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안녕하세요~! 만나서 반갑습니다. 체 이름은 민재재 이에요. ^^ 미국에 살아요. 영원히 화이팅! 카시오페아 동방신기 사랑!♥ 김준수, 박유천, 김재중, 심창민, 정윤호, 항상 신념을 간직해라! 방문해 주셔서 감사합니다!


[PHOTO] DBSK to Cassiopeia <3

credits: enda, DBSKnights & cassiopeialuv

it's for us...T_____T


[TRANS] DBSK Fans Submit More Petitions

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OMG. More are coming in. T___T
Keep them going~!
Always keep the faith.

[TRANS] The 'TVXQ Secret' Will Be Uncovered.



[TRANS] o923o9 The Courts Have Listened to DBSK. Entertainment Business is on Red Alert.


[INFO] SM Entertainment's Request...Thrown Down

SM Entertainment asked the court that Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu's request for SM Ent.'s evidence be canceled, but the court refused.

On August 5th of 2009, DBSK's Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu demanded that SM show them the full contract terms, income records, and other documents that SM Ent. hid from them.
The court took DBSK's side on that conflict, and ordered SM to provide the related documents in trial.

But, SM insisted that the documents weren't subject to investigation according to Korean civil law and that a specific time frame and type weren't specified.
SM then demanded that DBSK's request for those documents be refused by the court, only to be rebuffed by the court itself.

The Seoul Central Court stated that, "The documents in question have been created by the artists and their affiliated company about legal matters, and according to civil lawsuit proceedings, the owners of the document have no right to withhold the documents from court nor others involved with the documents. Therefore SM Ent.'s claim that the documents shouldn't have to go under examination is an unreasonable claim."

So it looks like SM has no more tricks up their sleeves. Now we will all know why SM Ent. has been so reluctant to reveal the income records and the contract terms.

The court has ordered that SM Ent. provide the documents within 10 days.

Things are heating up, and what seems like this infinitely postponed court ruling will finally be revealed by the end of September.

credits: allkpop & cassiopeialuv

SM is hiding something...
i'm quite suspicious of them right now.
Let's hope we find out soon T___T


[LYRICS/AUDIO] Stevie Hoang - "Make it to the End" {Doushite Eng}


Here we are
Standing in the middle of a broken heart
I was strong enough to see the hurting part
And make it right again
Make it to the end

Cause the mystery in keeping love is never giving up

Here we are
Like the candles that was waiting to be out
Like the story that was destined to begin
Can make it right again?
Make it to the end?
Make it to the end

Beautiful things can begin in hard places
We've been giving too much to erase this
We've been giving the chance
And now we should take the chance again
The more I know about giving and trying
The more I know about laughter and crying
The fear I have of losing is nothing compared to losing you

Cause the mystery in keeping love is never giving up

Here we are
Standing in the middle of a broken heart
I was strong enough to see the hurting part
And make it right again
Make it to the end
Make it to the end

I can see the sun in the distance
Then with you I'm willing to finish
Through the rain and the darkness
I'm ready to go the way with you
Cause on the other side of this journey
There's a longing life that is fading
With a love that I've been holding
I'm giving it to you

Here we are (Oh yeah)
Standing in the middle of a broken heart (A broken heart)
I was strong enough to see the hurting part (I was strong enough)
And make it right again (Make it right again)
Make it to the end (Make it to the end)

Here we are (Oh baby)
Standing in the middle of a broken heart (Of a broken heart, yeah)
I was strong enough to see the hurting part
And make it right again (Make it right again)
Make it to the end (Make it to the end)

Here we are
Standing in the middle of a broken heart
I was strong enough to see the hurting part
And make it right again (Cause the mystery in keeping love is never giving up)
Make it to the end

credits: clymusick & cassiopeialuv

I love Stevie Hoang and this just made me love him even more.
It's beautiful. I appreciate that he remade Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shinattandarou? T___T Shows that he knows who the guys are and respect them enough to sing their music. Wahh...I love both versions...T____T
Dong Bang Shin Ki, hwaiting!

[NEWS] DBSK Album Set to Release in the Philippines

To all Filipino fans out there, start saving, for Universal Records have decided that the next K-Pop album they're going to release will be from TVXQ. The specific album to be released is yet to be confirmed.

September 16, 2009
Guess Which K-Pop Artist's Album We Are Releasing Next!

Watch out for the revelation!

source: Universal Records
credits: universal records philippines @ blogspot, hao-sama@OneTVXQ, DBSKnights & cassiopeialuv

Ohhh~ good news for fans over there ^__^
I wish I could say the same for this place. -__-

[NEWS] New Singer Jiang Xi Er Challenges DBSK's Representative Song

New singer Jiang Xi Er, who participated in the establishment ceremony of the brand DBSK members invested in (Crebeau), appeared once again yesterday in Shanghai. While promoting her album, she also held her first conference on the real estate she is endorsing.

It is reported that Jiang Xi Er did a remake of DBSK’s representative song ‘HUG’ in her new EP ‘SO NICE’. The MV shooting was done at Shang Gong Guan [name of the real estate she is endorsing]. Under KENN’s guidance, well-known producer from Singapore, Jiang Xi Er completed the recording of her new EP. ‘HUG retained more of DBSK’s genuine self. On the other hand, ‘SO NICE’ comprehensively and further displayed Jiang Xi Er’s individual style, which is melodious and lively.

source: Ahradio
translates: Jessi@DBSKnights
credits: DBSKnights & cassiopeialuv

Oh? I wann hear it and see if she did a good job. x]

[PHOTO] Tohoshinki's 'History in Japan Vol. 4' Cover

credits:, dbsknights & cassiopeialuv

I don't even have 1-3...T___T

[NEWS] 'Heaven's Postman' Estimated Release in October on SBS

Last month, SBS started broadcasting a sport related romance drama, and its now planning for its following drama. that Hero JaeJoong acted as the main lead is estimated to release in October.

Due to the changes of some cast schedule, the drama will be postponed later date. The actual release date and time will be confirming soon, please wait for the time being.

source: NAVER Japan
translation: sshutingg @
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact.

Oh my God.
Really?! Finally?! xD
Can't wait =D

[PHOTO] 'Colors ~Melody and Harmony~' in Sanrio Store

credits: heyJJ, Jjworld & cassiopeialuv

Omg? I wanna go to a Sanrio store thats that big O__o
And seeing that MV would be a plus...O_o

[INFO] Channel [V] Thailand Asian Chart

credits: channelv & cassiopeialuv
Lol dude look.
'Survivor' is #1 =DDD
Congrats to the guys!

[NEWS] DBSK's Jaejoong & Yoochun and "Shelter"

The song "Shelter" from DBSK's Jaejoong and Yoochun's upcoming release of 'Colors ~ Melody and Harmony' has been released on the internet. This song was composed and arranged by Jaejoong with a little help from Junsu and the lyrics were written by H.U.B. and Yoochun. As for the song itself, it sounds great. Jaejoong does his usual harmonizing while Chunnie shows off his rapping skills.

