____^

Omo Matsuura san and his using of Susu's gags XD

Always keep the faith!