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[TRANS] 04.05.10 Song Yujun's Blog Update

2010.04.05 03:23

There was the announcement for Tohoshinki to suspend their activities…

Good evening, everyone!
After the announcement of Tohoshinki’s activities to be suspended, honestly…
since it was an official announcement,
I was not able to write in my blog, thinking about the severe reality.

One week before the announcement, I held discussions with a few of the Tohoshinki fans,
and talked about how to handle the issue in the future.
I have many comments about avex’s supports, but I would refrain from posting my comments as for today.

This official announcement was made since the discussion with the members went less than successful.

Though in such circumstances, I will try my best from now on.
I will do my best whatever the announcements should be,
until the date when the 5 members can perform on the same stage.
I do not think that the Tohoshinki members also felt better
after the announcement of “Suspending the activities”
For “regret, and then, understanding each other”, some period of time should be necessary.
I have lived much longer than Tohoshinki,
I think I can say these words, based on my experiences.

Next week, all of your signatures will be delivered to the parents.
The petition will be delivered, too.
For the signatures, I have attached my letter.
It is written in Korean.
I will post them in an another topic.


After summarizing your signatures and printing them out, there were 72208 signatures.
When I summarized them correctly…these are the true numbers.

Everyone should be in shock right now.
But, there is no change・・・in my prepared activities to “Protect Tohoshinki”,

I know that all of you should be in pain, but please brace yourself.
I will surely deliver all of your painful and hurt feelings together.

NOTE THIS: Song has written in his blog some days before that the signatures will be delivered to Yunho's and Junsu's father.

2010.04.05 03:52

The contents of the letter which will be delivered to the parents together with the signatures.

There will be 2 representatives who will deliver the signatures to Korea.
We are going to deliver them without notice…so I took the liberty to write a letter.
There should be somewhat strange phrases in Japanese,
but the Korean letter should be OK.
I have written the letter in Korean, and translated them into Japanese.
The contents are…

NOTE THIS: Translating from the Japanese version

Good day.

The Japanese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong’s, Chinese, and other fans of Tohoshinki collected together 72208 signatures, and came to Korea with a wistful heart, in order to deliver the messages to you, Father.
Tohoshinki is attracting attention not only in Korea, not only in Asia, but throughout the world. They are the pride and treasure of Korea.

The activities of Tohoshinki is suspended now according to many problems, and the only things that the fans can do now is to watch/follow, it is heartbreaking.
The lovely harmony of the 5 Tohoshinki members remain lodged in our ears.

Father, the two Japanese representatives have come to Korea, and they are bringing together with them the hearts of 70000 fans.

We are always thankful for the warm hearts of the parents.
Father, please consider the future of Yunho, Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun, and Changmin from a different angle. Please lend your hand.

We are delighted that each member has started their individual activities.
But, on the other hand, our hearts waiting for Tohoshinki will never cease.

If the parents can discuss deeply in order to protect the true smiles of your sons , of whom you are so proud of, and show to them all the thoughtful signatures from us, it will be the most pleasure.

Please take care not to catch cold in this turn of the year.
I am always praying for your health.

With 72208 Signatures, from Tohoshinki fans

source: Korean Entertainment Story
translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Seventy-two thousand two hundred and eight signatures.
I love you all Cassie/Bigeast.

Always keep the faith.