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[NEWS] Round 1: DBSK Vs. SM Entertainment! Is This The End of DBSK?

Remember last month about the 'supposed false rumor' that DBSK//TVXQ was "breaking up"?
It seems the information might be true. O_O According a source (provided at request), it states that on July 31st, DBSK members or more specific, Xiah Junsu, YoongWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun filed an injuction against SM Entertainment in the Seoul Central District Court to remove the "non exclusivity clause" from their contract.

Leader, U-Know Yunho and Maknae, Choikang Changmin decided not to follow the others and file the injuction.

Basically, the other three members supposedly had meetings with a Chinese Cosmetics Company and launched a new cosmetic line called, CreBeau. They invested some of their own money and also in return recieved some lucrative gifts from the company as an incentive package for signing up and investing. Some of the rumored gifts were Micky's A'udi R8 and a townhouse for Xiah's parents.

SM Entertainment supposedly got wind of the news and because of the "exclusivity clause" in their contract, tried to prevent it from happening. Unhappy with this, and already unhappy because they feel they're being underpaid profit-wise for album sales, you can see why they're trying to terminate the "exclusivity clause" from their contracts. There's also a rumor that if an agreement isn't met, the three will be leaving the group for good. That's not I want to hear. O_O

SM Entertainment via phone to one of the Korean News Media Outlets stated that they are aware o the situation and the board of directors is having an emergency meeting and are discussing what to do. An official statement will be released soon.

From the lawyers representing Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun: The three lawyers have been discussing this for over 2 months. They have tried to settle with SM Entertainment through negotiations behind closed doors, but they broke down therefore the injuction. The contracts are for 13 years and the profit splits are 80% to SM Ent. and 20% to DBSK (divided by 5). The three are prepared to go to court and file a lawsuit if the clause isn't dropped.

credits: allkpop, maxmovie, starmt, sportsseoul and cassiopeialuv

Oh ghushgdfd! I just typed all that messing up in the process.
The article scared me. I hope everything is resolved and DBSK stays with us. >_<
*prays* Come on Cassi, pray with me. O___O