Here's an interview excerpt of the boys in SONG Magazine talking about 'Shelter'.

Another new single, SHELTER will also be introduced.

YC: The music was written by Jaejoong! It’s a challenge for him since the music is kind of different than the music he usually mostly composes.

JJ: From the introduction up to part A and B, the melody is pretty dark and heavy. But starting from the chorus, the beat starts to be faster and brighter. I did enjoy this change of pace.

- What kind of message are the lyrics filled with?

JJ: My world won’t exist if there is no you. You may not know about me, but I still keep thinking of you. It sounds a bit like a stalker... (laughs). It’s like this… a person doesn’t even know a thing about another person, but this other person somehow feels strength and encouragement just for the fact that the person does exist. So this song tries to express an appreciation for the existence of someone to other people.

YC: The meaning that connects, this song with COLORS are both expressing ‘a thankful mind.’ But COLORS is a song with more simple kind of music, Shelter’s music is more complicated. So it’s a good balance.

credits: dnbn, sharingyoochun & cassiopeialuv

That's all there is to it.

[INFO] DBSK's YoongWoong Jaejoong One of Japan Most Attractive Males

It's well known that TVXQ//DBSK//Tohoshinki's Jaejoong is very popular with the ladies in Japan. Despite not being Japanese, he was in the top 10 ranking for the "Top 10 Artists You Want As Your Lover" poll and also awarded "The Top Prince in Japan." Now, he can add another title as one of Japan's best looking artists.

On CDShop's Tsutaya Online there was a poll with the title "Most attractive Male Singer," Jaejoong came in second place with 23.9% (632,202) votes, only trailing Hotaka Yamashita (Ikimono Gakari) with 30.7% (810658) votes. Jaejoong wasn't the only DBSK member with votes as his fellow bandmates were respectively ranked as well: Micky Yoochun at #11, Xiah Junsu at #27, Changmin at #32, and Yunho at #34. Surprisingly, another Korean artist was in the ranking as well and that was T.O.P. of Big Bang who came in at #35.

credits: GhostWriter & cassiopeialuv

Look at the guy.
What do you expect? xD
He's Kim Jaejoong.
Like a living doll. x]

[NEWS] DBSK Talks with SM Entertainment Break Down

TVXQ//DBSK//Tohoshinki members Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, andYoongWoong Jaejoong were trying to make efforts to resolve the issues with SM Entertainment behind the scenes but it seems all talks of coming to an agreement have broken apart. Korean Media Outlet Newsen recently had a phone conversation with the court overseeing the issue.

In the phone conversation, the court stated that it'll be all up to them to come up with the resolution as both sides despite talks of resolution, will not budge from their initial stances. They continued by stating that they're thoroughly reviewing all the papers, documents, and evidence given. After this thorough investigation, both parties will be notified of the decision. The Court stated that they don't know when exactly they'll come up with the decision but that it should be sometime this month.

As the talks have broken down, it seems there's no chance of resolution outside the courts.

credits: allkpop & cassiopeialuv

Wahhh!! Come on this is getting to become too much! T__T
I hope it turns out fair and right...omg..


[PHOTOS] Gifts for Micky Yoochun from His Fans

credits: as tagged, TVXQBaidu, MickyFan, & cassiopeialuv

This is so sweet T___T
I wish I could've been part...*sigh*
Sucks living here in America...
I wanna live in Korea.
Cassiopeia hwaiting!

[INFO] Jaejoong & Yoochun's Hello Kitty Sold Out?

This is assumingly a notice that says those two kitties are sold out?

credits: yukabon's room, dbsknights & cassiopeialuv

Awww I wanted a red one! >__<
It's so cute..and they had one. lol

[NEWS] DBSK to Keep Promises to Cassiopeia China

It was decided that the group DBSK is going to do the Shanghai concert. DBSK is planning to have a concert on October 2nd. “Over the weekend, we collected opinions from DBSK members, they said they are having the concerts in Shanghai, China as scheduled. "Many Chinese fans have already purchased tickets and the promise has meanings to us.

"The opening date of the concert is unknown. The concert that was planned to be held on the 12th was already canceled without any notice. Above all, the five members of DBSK had the lawsuit, which made them hard to gather in one place. Also, some people believe that they couldn’t have it due to the possibilities of people getting the Swine Flu, The official said,” This Shanghai concert will show the fans that DBSK are one.”

DBSK’s future moves will affect attention that is being collected at the Shanghai concert. Some media, such as China and Japan’s, have not been confirmed whether the October 2nd concert will be held at that time. Some predict that this will be the last concert where all five members are standing at one place at the same time. ^ Who the hell predicts this?!?! >=O

As a result, some fans of DBSK are saying that this concert won’t be last. Instead of conflict, such as disbanding, the harmony they’re wishing for is getting stronger.

Another official said, “Sooner or later, the three members of DBSK lawsuit case results will come out.”

On October 12th, probably each member of DBSK and SM Entertainment’s problems may change. Because of that, DBSK’s five members and SM Entertainment discussed and agreed on having the concert for the fans. They stated that, “Some concerns have about the DBSK concert, but no matter what kind of obstacles there are, we won’t cancel the concert.”

The three members of DBSK, Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejoong, and Micky Yoochun, had a lawsuit against SM Entertainment. They wanted to stop all activities until everything was clear. They are expecting the results to come out sometime in September.

source: DNBN + Hankooki
translations: d0ngbangl0ve@DBSKnights
credits: DBSKnights & cassiopeialuv

I want DBSK back as Dong Bang Shin Ki.
Only when the five are TOGETHER are they called Dong Bang Shin Ki.
Cassiopeia China, SUPPORT THE GUYS!!!

[NEWS] DBSK are Number 2 in Japan for...?

TVXQ//DBSK//Tohoshinki has been very successful in Japan, with numerous number #1 hits on the Oricon Charts and holding concerts at the famed Tokyo Dome. With all these acheivements, The Rising Gods of the East have really risen fast in the land of the rising sun. Well, they can add another title to their long list of feats in Japan.

On September 13th, Japanese CDTV had a poll asking, "What Artists do you want to see most live?" And the boys of DBSK came in at number 2. They surpassed famous acts such as Kat-tun, Exile, and Ayumi Hamasaki. Only the mega popular Arashi were ahead of them.

credits: kpopper, GhostWriter & cassiopeialuv

Ahhh...congrats to the guys! <3
Remember when they weren't even allowed on Music Station? T__T
Look at them now...wahhh....
I feel so proud...TT.TT


[TRANS] The Real Face of SM Entertainment

Hello I'm a Cassie who has liked DBSK since the debut Hug days.I don't know if people will read this or not, but I just want to to let all the Cassies know aboutthe truth.even though it's you guys' choice to read it or not.But still help spread this out.

