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[NEWS] '주문 - MIROTIC' to be Banned, Again?

If you are like wondering WTF is wrong with them, you are definitely not alone. The local court in Seoul had ordered The Youth Protection Committee (under The Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs) to lift the ban on DBSK's 4th album Mirotic that had been imposed since December of last year for lewd content on 1st April. If you, like me, thought that was the end of the story, think again.

On the same day that the ruling was passed, The Youth Protection Committee fought back claiming that it would appeal against the decision and would be submitting the papers again to make sure that the ban stood. This past Thursday on 9th April, the committee had an emergency meeting and again came to a consensus that the lyrics of Mirotic were inappopriate for teenagers. They are now going to the High Court.

So it looks like this case isn't going to go away that easily. But what's the point really when most of their fans have already gotten their copy and it has been more than 6 months since the album was first released. Surely the ministy have better things to do? If you go to the ministry's website their slogan says 'realize a society where all people are healthy and happy'. They are certainly trying very hard.

There was good and bad news for fans of DBSK who took to the stage together with Shinee, Lee Min Woo, Yuri and Lee Ji Hoon for the 2009 Sparkling Concert in Seoul Spring. DBSK was the last to perform on the night and thanks to the lifting of the ban, fans were able to hear their idols perform Mirotic in its original form. Sadly, this could be the last time seeing DBSK perform the original version of Mirotic unless the appeal by The Youth Protection Committee fails to impress the High Court.

credits: AllKPop, extrafugly@DREAMiN & cassiopeialuv

Ok, first, what the hell.
Second, Korea is trying too hard.
Third, LSM won already! Let it go.
If that man doesn't have his way..there is going to be some issues.
I really don't see the point of trying so hard just to ban this one song.
It's DBSK. Please just leave their music alone, they have enough to deal with.
Changing a few words in the song is going to make no effing difference. -__-