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Pissed Post -_-

All you "too-american" people, listen up.
I am now promoting 보아 (BoA) along with many many MANY other fans.
Either you help spread her, or go elsewhere.
I'm not even using my usual color because i'm annoyed. -_-
I hate it when people go,
"'s not my style."
"I don't understand it..." <-- FYI, the songs are in english now.
"I listen to music in America since i'm from here."
BLAH! Who cares?!

Give other stars a stupid chance.

You're NOT better than them.

Stars from other places are just as good as people from America.
Actually, in my opinion, THEY'RE BETTER.

If you're about to say something to me, shut up, just shut the hell up.
I don't want to hear your "blah blah no they're not" crap.

Asians deserve a chance in America and I hate the fact that none of the stars here are asian.
There ARE the couple but they're all actors/actresses.
AND they play stupid idiots or poor people or a dead person or tiny minor roles or maids, etc.
You get what I mean.

Why should Asia give anything to America when they're not being fair in return?
You use Asia's products. Electronics, clothing, foods, etc.
Maybe that's why we keep all the better things to Asia. Screw you fools.
You're missing out on talent. You're missing out on everything.

To those who don't care, goodbye.
To those who hate, go die.
To those who will help, welcome.
To those who become fans, thank you.

The Next Post Will Be Promotion Time.