SM started out in the 1995. Lee Soo Man stepped into industry as a artist, but in 1995started a company with the SM, as a producer. Basically he wasn't the owner. The CEO and the person who had the hands in stock was Kim Kyung Wook. Like how Park Jin Younghas the company name as JYP which is his name, but gets salary pay (this already well known fact)for creating JYP stars.Did you know producers can produce singers, and plan out all the training, producing, and etc butcannot touch on the contracts and payment dividing?

CEO Kim Kyung Wook sat on the boss chair and started playing around with the Sm.ent stars.

The singers he made were those that died out:
M.I.L.K, Blackbeat, DaNa, Isak N Jiyeon, and etc. These were the groups Kim Kyung Wook created, but Lee Soo Man later was the one who gathered up these singers to create CSJH and put Shim Jae Won (blackbeat member) as SM ENT.'s dance teacher.
(fact, snsd's dance teacher is Shim Jae Won. watch snsd's debut mnet episode, jessica thanks him when she visits him, and he also created SNSD's debut choreo 'INTO THE WORLD'.)

The CEO who would mess around with the SM Ent. groups with wrongful contractsleft the SM Ent. company a little after DBSK debuted. This is when all the rumors of SM ent. stock dropping started to spread. Remember?and the rumors of SM Ent. having minus profit had started to spread all over.All this happend after Kim Kyung Wook CEO left SM Ent.

This is when CEO Kim Young Min stepped in. He changed the 13 year slave contract to 7 years and started tochange and play around with the contract while the trainees and singers did not know of it.

When Shinwha came out of SM Ent. Kim Dong Whan said in a program that 'Even though we came out of Sm Ent. we will never be able to forget Teacher Lee Soo Man.' This makes you think. No matter how much the person had trained you and helped you become a successful celebrity, if that person at the same time made you suffer as a kid mentally and physically, you wouldn't be able to thank them nor want to remember them.

Nobody ever mentioned Kim Young Wook, or Kim Young Min. (FACT: nobody ever mentions them ever when winning 1 spots on gayo shows or at award shows...)
controlling contracts can only be done by the CEOs of the company.

Don't try to take out Lee Soo Man because they are all fake rumors. Everyone thinks that SM stands for Soo Man, but when SM first started out SM stood for Success Museum. (Now starlight museum)

I can't tell you who i am but please believe that this story is true. I know that it is you guys freedom to believe it or not, but there is a way to protect DBSK. And the way to do this is through union/rally.

Until the DBSK case ends do not purchase anything from SM, and do not purchase their albums. The most important thing is do not go to their auditions because only new victims will be created. It doesn't matter how talented to you are, because the owners can throw you away in seconds. Just like when Kim Kyung Wook CEO made H.O.T. break up, Kim Young Min can do the same. Do not help him.

For every entertainment company all the schedules have to be approved by the CEO, and even if the schedule seems ridiculous the company stars can't do anything. DSP's Kim Hyun Joong didn't do BOF because he wanted to. Of coursethe drama succeeded, and he gained popularity DSP's ceo made him do it and even if he didn't want to he had no choice.

The reason why H.O.T. couldn't come out of SM Ent is because CEO Kim Kyung Wook made each members of the the group sign different contracts. (Expires on different years basically)This is why 2 of the members stayed in SM and 3 left.

Before filming starts, sending out scripts and casting takes 1 year. The kids didn't even know about the drama when they made the contract. You have to know this. Even if its a drama or a sitcom, it doesn't matter what the celebrity wants to do because they have no choice. If the top dogs tell you to do it, you have to do it. If you don't like that pay a fine against contract, but that fine is an amount you can't even imagine.

Doing the drama wasn't Yunho or Changmin's choice so that is why they could not go with the other three to charge against SM.

So Please stop with the saying that the group has been split into two.
If the 3 wins the lawsuit they can pull the other 2 out.
Get it together Cassies.
Its 6 months. Lawsuits takes about 6 months to finish.
In that timing please don't let 1 penny go into SM Entertainment.
And please believe in DBSK.
That's the only way.

-Taken from's official DBSK ROOM
posted by 아네모네 posted on august 1st 09. who got it from 다방.
credits: dksldidksldi @ soompi & cassiopeialuv

Again, DO NOT let even HALF a PENNY into SM Entertainment.
Cassiopeia, it's the only way we can help the guys now.
It's the least we can do.
Believe and ALWAYS Keep the FAITH.

[NEWS] The Real Face of SM Entertainment

Original Letter:

아까 다방에 올라왔는데 ,, 퍼트려야한다고 해서 올립니다


안녕하세요 동방신기를 HUG때부터 좋아하고 있는 카시오페아 입니다.

우선 이 글이 길어서 읽어주실지 안읽어주실지는 모르겠지만 모든 카시오페아가

알고있어야 할 사실들을 모아서 써내려가겠습니다. 읽던안읽던 그것은 자유지만

그래도 퍼트려주세요

우선 SM의 시작 1995년으로 거슬러 올라가죠, 가수로 시작한 이수만님은 1995년

SM이란 이름으로 기획사를 처음 접했죠, 프로듀서라는 신분으로 말이죠.

말 하자면 그는 사장이 아닌 프로듀서 였고 처음 설립할때 주식에 손을 대고있는

김경욱 사장과 손을 잡았다죠? 박진영프로듀서가 JYP에 자기 이름을 걸었지만

월급을 받으면서 가수들을 제작하는 것과 비슷한 거죠, 프로듀서는 가수를

발굴하고 트레이닝과 프로듀싱 등 가수의 모든것을 제작할 수는 있지만 계약과

수익률분배에는 손을 대지 못하고 있는 건 아십니까?

김경욱 사장은 그렇게 사장으로 앉아 SM에 거스리고 있는 많은 가수들에게도

손을 대기 시작했습니다. 아쉽게도 오랫동안 활동하지 못하고 잊혀져버린

밀크, 블랙비트, 다나, 이삭N지연 등을 김경욱 사장이 맡은 가수들인데요

그 가수들을 조합해서 천상지희로 만들고, 심재원을 SM댄스트레이너로 만든

사람이 이수만이죠. 그렇게 자꾸 SM가수들에게 손을대고 불합리한 조건으로

계약을 만든 김경욱 사장은 동방신기가 나온지 얼마 안되 SM엔터테이먼트를

떠났고 그 후로 SM에서 주식이 빠져나가 마이너스에 다다랐다고 퍼진 소문들

아시죠 그게 김경욱 사장이 빠지면서 벌어난 일들입니다

그리고 들어온사람이 김영민 사장, 노예계약이 13년에서 7년으로 바뀌면서

김영민 사장은 계약방침을 조금씩 바꿨고 그렇게 다른 가수들이 알게 모르게

고생하면서 가수의 생활을 하고 있었죠.

