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[NEWS] Dong Bang Shin Ki Fashion

Lately, in order to grab the attention of the girl that you like, men have had to start inspecting themselves, starting from their clothes. To women, even if the men are not exceptionally good-looking, they are still able to create a good impression as long as they dress appropriately and give a pleasant impression.So, what is the male fashion style that women prefer? An interest survey titled “If Only My Boyfriend Would Dress Like This As Well” was carried out. In order to help the women surveyed understand their choices better, celebrities who emulated the particular style was stated in the survey as well.The results of the survey were revealed and TVXQ’s “Metrosexual Style” was ranked 4th, with 13.84% of the votes. Coming back to Korea after 1 year and 7 months, TVXQ worked closely with various prestigious designers from all over the world to present a “metrosexual” dressing style on stage. It oozes sexiness and masculinity at the same time, attracting attention and support from many. This is also the reason that casual suits are very fashionable among young men now. The style not only makes one seem elegant and classy, it also exudes a sense of capability and suaveness, which makes the younger generation interested in it.Groups Big Bang and SHINee also got 1st and 5th position in the same survey respectively.

credits: copyright ACROFAN
chinese to english translation: Banana-chan@TVXQfever
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=DD Article on their style?
DBSK is by far the most stylish boy band in the world..
to Cassiopeia XD and their country ^_^
it was proven. leave them alone people who don't agree.
they look better than you. xD
Cassiopeia is biased.
Be prepared for that much.