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[NEWS] 04.08.10 DBSK's Jaejoong, Yoochun & Junsu Films CF for Lotte Duty Free Shop

The three had filmed the CF recently where it will be used for print in Korea and as print and video in Japan. All 5 DBSK members had endorsed Lotte Duty Free Shop last year, but only three are filming for the new CF now.

The representative for the three said on the 8th, “At the end of last year, the contracts were recognized by the court as ones that needed to be suspended. The three tried to get rid of the long term contract and the court accepted that so right now, they are not under their long term contract. This means, that their Korean and international activities shouldn’t be a problem. They are now working on dramas, CF endorsements and also preparing themselves as solo singers.”

It’s not clear if the three can work under the name of DBSK but they didn’t use DBSK for their Lotte Duty Free Shop CF as they didn’t want to antagonize SM Entertainment.

One insider said, “SM did try to trademark the name DBSK but it got denied. This means that they can use their name DBSK but they decided not to and they will keep doing this.”

SM Entertainment said, “We know the three filmed the CF but we don’t want to limit the three members since they are not using the name DBSK.”

credits: allkpop & cassiopeialuv newsblog
written by: heartfacee

"They are now working on dramas, CF endorsements and also preparing themselves as solo singers."

i HATE that one sentence with all that I am.
"solo singers" .... i hate it so effin much....
I can't

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