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[TRANS] The Real Face of SM Entertainment

Hello I'm a Cassie who has liked DBSK since the debut Hug days.I don't know if people will read this or not, but I just want to to let all the Cassies know aboutthe truth.even though it's you guys' choice to read it or not.But still help spread this out.

SM started out in the 1995. Lee Soo Man stepped into industry as a artist, but in 1995started a company with the SM, as a producer. Basically he wasn't the owner. The CEO and the person who had the hands in stock was Kim Kyung Wook. Like how Park Jin Younghas the company name as JYP which is his name, but gets salary pay (this already well known fact)for creating JYP stars.Did you know producers can produce singers, and plan out all the training, producing, and etc butcannot touch on the contracts and payment dividing?

CEO Kim Kyung Wook sat on the boss chair and started playing around with the Sm.ent stars.

The singers he made were those that died out:
M.I.L.K, Blackbeat, DaNa, Isak N Jiyeon, and etc. These were the groups Kim Kyung Wook created, but Lee Soo Man later was the one who gathered up these singers to create CSJH and put Shim Jae Won (blackbeat member) as SM ENT.'s dance teacher.
(fact, snsd's dance teacher is Shim Jae Won. watch snsd's debut mnet episode, jessica thanks him when she visits him, and he also created SNSD's debut choreo 'INTO THE WORLD'.)

The CEO who would mess around with the SM Ent. groups with wrongful contractsleft the SM Ent. company a little after DBSK debuted. This is when all the rumors of SM ent. stock dropping started to spread. Remember?and the rumors of SM Ent. having minus profit had started to spread all over.All this happend after Kim Kyung Wook CEO left SM Ent.

This is when CEO Kim Young Min stepped in. He changed the 13 year slave contract to 7 years and started tochange and play around with the contract while the trainees and singers did not know of it.

When Shinwha came out of SM Ent. Kim Dong Whan said in a program that 'Even though we came out of Sm Ent. we will never be able to forget Teacher Lee Soo Man.' This makes you think. No matter how much the person had trained you and helped you become a successful celebrity, if that person at the same time made you suffer as a kid mentally and physically, you wouldn't be able to thank them nor want to remember them.

Nobody ever mentioned Kim Young Wook, or Kim Young Min. (FACT: nobody ever mentions them ever when winning 1 spots on gayo shows or at award shows...)
controlling contracts can only be done by the CEOs of the company.

Don't try to take out Lee Soo Man because they are all fake rumors. Everyone thinks that SM stands for Soo Man, but when SM first started out SM stood for Success Museum. (Now starlight museum)

I can't tell you who i am but please believe that this story is true. I know that it is you guys freedom to believe it or not, but there is a way to protect DBSK. And the way to do this is through union/rally.

Until the DBSK case ends do not purchase anything from SM, and do not purchase their albums. The most important thing is do not go to their auditions because only new victims will be created. It doesn't matter how talented to you are, because the owners can throw you away in seconds. Just like when Kim Kyung Wook CEO made H.O.T. break up, Kim Young Min can do the same. Do not help him.

For every entertainment company all the schedules have to be approved by the CEO, and even if the schedule seems ridiculous the company stars can't do anything. DSP's Kim Hyun Joong didn't do BOF because he wanted to. Of coursethe drama succeeded, and he gained popularity DSP's ceo made him do it and even if he didn't want to he had no choice.

The reason why H.O.T. couldn't come out of SM Ent is because CEO Kim Kyung Wook made each members of the the group sign different contracts. (Expires on different years basically)This is why 2 of the members stayed in SM and 3 left.

Before filming starts, sending out scripts and casting takes 1 year. The kids didn't even know about the drama when they made the contract. You have to know this. Even if its a drama or a sitcom, it doesn't matter what the celebrity wants to do because they have no choice. If the top dogs tell you to do it, you have to do it. If you don't like that pay a fine against contract, but that fine is an amount you can't even imagine.

Doing the drama wasn't Yunho or Changmin's choice so that is why they could not go with the other three to charge against SM.

So Please stop with the saying that the group has been split into two.
If the 3 wins the lawsuit they can pull the other 2 out.
Get it together Cassies.
Its 6 months. Lawsuits takes about 6 months to finish.
In that timing please don't let 1 penny go into SM Entertainment.
And please believe in DBSK.
That's the only way.

-Taken from's official DBSK ROOM
posted by 아네모네 posted on august 1st 09. who got it from 다방.
credits: dksldidksldi @ soompi & cassiopeialuv

Again, DO NOT let even HALF a PENNY into SM Entertainment.
Cassiopeia, it's the only way we can help the guys now.
It's the least we can do.
Believe and ALWAYS Keep the FAITH.