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[NEWS] 12.11.o9 Cancelled SMTOWN Concert; 872 People Request for Compensation

The number of people who applied for compensation, at the Korea Consumer Agency, for the cancellation of SMTOWN in August have reached 872.

On 10 December, a representative from the Korea Consumer Agency – Court Committee of Consumer Disputes said, “SM cancelled the contract (T/N: Here, the term contract is used because it is a business exchange between the ticket buyers and the company) and this caused the other parties to request for compensation. Adding the 240 people that filed for compensation on 9 December to the 632 people that filed previously, there is a total of 872 people.”

A representative said that a majority of the applicants were youths, and proper proceedings will be carried out after these 872 applicants have been verfied. Due to the dispute SM is having with 3 members of TVXQ, the “SMTOWN LIVE ‘09″ concert that was to be held in August was cancelled.

The Committee estimates that the total sales for that concert amounted to roughly $9,090,000,000 (Won), and the Family Ticket which allowed 4 people to enter together amounted to $143,000 (Won). The Committee will take into consideration that most of the applicants are youths, so the latest the verdict will come out is by next year, and a conclusive verdict will be given then.

source: [Naver News + KB在中家族]
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