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[TRANS] 04.12.10 A Time to Think it Over

The following is an article from a Japanese blog.


2010-04-11 11:24:15

Reading CEO Matsuura’s twitter.........

There also seems to be unkind messages written in the CEO's blog.
There were unkind comments in KO's blog (Toho dancer), too.
The strong feelings of the fans are heading to a different direction.....outlet for complaint, to those who are not responsible (For the suspension of activities.)
I do not want to call them fans, but, it seems that some of the Tohoshinki fans are doing those nasty things.

【From the CEO's twitter】
"Some say that avex made much money by releasing many CDs and DVDs. I just wanted to release as much as possible before we could not do so. Should that be said as making money? I am angry, I’m a human."
"We did the best we can. We are the directors of a company of the first section market, but, before that, we are human beings. Should we keep quiet even if those unkind messages are sent to us? Do you all know how distressing it was? Since we knew the situation, we were in tears many times.."
"Since there was a message 'Resign from the CEO!' in my blog, I was angry to that person."
"If we were not on the market, we do not need benefits. I just want to give back our profits to the company staffs and the fans. The stock holders may be angry if I say so......"
"I am sorry for those who kept off from this talk. Since I am foolishly honest, I am sorry if there are those who were shocked hearing this."

We were all saved by a fan following the CEO's twitter.
"Mr. CEO!! My home is overflowing with Tohoshinki’s CDs and DVDs♪ To be honest, it was the first time that I purchased many copies of the same CD. It was the first time that I thought I wanted to buy many copies. I regret nothing, I purchased them by the money I earned by myself!"

I think there are only few that wrote unkind comments to KO’s blog, and only few that wrote that the CEO should resign directly to the CEO himself.....
Most of us fans are truly grateful for all the persons who gave their support to Tohoshinki, but the blogs are shut down, or the articles are deleted, for these heartless people.
We, the human beings, have such fragile hearts that can easily be bruised.

Won’t you think how you would feel if those words were said to you…
If you were real flesh and blood, won’t you stop and think for a moment?
For those who have written the unkind comments, if you love Tohoshinki, if you love their personality, please think back what you have done.....

We all know the phrase "Love is blind". You shouldn’t forget to take a look around you.
I do not care about others......kind of feelings. Tohoshinki members will definitely be unhappy if they hear such talks.......
I am in pain, I am very sad.
I sincerely hope that these kinds of misleading fans will decrease.....
We should be delighted if the media will report "Tohoshinki fans are great!", and above all, the Tohoshinki members themselves, who always treasure us fans, should be delighted if they hear such praises.
We are happy that the numbers of fans are increasing, but nobody wants these kinds of self-righteousness and possessive fans to increase.
Should these unkind behaviors repeat many times?
Where should we, how chould we express our feelings, our voices?
I am really having a hard time.....

source: MY TREASURE (romi’s blog)
translations: smiley @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog