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[TRANS] 04.06.10 Micky Yoochun to Debut as Actor in Japan

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The popular group Tohoshinki’s Yoochun is going to be in a Japanese drama continuing with Jaejoong. Not only in Korea but in Japan, Tohoshinki’s activities had paused and Yoochun is going to start his solo activity by acting.

Tohoshinki’s Japan production Avex announced on the 5th on Tohoshinki’s official home page that “In June Yoochun will appear on the mobile drama broadcasting office Bee TV. They are filming right now”.

Yoochun’s actor debut information was out on the 3rd when Chiba Ryuhei Avex’s vice president and Bee TV president answered to a fans question saying “The drama Yoochun will be in is starting in June” and posted a picture o the script which spread through out the fans.

Yoochun will play what the Fuji TV is creating right now “Lovin’ you(tentative title) a Korean person who is the second generation of a financial group. The story draws a love story with a Japanese women. That person will be the actress who was in “Meichan no Hitsuji” and “Yamatonadeshiko Hichihenge” Omasa Aya.

It started from the leader Yunho’s drama “No Limit”, Jaejoong’s movie “Heavens Postman” and starting in April “Sunao Ni Narenakute”, Junsu’s musical “Mozart”, and who is filming right now Changmin’s drama “Paradise”. Now all 5 members of Tohoshinki is going to debut as an actor.

source: Yahoo! Japan
translation: Rieko @ sharingyoochun
credits: DBSKnights, OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

....All these dramas/acting stuff..
I've only seen...
Yunho's "Heading to the Ground" @___@

I wish they would come together and do a drama..
as completely different people and not themself.. O_O
Maybe in the future =D
*hopes for dbsk drama*

Always keep the faith!