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Welcome to 재재's Blog. =]

School started. How do you feel about that?
Ehh? x] Same same.

Uh...yeah, if you can't read those characters, sorry. >_<
But you'll be seeing more of it. Korean is pretty. ^^
I should find music to share with you all...
and post translations to the songs as well haha.

Good luck in AP Eng this year. =)

The Music currently is Big Bang's "하루하루" (Day by Day)


Leave ...

Yeah, Finally I realized that I am nothing without you

I was so wrong, forgive me

Ah ah ah ah~

[Verse 1; GD + TOP] My broken hearts like a wave

My shaken hearts like the wind

My heart vanished like smoke

It can't be removed like a tattoo

I sighed deeply as if a ground is going to cave in

Only dusts are piled up in my mind (say goodbye)

[GD Rap] Yeah, I thought I wouldn't be able to live even one day without you

But somehow I managed to live on (longer) than I thought

You don't answer anything as I cry out "I miss you"

I hope for a vain expectation but now it's useless

[TOP Rap] What is it about that person next to you, did he make you cry?

Dear can you even see me, did you forget completely?

I am worried, I feel anxiety because I can't get close nor try to talk to you

I spend long nights by myself, erasing my thoughts a thousand times

[Chorus] Don't look back and leave

Don't find me again and live (on)

Because I have no regrets from loving you, take only the good memories

I can bear it in some wayI can stand in some way

You should be happy if you are like this

I become dull day by day (eh eh eh eh)

Oh girl I cry, cry

You're my all, say goodbye...

[Verse 2; SR + DS] If we pass by each other on the street

Act like you didn't see me and go the way you were walking to

If you keep thinking about our past memories

I might go look for you secretly

[GD] Always be happy with him, (so) I won't ever get a different mind

Even smallest regret won't be left out ever

Please live well as if I should feel jealous

[TOP] You should always be like that bright sky, like that white cloud

Yes, you should always smile like that as if nothing happened

[Repeat Chorus]

[Bridge; DS & SR] I hope your heart feels relieved

Please forget about me and live (on)

Those tears will dry completely

As time passes by

[YB] It would've hurt less if we didn't meet at all (mm)

Hope you will bury our promise of being together forever baby

I pray for you

[Repeat Chorus]

Oh girl I cry, cry

You're my all, say goodbye, bye

Oh my love don't lie, lie

You're my heart, say goodbye...

Here's the artists of the song. =]


goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

It's Kay-TER said...

LOL lysa I found your page!
I am cool

Jeann S. said...

lol. am i gonna need one of those language converters too see the korean words?
anyway...big bang is cool. lmfao.
even i would know that, isn't that suprising?