SM에서 신화가 나온뒤, 어느 프로그램에서 김동완님이 말씀하신걸 들었습니다

SM에서 나오긴 했지만 이수만선생님은 정말 잊을 수 없는 분이라고

그걸 보면서 생각이 들더군요 아무리 자신을 키워서 가수란 이름으로 세상을

볼수 있게 해도 정신적 육체적 고통을 준사람에게 감사할수는 없는 일이죠

하지만 어느곳에서도 김경욱, 김영민 사장의 언급은 들어 볼수가 없습니다

왜냐하면 불공정 계약의 시작은 회사의 주주, 사장들만으로도 충분히 이뤄질 수

있기 때문이죠

이수만을 내몰려고 애쓰지 마세요 다 헛된 짓일 뿐입니다 모두들 알고 있으시다

시피 SM의 약자가 수만의 약자라고 생각하시죠 아닙니다 그는 처음에 SM을

지을때 자신의 이니셜 SM이 아닌 Success Museum(성공 박물관)의 약자를 따

사업을 시작하게 된 것이죠.

제가 누군지는 밝힐 수 없지만 이 이야기들이 사실인 거 하나만큼은 믿어주시기

바랍니다. 믿던 안믿던 물론 그것은 여러분의 자유이지만 동방신기를 지켜낼 수 있는

방법이 하나 있습니다. 물론 단합이 필요한 일이죠

지금부터 동방신기의 소송이 끝날때까지 SM의 물건, 음반 등은 절대로 사지 마세요

그리고 가장 중요한건 오디션 보러가지마세요 새로운 희생자가 나타나기 시작하면

그 전에 아무리 높이 날던 새라도 버릴 수 있는게 사장들입니다. 김경욱 사장이

H.O.T를 해체시켜놨 듯 김영민 사장까지 그렇게 새롭게 자신의 뜻을 펼칠 수 있도록

도와주지 마세요.

자기 소속사에 소속된 연예인의 모든 스케줄은 사장의 허락이 있어야 하며, 일방적인

사장의 선택에도 어쩔 수 없는게 소속 연예인들이죠.

DSP의 김현중 군도 꽃보다남자에 처음부터 출연하고 싶어서 한 건 아니죠. 물론 드라마가

떴고, 본인이 하긴 했지만 그 드라마도 일방적인 DSP의 사장의 지시였고 김현중 군은

그 드라마에 출연하고 싶지 않아도 해야했죠.

H.O.T가 나오지 못한 이유는 김경욱 사장이 애초에 개인별로 계약기간을 다르게 잡아놨기

때문에 2명은 SM에 남고 3명은 나왔던 이유이죠.

연기를 하기전 대본을 나누어주고 캐스팅을 하는 시점은 드라마가 시작하기 1년전부터

시작해요. 지금보다 한참 전에 드라마 캐스팅 제의를 받고 이런 사건을 대비해 드라마에

그들도 모르게 계약을 한거에요. 다들 아셔야 합니다. 드라마던 시트콤이던 소속 연예인에게 선택할수있는

권리는 없어요. 위에서 하라고 하면 해야하는거에요 하기 싫다면 위약금을 물어야하는데 그 위약금은

상상할수도 없을만큼 어마어마 한 돈이라 누구도 쉽게 그렇게 나오진 못해요 드라마도

유노윤호와 최강창민의 뜻이 아니기에 그들도 선택의 여지 없이 소송을 걸지 못하는 것 뿐이에요

그러니까 그룹내의 분쟁이니 뭐니 그런말은 제발 하지마세요. 지금 3명이 소송을 이기면

나머지 2명도 빼올수있는상황입니다. 정신차리세요 카시오페아

6개월입니다. 소송은 6개월안에 해결됩니다. 그 안에 SM의 손에 1원도 들어갈수 없도록 해주세요

그리고 동방신기를 믿으세요.

그것이 유일한 해결책입니다.

출저- 파즐즈

-Taken from's official DBSK ROOM
posted by 아네모네 posted on august 1st 09. who got it from 다방.
credits: dksldidksldi @ soompi & cassiopeialuv

Translations to be posted next.


[INFO] Micky Yoochun & YoongWoong Jaejoong - "Been So Long"

A few weeks ago you could get a glimpse by listening to the preview of "Been So Long" featuring DBSK//Tohoshinki's Jaejoong and Yoochun off of Japanese group M-Flo's 10th Anniversary Tribute Album. Now the full version (almost, 3:02 - it seems to end a bit prematurely) has been released and it sounds pretty catchy. In addition to the song being catchy it seems both Jaejoong and Micky also rap in the song.

credits: allkpop, IknowUknow1 & cassiopeialuv

Omg. I love it. O_O
I don't know what else to say
I love it.
I. Love. It. omg. lol

[NEWS] DBSK Not Attending DREAM Concert '09; 2PM To Attend


On September 9th, the Korean Entertainment Producers Association released a document to all attendees of the concert and to the general public.

Here's what it said:

1. Thank you for showing much interest towards 2009 DREAM Concert.
2. Korean Entertainment Producers Association will become organizer of 2009 DREAM Concert.
As was reported in Japan, TVXQ lawsuit has already been gathering a lot of attention.About this unforeseen incident, Korean Entertainment Producers Association and SM Entertainment has been having discussions in regard to former performers matter, and currently meet in the decision that under present condition, starring TVXQ in the concert is very difficult, therefore for everyone who is looking forward to TVXQ performance, we’re really sorry and sincerely apologize.
3. However, the possibility performance still depends upon the trial result of Korean Court. By that time, we’ll officially announce the decision yet again.Because the 2009 DREAM concert is Korean biggest concert, we would like you to enjoy the stage of splendid artists whom Korea is proud of at Sangnam World Cup Stadium, South Korea.
4. As an addition, we’d like to inform you that BIG BANG will perform with no problem.
5. We’re so pleased with everyone who had been working hard to prepare for DREAM Concert, thank you very much.

In other words...
TVXQ will not attend Dream Concert 2009.

All other artists who were planning on attending, will attend without issue including:
Big Bang, SNSD, Super Junior, 2PM, SHINee, 4 Minute, 2NE1, and others.

credits: lolchoiboy18 & cassiopeialuv

I was looking forward to DBSK attending...guess I'm definitely not watching this years concert. T__T So many cassiopeians are gonna be disappointed again and they'll probably do something about it. You guys, whatever you do, hwaiting!

[NEWS] DBSK Are Not Monkeys!

Cassiopeia strikes again!

On September 10th, the TVXQ fanbase took out an advertisement in the Hangyuhreh newspaper with the title "TVXQ is not a monkey".

