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[TRANS] 04.05.10 Kim Jaejoong's "Kimchi Controversy"

Oh God this is nonsense. =__=

Last week, FujiTV did broadcast AnAn offshot before the release of the magazine with Jaejoong on cover. If you think the sexy actions of DBSK's lead vocal would shock people, you’re wrong.

In Korea, when you take a picture, the magic word that make you show your teeth to the photographer is “kimchi!”. And for those who saw AnAn offshot, I’m sure you didn’t miss Jaejoong cute “kimchi” pose.. or should I say: JJ cute “kimuchi” pose. Netizens didn’t miss this and spread their anger by feeding a new “kimchi-kimuchi” controversy.

Indeed, last summer, korean actor Jung WooSung had to apologize for misspelling “kimchi”, he wrote “kimuchi”, on japanese tv. Why is it so scandalous? Historically, Japan tried to have “kimuchi” as the official spelling of “kimchi” in english and made their own version.
(read “Japan Korea Kimchi Dispute” link:
For some netizens, it’s all about korean culture and identity. And others say that Jaejoong mispronounced it, or tried to be funny for Japanese medias. Let’s see what will happen next.”

source: Korean Press Cuts (Sportnews, Newsen, etc.)
summarized translation: kenoa @ sharingyoochun
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Jae has so much more serious matters to be worrying about.
This is ridiculous.
You can't write "kimchi" in Japanese people!
It's just an expression!
Plus, he was IN JAPAN. =____=
He doesn't need this.
I don't need this. =__=
And it's not even about me.

Always keep the faith.