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[NEWS] Cassiopeian Shows DBSK Support on Music Bank

Last evening, most eyes were on MNet's annual 20s Choice Awards, but today, netizens are abuzz with a fan message supporting DBSK in the lawsuit controversy that aired on TV!

On last night's episode of KBS's Music Bank, fans were anticipating the return of Jewelry, excited about G-Dragon's first Heartbreaker victory and got a surprise dose of DBSK with it in the form of a placard from one of the audience members. As the Brown Eyed Girls wrapped up that night's performances with 'Abracadabra', the camera panned over the audience, lingering on an "I believe in DBSK" sign for two seconds. This has caused a great deal of talking amongst netizens.

Cassiopeians are really like no other - this is only one example of the support they've been giving their beloved group these past few weeks. As many of you know, fans collected signatures for six days (August 12-8), then submitted them in the form of an offline petition earlier on the 28th (1:30PM) to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea with a whopping count of 121,073 signatures. On the 20th, these signatures were also submitted to the Seoul District Courts. This petition expresses the fans' outrage against SME's so-called "13-year slave contract", including a claim that this exclusive contract is a violation of basic human rights and reveals the dark, corrupt side of one of Korea's top entertainment agencies.

credits: kimmey_09, kpoplover, YunhoGirl23 @allkpop & cassiopeialuv

I swear if I was in Korea i'd be helping all of Cassiopeia do something to show support.
Sadly i'm stuck in this horrid country until next year. Bleh.
Cassiopeia, saranghae!
Dong Bang Shin Ki, Miduh!
DBSK & Cassi, hwaiting! <3