The phrase refers to the alleged slave contracts that have been the source of conflict between TVXQ and SM Entertainment.

The words "You don't have to know," "Do not argue," and "Don't expect an answer" accompanied pictures of the "See no, hear no, speak no" monkey pictures.

At the bottom of the ad, the statement "Dong Bang Shin Ki has moral rights and are people that should be able to make their own decisions".

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past month, TVXQ members Yoochun, Junsu, and Jaejoong filed an injunction against SM entertainment to determine the validity of their contract with SM.

The court ruling should be out soon as well.

credits: allkpop & cassiopeialuv

Go Cassiopeia! <3
I love you guys even if we've never met.
We will one day. <3
Keep on keeping on fellow cassis!


[NEWS] DBSK & 2PM Might Not Attend 2009 Dream Concert

Up to 15 artists including DBSK, 2PM, Big Bang, SNSD, MC Mong, Jewelry, Super Junior, SHINee and 2NE1 were said to be performing at this year's Dream Concert in Korea. But after recent events, DBSK and 2PM have said that they are unsure whether or not they will be performing.

As you all may already know, DBSK's Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, and Yoongwoong Jaejoong are having some problems with their record label, SM Entertainment, regarding their salaries. A representative for DBSK has said, "We know that the expectations for Dream Concert 2009 were huge for the DBSK fans. However, resolving this case with SM amicably is our first priority, for the sake of the future expansion of the Korean music industry." and "We all hope that the boys will quickly reclaim their titles as the kings of K-Pop."

2PM, as you all know, is not faring well at the moment neither, with the resignation of their ex-leader Jaebeom. Jaebeom has already left for Seattle and was reported saying that he'd return after he studies music in the States. And with the need of a new leader for 2PM, JYPE has stated that all of 2PM's future activities have been canceled as of now and that nothing is certain for the boys as of yet.

Dream Concert will still take place as planned, although the lineup for this year is a bit unclear. Dream Concert 2009 will take place at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on October 10th from 6:00PM. Last year's Dream Concert was a mega success but that seems like a Distant Dream...

credits: allkpop & cassiopeialuv

Not sure if I really wanna see it without the boys..T___T
Why is the world of k-pop falling like this?!

[NEWS] DBSK vs. SM Entertainment Final Decision

The legal battle regarding unfair contracts between team TVXQ (Yoongwoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu) vs. SM Entertainment is slowly coming to an end.

The court had ordered SM Entertainment to turn in all financial documents by September 11th, 2009 (today in Korea). Upon review of these documents, a final decision is to be made.The court has stated that this will be a final judgment and that both parties will not be returning for a retrial, once a decision is made.

SM Entertainment stated:
"After turning in all documents by the 11th, there is nothing more for us to do than await the courts final decision. As of now, we have no idea when a decision will be made by the courts."

credits: allkpop & cassiopeialuv

*crosses fingers*
please let the outcome be on the good side!


[NEWS] PD Didn't Know Who Yunho Was & Yunho's Hardships

During yesterday's press conference for the upcoming drama "Heading to the Ground", the PD, Park SungSoo, revealed that he didn't know the Yunho cast for the main role was the Yunho from the popular idol group TVXQ // DBSK // Tohoshinki.

The reason for this is because Yunho signed up for the role under his real name of Jung Yunho. The PD also mentioned that when he realized it was the actual Yunho from DBSK, he was surprised at how humble and nice he was. Yunho didn't act pretentious or like a big shot from the biggest boy band in Asia. Yunho broke the stereotype that the PD had for a typical idol star.

The PD said when he first met Yunho, Yunho told him about his harsh experiences as an early teen. When Yunho went from small town Gwang-Ju (southern portion of South Korea) to Seoul, Yunho grew up on the streets, not having a home and having to do menial jobs to get by. Because of this, the PD thought that he really knows what hardship is like and he can use those experiences for his role and make this drama come to life.

It's good to see that someone like Yunho, who had nothing and grew up on the streets could one day become a big star in Asia.

credits: GhostWriter & cassiopeialuv

I love DBSK for never being stuck up or snobby about the fact that they're the biggest stars in Asia. They never let the fame get to their head and always remembered that they were once going through crap to get where they are today as well.

Dong Bang Shin Ki, Miduh!
Hwaiting Yeongweonhi!

[INFO] SS501 Questioned About DBSK in Malaysia

Korean idol group SS501 was recently in Malaysia for their DVD filming and had to face tricky questions about DBSK.

SS501 had been in Malaysia for a 4D3N trip for their DVD filming in Kota Kinabalu since 31st August. They then flew to Kuala Lumpur on 3rd September for a press conference and fansigning (which made a lot of SS501 fans mad), which was put together by Warner Music Malaysia at the very last minute. But during the press conference, SS501 were given tricky questions to answer by the local media, as they asked them about the possibility of DBSK disbanding because of the lawsuit against SM Entertainment and whether they had the confidence to replace them.

The SS501 members gave their mics to their leader, Kim Hyun Joong as he said, "It's a difficult question to answer. We can't really compare between the groups because we are of different styles, in terms of dance, songs and charisma. Furthermore, there's no confirmation about their disbandment in Korea as yet. We are just focusing on our tasks at hand and don't know the details of the whole situation. But we hope that they (DBSK) can settle this in a good way and that their fans will continue to support them."

credits: GhostWriter & cassiopeialuv

Everyone is getting questioned T___T
Makes me worried >_<
Must keep staying strong.O_O
*breathe in...breathe out..*

[NEWS] DBSK's YoongWoong Jaejoong...a Ghost?

RuengJingPanJor (Thai Real TV) is the TV program that shows you the real story or try to prove you the fact of each rumors.

...and there’s a female holy spirit in the tree story. A Thai villager took a picture of the tree by his cellphone and he found an UNINVITED person in the picture.

RuengJingPanJor is a TV show that tries to prove or clear up rumors of unusual events. On one of the episodes, it was reported that a Thai villager took a picture of a tree with his cell phone, and found a mysterious ghost lurking around it.

Zoom In on the Picture?

Thai Cassies are co-operating with RuengJingPanJor to verify if the holy spirit is real or not (as it could've been photoshopped) and if it is actually Jaejoong.
So far, they have found crucial evidence that the picture of the ghost is identical to a screenshot of Jaejoong from a Korean TV show 'Golden Fishery'.

credits: CrazyOverYou + DKso1 @allkpop & cassiopeialuv

And here I thought I knew all I needed to know about Jaejoong.
He's a female holy spirit now. LOL this is interesting.
I wonder how this will turn out.
I really wanna know if that pic is real. O_O

[PHOTO] DBSK's YoonWoong Jaejoong & Micky Yoochun Tattoos Revealed

After being teased with ambiguous glimpses of their new tattoos, we finally get a good look at DBSK’s JaeJoong and Yoochun’s new body art.

