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[TRANS] 04.16.10 Ueno Juri - "Jaejoong is very Cute"

Q. Please tell us your impressions about your co-stars.

-Irrelevant information omitted-

I always thought that JeJung was a very cool idol, but when we met, his awkward Japanese was also very cute (LOL). During rehearsals, although he was a bit embarrassed, he was doing it very seriously, and I thought that he is very innocent and honest. I never thought that he would be this cute and charming. Although it's hard to see him smile on TV, when everyone is together, he's the one who laughs the most, and he's our mood-maker.


Q. How was it like when the 5 of you go to eat together? Although there's already a scene of your first meeting in episode 1…

That's right. In reality, it's really like that. Everyone eating together…. At that time, Tamayama-san said humorously, "You're such a good person!" and that surprised me (LOL). JeJung also did a lot of gags where he put on a mustache saying, "Everyone let's take pictures!", and made everyone laugh (LOL). I'm very grateful that they were doing that to improve our friendship. The atmosphere was very good.

source: Sunao ni Narenakute Official Website
translations: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Junsu is so rubbing off on my Jae.
Lookit the gags he's pulling! *falls over*
Pfft..Jae, i love you. XD

Ueno-san, you are right.
Jaejoong is adorable. Lol.

Always keep the faith.