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[NEWS] DBSK's 3rd Asia Tour Concert-MIROTIC; 36,000 tickets sold out in 15 minutes!

Seupocheuyeonyetim ( 2009-02-20 17:57:54

'Asia's star' DBSK years, 4 months in 1 in 36,000 female fans will hold a concert in Seoul.

Until 20 days from DBSK's 22 times by a total of 3 times daily between the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, DBSK THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC 'will be named on a concert.
Encore Concert in October 2007 after the last 1 years 4 months with a third concert tour of Asia is the first show.

Tickets The concert started 15 minutes after the 36,000 tickets sold was the case once again proved the popularity of DBSK.

20, a member of DBSK 12,000 per sign ttareumyeongak side of SM, the total of 36,000 tickets were sold to 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, DBSK THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC 'to celebrate the T-shirts, cookies, set, mobile phone straps, a wide variety of official products, such as stamp sets chulsidwae found at the concert will give the audience a variety of fun. (Photo News)

credits: dnbn & cassiopeialuv

AGHHH! The 1st touring was today! @__@
Lucky cassi in Asia...T^T
I wanna go too! WTH.
I promise myself I WILL attend a DBSK tour/concert one day.
Until then...Dong Bang Shin Ki, hwaiting!!!