As if serving as a reminder to the fans, their new tattoos read “Always keep the faith”, a phrase Cassies worldwide have chosen as the slogan for their campaign to keep the boys of DBSK as one.

credits: poopiness & cassiopeialuv

The guys care about us. T___T
Cassi, we must keep on keeping on!
For the guys! <3
Dong Bang Shin Ki, hwaiting!

Always keep the Faith!

[NEWS] o831o9 DBSK's Japanese Income; Members Received about "150 Milllion Won"

Korean currency:
150 million Won = around $120,000 dollars*

DBSK received only $120K in 4 years. This means $30K per year....thats equivalent or less than what a low-income, labour job earner gets in America!


Income was divided in the order of Avex-SM Japan-SM-Members... SM Double Acquisition Controversy.

An argument that five member group DBSK, who are currently in a legal dispute with their agency over their exclusive contract and inexact income divisions, earns an extremely low income from their Japanese activities has been put forth.

An influential acquaintance of the three members who are locked in this legal dispute (YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu) stated, "The amount of money DBSK has earned from when they started their Japanese activities in 2005 till now is a little over 150 million Won per member."

This is the first time DBSK's Japanese activity income division has been referred to in detail.

He explained the income division process in detail saying, "A portion of the money DBSK earns from their Japanese activities goes to their Japanese agency Avex, and some of it goes to SM Japan. The rest goes to SM Entertainment. Therefore, the members receive only an extremely small portion of the overall income."

He also added, "SM Entertainment owns more than 90% of SM Japan's quota and is the parent company of SM Japan," and conspired that, "Another controversy arises of their Japanese income division because of this." He stated that, "Since the members have never seen the actual Japanese contract, they have no clue of how the income division is going on between the agencies and are feeling very frustrated with the situation."

SM Entertainment owns 93.5% of SM Japan's quota.

Actually, according to the quarterly report SM released in May, SM Entertainment owns 93.5% of SM Japan's quota (On March 31st).

Even the Civil Society Organization has pointed out that there are problems in the way SM Entertainment divides and calculates the income.

Lee Dong-yeon, professor at the Korean National University of Arts, stated, "The money DBSK earns from their Japanese activities is first divided by Avex and SM Japan who co-manage the group by 50% each, then SM and SM Japan split the money SM Japan got by 50% each. Therefore, DBSK only receives a small portion of 1/4 of their income, not a portion of their entire income".

At the debate that was on the prompt 'The Problems Regarding the Korean Entertainment Management System Revealed Through the DBSK Dispute and the Solutions To These Problems', Professor Lee said, "It can be said that SM Japan and SM Entertainment are basically one company therefore SM Entertainment is using this to acquire twice the amount of money they should be getting from DBSK's Japanese income."

Professor Lee also stated that, "It can easily be seen that we obviously cannot say that DBSK and SM Entertainment have a fair and just contract agreement when carefully reading through the fine print of the contract and taking into consideration DBSK's income division and the preposterous amount SM Ent. claims they spend on managing DBSK (In truth, most of this money is actually not included in the income division.)"

On a side note, it has been found that SM Ent. did not adhere to the Preservation of Evidence Request that the three DBSK members filed that was accepted by the Courts. This Preservation of Evidence Request includes all documents relevant to DBSK's activities that would help calculate DBSK's actual income that include account books, receipts, transfer slips, etc.

On the 21st, the Seoul District Courts asked SM Ent. at the first hearing to hand in all documents relevant to the trial, but SM Ent. did not follow through.

SM Ent.'s lawyer stated before that, "These documents are all company secrets, and it would be fatal to SM Ent. if they were released to the media."

source: [newsen+DNBN]
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What the hell.
That's all I have to say. -___-


[NEWS] Cassiopeia Wants Their Money Back!

Just when you thought SM Entertainment couldn’t get any more enemies, here comes an attack from the fans.

Yes, the fans of DSBK are threatening to sue SM Entertainment if they do not get some of their money back. They had originally brought tickets to the now postponed SM Town Live 2009. 1,222 fans gathered on September 3rd, demanding an apology and at least 10% of the ticket price refunded to them.

SM Entertainment had originally stated that DBSK would attend the concert despite their pending lawsuit with them and the whole show would go on as planned. But at the very last minute, they postponed the show, without a valid reason, leaving many fans hurt, distraught, broke and feeling betrayed by DBSK's parent company.

According to the fans, since SM Entertainment didn't give a good enough valid reason for the postponement, and thus they have got some explaining to do.

credits: allkpop & cassiopeialuv

LOL. I dunno why but i'm just sitting here laughing at SM Entertainment.
This is really Cassiopeia at work.
I love you guys! All of you! xD
If only I was over there to help sue. LOL.


[INFO] DBSK's U-Know Yunho Talks About Pending SM Case

On August 2nd, during a press conference for the new MBC Drama "Heading to the Ground" at the Seoul Grand Hyatt Hotel, TVXQ//DBSK//Tohoshinki's leader Yunho briefly talked about the pending court case with three of DBSK's members (Jaejoong, Yoochun, & Junsu).

Yunho said that there's a lot of negative rumors floating around that simply aren't true. As for the case itself, he wouldn't go into details as he said he can't say anything right now but he did say he wishes everything can be settled soon and in a peaceful manner. Yunho also said that all the DBSK members have a strong bond. While he was working hard during a late night shooting for "Heading to the Ground," he would receive encouraging text messages from his fellow members. They would send text messages such as "How was your day?," "Do Your Best!," "Hwaiting//Fighting." Yunho stated that he appreciated all their support and because it's his first venture into acting he really needs their support.

credits: ghostwriter & cassiopeialuv

The guys have a special bond that is impossible to break<3
Dong Bang Shin Ki, you can do it!
Hwaiting! You have my...OUR support!! <3

[NEWS] DBSK Rejects Rumors of Disbandment

Excellent news for any Cassiopeians out there - according to an interview on August 31st with the Japanese paper Goodday Sports, DBSK has expressed no plans or intentions to disband despite the lawsuit controversy with SM Ent. Though this bit of information started circulating once the controversy had cooled a bit, it's nice to hear this coming from the mouths of the five members themselves.

In the interview, the quintet expressed their excitement for their growing popularity in Japan. Leader, Yunho felt that their fan count was increasing; the Tokyo Dome concert was a success and the recent video release has become a hot issue. They also discussed international plans in coming months and rejected rumors of disbandment. "[We hope that] all five members can attend the end of the year music programmes," Yunho expressed during the interview in reference to Kohaku in Japan & Gayo Daejun//Music Festivals in Korea. Junsu later added, "following this, all five members will continue to do activities together. We want to grow with our fans."

