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[TRANS] 04.13.10 Tohomobile Staff Blog - Jaejoong


At yesterday's premier of the drama, there were this many cameras…!!

Since this is his first time, he was pretty nervous, but he still responded to everyone's cheering with his smile ♪

By the way, when JeJung was watching the premier of the drama, he got super excited at Tamayama-san's kiss scene (LOL).


Super brilliant ☆

JeJung appeared on "Tonight's Waratte Iitomo! Spring Drama Special"! The panel in front of his resting room is always super brilliant!!

To be surrounded by many famous actors and actresses, JeJung was very nervous, but he was doing his best while enjoying it ♪

At the opening of the show, it was so cute that JeJung was the only one who was clapping his hands, isn't he (LOL).


You have to definitely watch it~~!!

Tomorrow JeJung will appear on Telephone Shocking Corner of "Waratte Iitomo"!!

You have to definitely watch Iitomo! Everyone, please pray for me to do well on it~!!
by JeJung"

source: Tohomobile Staff Blog & linhkawaii
translations: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuvnewsblog

Everyone, pray for dear Joongie~ ^__^
He'll do great without our prayers either way.
Good luck..though i'm sure he's getting ready or is on the show right now.
Or is he..? Lol
Time zones confuse my life.

Always keep the faith.