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[NEWS] 01.01.10 DBSK Disbandment - FALSE?

Only moments ago it was reported on male sensation DBSK, and their plans for disbanding in the new year. The source was from a Japanese article and SM Entertainment has yet to release a full legitimate statement, but things didn't look so good when Japan reported some unfortunate news.

A reporter said that tension within the group has become so high and bad that it's reached its limit, saying that Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu showed more passion to perform than the other two as they seem to have lost the will to go on. Even worse, the reporter stated that, "Currently the three have begun their activities with a new agency and the remaining SM members are forbidden from contacting the other three."

Plans for DBSK was to apparently begin promotions for their last single BREAK OUT! on the 27th of January, and to release their last album on February 17th with one final goodbye concert in June.

However, SM Entertainment did not give a long detailed official statement but quickly replied to the situation by saying, "The reporter's statements are false. There are no plans of disbanding." But another source stated that, "Nothing has yet been officially decided."

There's much confusion going around and no doubt it's got fans very anxious. But could this be another foreign misinterpretation? Not too long ago, Chinese reporters said many false things about the the Hankyung lawsuit and this could be merely just another false rumor from a foreign country that didn't know any better.

credits: allkpop & cassiopeialuv

I can breath.
Air is good.
Now, just awaiting the full statement from SM...

[NEWS] 01.01.10 'BREAK OUT' Single Bigeast Ver. SOLD OUT

After Break Out Single CD version and CD+DVD version being SOLD OUT at MuMo Online Shop. It's now turn for Break Out Single Bigeast version to be labelled SOLD OUT too.
As you can see in the picture, the 'Break Out!' Single Bigeast version is already SOLD OUT at MuMo Online Shop.

source: MuMo Online Shop
credit: kasumin430@Ameba +
shared by: OneTVXQ! & cassiopeialuv

Hey heyyy! I didn't order mine yet!
Don't you "SOLD OUT" me... looks beautiful next to the cd thouh doesn't it?

[BREAKING NEWS] DBSK Officially Disbands?

According to Yahoo! Japan, as of December 31, 2009, DBSK has finally disbanded. We're going to start the new year with a pretty depressing note.

Though fans have been doubting this news or staying in denial, Japanese reports have stated that these boys are absolutely finished. No longer are the days when the boys traveled together, have any sort of interaction, or even react with one another back stage! Since the break of the news about trouble in paradise for the boys, there has been little to no interaction among them at all. The boys have been using separate dressing rooms or setting up walls to avoid contact with one another. Apparently, BREAK OUT will be their final single to be released and the boys will be releasing their BEST album in February. Finally, a final goodbye concert is to be held sometime in June. It is implied that after these events take place, the boys will end their relationship with one another as the group DBSK.

However, fans that still want to keep their faith alive, there has been no official news released by the boys, AVEX, nor SM Entertainment. Is it Yahoo! Japan being unnecessarily dramatic or is there some truth to this? We'll find out soon enough.

credits: Newsen, Daum, Yahoo! Japan, allkpop & cassiopeialuv

I want SM to PLEASE confirm this as a BIG FAT RUMOR RIGHT NOW
before I go and sink into an eternal depression and give up on life itself.
DBSK said so themselves they WOULD NOT disband.
Hope til the End!
Please don't start off 2010 this way! T__T


[NEWS] 12.11.o9 Cancelled SMTOWN Concert; 872 People Request for Compensation

The number of people who applied for compensation, at the Korea Consumer Agency, for the cancellation of SMTOWN in August have reached 872.

On 10 December, a representative from the Korea Consumer Agency – Court Committee of Consumer Disputes said, “SM cancelled the contract (T/N: Here, the term contract is used because it is a business exchange between the ticket buyers and the company) and this caused the other parties to request for compensation. Adding the 240 people that filed for compensation on 9 December to the 632 people that filed previously, there is a total of 872 people.”

A representative said that a majority of the applicants were youths, and proper proceedings will be carried out after these 872 applicants have been verfied. Due to the dispute SM is having with 3 members of TVXQ, the “SMTOWN LIVE ‘09″ concert that was to be held in August was cancelled.

The Committee estimates that the total sales for that concert amounted to roughly $9,090,000,000 (Won), and the Family Ticket which allowed 4 people to enter together amounted to $143,000 (Won). The Committee will take into consideration that most of the applicants are youths, so the latest the verdict will come out is by next year, and a conclusive verdict will be given then.

source: [Naver News + KB在中家族]
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