Furthermore, each member, including those involved in the legal dispute, gave a reassuring message to fans:

Changmin: Please be careful not to get too tired this summer.
Yunho: To everyone who couldn’t manage to come this year, let’s enjoy it together with Tohoshinki next year!
Junsu: I want to do many more activities with fans in the future. Please look forward to it.
Jaejoong: I really want to do next year a-nation again really soon. I want to enjoy the stage with these five members again.
Yoochun: We want to perform a lot of songs in the future. We want to sing. That’s all.

Indeed, DBSK's activities in Japan are still in full swing and there's no indication of major impediments anytime soon. Earlier this month, DBSK performed in avex's a-nation, their fifth appearance on this annual summer concert tour. Jaejoong and Yoochun, though both involved in the legal controversy, are still scheduled to be featured in M-Flo's 'Been So Long' and to release their own song on the 30th. Yunho is busy filming for Heading to the Ground, and Changmin is filming in his star role for Paradise Meadow.

The fact that group activities are on hold right now for the pursuit of solo activities seems to be unrelated to the lawsuit. "Even if we have these various activities for each member, we'd like to keep rising with everyone, together," Junsu explained. Yunho promised to meet again at next year's a-nation as well.

However, it's not like DBSK is avoiding Korea - in fact, all five members returned to their home country yesterday morning (Aug 31), though there aren't any major schedule plans revealed yet. Furthermore, DBSK will be holding a concert in Shanghai on October 2. With such an ambitious, pan-Asian schedule ahead of them, the rumors of disbandment now seem quite unlikely - fans, take a deep breath! Hopefully everything works out and they come back stronger than before.

sources: Star News, Newsen, 銘記, xiahyu-ri
translation:, sharingyoochun@wordpress &
credits: allkpop & cassiopeialuv

I can breathe....finally T____T
It's definitely nice hearing it from the guys themselves.
Wah...I probably can regain my appetite for awhile now O_o
Dong Bang Shin Ki, hwaiting!


[NEWS] o829o9 GQ September Issue 'The Real DBSK Was in Japan' CRITIQUES

DBSK sings “I got you~ooo, Under my skin,” and dances. When the buttons on the shirts that cling onto their bodies cannot handle their powerful moves and burst, U-Know Yunho’s well-developed and chiseled pectoral muscles are shown. Fans from all over Korea, who may have had ill feelings towards the long stretch of Japanese activities, act as though the group had never left and stare at their TV and even go up to the TV screen and stroke it. I’m talking about the comeback stage of that happened after the album’s release last December. Fans found something a little odd about DBSK during this stage. Although the five members’ faces were the same, it was as though their faces had been stuck on someone else’s body. This was because of their ‘muscles’.

DBSK’s thin and muscular bodies are completely different from SM Entertainment’s preceding idol groups. The direction that the members of DBSK are headed is being influenced by the Japanese activities they have been carefully and diligently doing. In Japan these days, their is a ‘Hosomacho’ or ‘thin muscle’ trend blazing through the nation. The biggest reason for this trend is because the majority of young Japanese women prefers the thin muscled hosomacho look over the heavily muscled gorimacho (gorilla macho) look.
What am I talking about? There are probably going to be some people who tell me that this trend has been around for a while with the majority of singers in Johnny’s Entertainment and with the majority of males in Tokyo having a thin muscle body structure. But what they are talking more about skinny guys who look as though they have muscles because they are skinny, not the ‘thin muscle’ look. But to think that DBSK is just one of the many hosomacho groups is a big mistake. This is because the popularity of Tohoshinki, as they call themselves in Japan, is so great and out of this world that it cannot be fully comprehended or understood in Korea.

If we divide the dominating Japanese male idol groups into three categories, the first would be ‘role Lolita’, groups comprised of pretty boys, the second would be ‘Yankees’, groups comprised of members who have a bad boy vibe to them, and the third would be the DBSK style. The DBSK style’s popularity can be properly felt in Japan’s host clubs. Koreans may connect the words host or hostess with adult clubs and see these words with a negative outlook, but to many young, handsome and popular college students in Japan, it is the most preferred part-time job.

Different from Korea’s hosts, Japan’s hosts serve only alcohol and there is a different term for those who provide sexual intercourse and they are called ‘Urisen’. In these host clubs that can easily be found in Shinjuku’s Gabukicho area, the pictures of the hosts in the clubs tell women what kind of style each host is. Before, most of the people in the pictures copied the style of Johnny’s Entertainment’s idol groups. But now, at least one or two hosts in every club very conspicuously copies the style of one of the members of DBSK.

In this area, there was once a time where the most manly people were nabe (a girl dressed up as a guy or a trans gender female). with their thin, pretty bodies. But now many Japanese women are asking for the hosomacho style, men who are not only pretty, but are also manly, and who are not only skinny, but has muscles. The DBSK wind is blowing through the clubs of Gabukicho.

Since many Korean idol groups are popular not only in Korea but all of Asia, many Koreans may think that DBSK’s popularity is similar to that of other celebrities. Shall we delve deeper to see just how popular the guys are in Japan? DBSK’s most recent Japanese single sold almost 200K copies in one week. This sets them with the second highest first week sales in their agency, Japan’s biggest company Avex.

The only group above DBSK is the 14-member group Exile, the group that received the highest award from the Japanese Record Association and the group that even creates big changes in society with their raging popularity. This means that DBSK’s first album sales beats that of the female leaders of Japanese pop, ‘Namie Amuro’, ‘Ayumi Hamasaki’ and ‘Koda Kumi’. This is a feat that not even popular star ‘BoA’ has achieved. These are the kind of top singers we can compare DBSK to now.

But I am not basing their popularity on album sales only. DBSK has set a huge record of being on
Japan’s representative music chart ‘Oricon Chart’ as 1st on weekly single sales six times already. Since the year 2000, the number of stars who have attempted to enter the Japanese market is enormous, with stars such as S.E.S, Sugar, Park Junghyun, Rain, Lee Soo Young, Se7en, SS501, Ryu Siwon, Park Yongha, Lee Byunghun, Yoonha, K, Sunmin, Big Bang and Super Junior.

But the only singers who have reached first on Oricon’s weekly single charts are BoA (once) and DBSK (six times). They also succeeded in being invited to hold two concerts in July at the Tokyo Dome which is considered the Dream Stage, even to Japanese singers. This has never been completed by any other Korean singer before.

But the Bible sends a message, “Prophets do not get respect from their homelands.” For some odd reason, DBSK’s outstanding achievements do not seem to be reported or praised in Korea. Also, it is sad to see that DBSK’s success of almost selling 200K copies of their single was buried under the dispute between SM Entertainment and three members of DBSK (Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, YoongWoong Jaejoong) and the disbandment rumors that followed it.

