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[TRANS] 04.08.10 Yein - "Changmin is my Ideal Man"

Yein who is recently receiving lots of love for her song ‘Ten’, pointed out DBSK’s Changmin, as being her ideal man.


“I personally really like Changmin of DBSK!”

At the question of which singer she would like to work with, Yein answered “I would like to work with Lee Seungchul sunbaeneem. It would be a big honor to have a duet or a featuring with a sunbaeneem who can sing very well.”

She also added “Also, I am a fan of Changmin of DBSK. He’s my ideal type. I really like him. If I had the chance to go on stage with him, I will not be able to forget that moment. I’m not embarrassed to be a fan, I would like to work hard and work my way up so that someday he will be able to recognize me.” says Yein with a smile like a little child.

When asked what she likes about him, she answered, “His style of singing is manly, well everything about him is my ideal type. Though there is a huge age gap, if it’s Changmin, I would marry him.”


source: TV Daily + Poplez
translations: ♥러빙유 @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Oh..seem someone chose Minnie as an ideal type finally. O__O
I wonder if she would be able to handle his random needs. XD

Always keep the faith!