They are not something something ’sama’ (like Yonsama) who were washed ashore by the Hallyu Wave. No, they even asked all Japanese media agencies not to associate the word ‘Hallyu’ with them (even asking for news articles to be pulled down if the word was used in relation to them), to show that they wished to succeed with their own powers and were able to become widely known in Japan. The guys had to erase their nationality in order to gain the acceptance from the Japanese population.

The rumors of disbandment at the height of their popularity has become a hot topic of conversation in the Japanese music industry. Japanese media has been created a daily special to update everyone about what’s happening in Korea with regards to DBSK, and this has caused Avex’s CEO to come forward and give an explanatory statement to clam the Japanese fans. He announced that DBSK’s Japanese activitees would continue regardless of what was happening in Korea and he decided to announce this himself. This has never happened before.

It seems as though the way Korean agencies set the income division when writing up the contract has surprised the people of Japan who are used to the Japanese agencies’ way of working that gives monthly salaries that may change. Since the first official event DBSK held after the disbandment rumors came out was in Japan and not Korea, the source of such rumors, with the Fireworks Festival Concert, the Japanese media was more vigilant when it came to reporting the issue than the Korean media.

Therefore, whether they wanted this or not, this case has opened DBSK up to a wider fan base including the younger generation. YoungWoong Jaejoong, who is the most popular amongst the members in Japan, was even seen in a paparazzi scandal magazine that only extremely famous Japanese celebrities appear in.

Although the situation in Korea is a complete mess, DBSK might be able to take one step further in their Japanese activities through this happening. But they must once more grab hold of their Korean fans. There are already rumors that the ‘light fanbase’ is ready to embrace the new 6 member male idol group SM Entertainment is preparing.

As faithful as Korean fans are, they are also able to turn their backs on a singer very quickly. If even the fans who used to embrace them turn their backs on DBSK, the group will become the prophets who are not respected in their homelands.

Source: [GQ Magazine+DNBN]
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The last two paragraphs tore me apart T___T
Cassiopeia preparing to turn on DBSK?...
What? I will not believe it. I refuse.
I know this much, I will never turn my back on DBSK.
Never. I don't care what the outcome of this issue may be anymore.
I will not betray DBSK.
Not after i've been with them for so long.
I hope all you fans feel the same because I am in tremendous pain right now thinking about if Cassi were to leave DBSK just like that...

Dong Bang Shin Ki, you will forever have my support..
You can count on that.
Only You Five. You'll remain number one in my heart.

[NEWS] Offering of Sacrifice to Spirits Done for 'Heading to the Ground'

There was an offering of a sacrific to the spirits done for MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Heading to the Ground.’

On the 24th at 2pm, the offering was one at MBC’s Yangju set and actors such as Jung Yunho, Go Ara, Lee Yunji, Lee Sang-yoon, Kim Jaeseung etc. came along with Director Park Sungsoo and all the staff.

Jung Yunho, who plays the lead role of Cha Bong-goon, prayed for the success of ‘Heading to the Ground’ by saying “Please help this drama be a big hit!” and praying alongside fellow actors Ara, Lee Yunji and Lee Sang-yoon.

Director Park Sungsoo said, “I was touched by the passions of these young actors who threw themselves into everything and anything we asked them to do. I think that the hard work of the actors will be seen in the eyes of our viewers,” and “I directed this drama with a fun and happy heart because the actors and staff always made the set come alive with their jokes and antics.”

Ara, who plays the role of Kang Haebin, said, “Overall, there are a lot of action scenes. Cha Bong-goon (Jung Yunho) especially has a lot of them, but he would rarely use a stunt double and worked hard in all his scenes and that gave all of us strength to work harder,” and “Because the script itself was funny, shooting the drama was fun too.”

Jung Yunho, who plays the lead role of Cha Bong-goon, said, “I’m doing everything for the first time so it took me some time to get comfortable, but all the staff members are excellent and all the actors on set were cheering each other on so I’m expecting this drama to be really good,” and “I still am lacking in some areas but everyone will be able to see me grow more along with Bong-goon each time an episode airs,” and was very modest.

The drama ‘Heading to the Ground’, which is gaining a lot of attention as this is TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho’s debut into acting, will first air on September 9th.

source: [pimedia+DNBN]
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Wahhh...I await this drama <3
Probably the only good news we have to wait for so far T________T
Hwaiting Yunho~!
hwaiting Dong Bang Shin Ki!

[NEWS] Cosmetic Company Lawsuit: Full Investigation

Seoul’s Gangnam Police Station on August 27th has lauched a full investigation regarding lawsuit filed by cosmetic company, CREBEAU in which DBSK members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu have their investment.

The public prosecutor from Seoul police office section 7 (head: Kim Cheong-hyeon) directed the investigation according to letter of complaint to SM Entertainment from CREBAU officer who requested for a full investigation of complainant’s identity before court review next week.

This police investigation is held as an instant basis to decide whether there’s criminality charges in defamation mark that is accused to SM Entertainment as defendant by CREBEAU company.

On August 4th, CREBEAU company where in DBSK members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu have their investment in filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for a defamation issue.

translations: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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Mehhh...stressing here! T___T
You guys all around the world are worried too right?
Well, we have to continue supporting the guys until the end.

ONCE a fan, ALWAYS a fan.
No matter what you say, deep down you care.

Always Keep The Faith...

[NEWS] DBSK 2 Month Expected "Break"

Dong Bang Shin Ki outdoor concert, a-nation that is pre-scheduled to be held on August 29th in Osaka, Japan will keep going on.

After the provisional disposition facing DBSK’s agent SM Entertainment to stop exclusive contract effect from part of DBSK members, it’s been a difficult environment for DBSK to continue their activities, therefore the continuance of DBSK future activities has been gathered lot of fans’ attention ever since.

Recently DBSK’s Korea label SM Entertainment and Japanese label AVEX don’t catch any additional schedules other than ones have been pre-arranged. Except Yunho who will debut in MBC drama “Heading to The Ground”, the remaining members are said to be having break naturally.

Members activities will be stopped at least for 2 months is being certain, but members’ concert in Shanghai that has been planned to proceed on October 2nd is expected to be executed.

The provisional disposition againts SM Entertainment filed by 3 DBSK members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu has received its first hearing on August 21st in the morning. The judge at that time said, “For the sake of public responsible to DBSK biggest fans and also the members internal relationship, I hope the two sides to consider settlement of this dispute amicably.” advising for a consensus.

Next hearing will be held on September 11th 2009.

translations: sharingyoochun@wordpress
credits: DBSKer & cassiopeialuv

And I was hoping for GOOD news. crap it all.
-___- I don't like this at all but, must keep holding on for them.

[PHOTO] DBSK's YoongWoong Jaejoong...Doll?

credits: 只在@baidu, DBSKDream & cassiopeialuv
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Well, this is a little random. O_o
Didn't see this coming x]
The doll is rather pretty but it can't beat Jaejoong of course =]
Props to the creator!
Always keep the faith!