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[INFO] DBSK's History of Success

Debuting on December 23rd 2003, 동방신기 has gained enormous popularity and supporters. Starting out with the bubblegum pop single, 'HUG', these guys were the 1st to sell so many debut singles.
This list consists of their success throughout the 4-5 years of fame but it's not complete...for that would be too many to type up. @_@

_TVXQ!'s 2nd Korean album, Rising Sun, ranked #1 on the monthly charts and #4 for the yearly sales.

_At the end of the 2005, TVXQ! received the Best Music Video award for the song "Rising Sun" and the People's Choice Award at the 2005 Mnet KM Music Video Festival.

_TVXQ! was the first Asian group to win two Thailand Music Awards for both Best Music Video ("Rising Sun") and Favorite Asian Artist. They also won the Popular Vote Asia Artist award at the Virgin Hits Awards 2006 in Thailand.

_TVXQ! has topped both the Japanese and Korean charts on the Malaysian radio show "988" twice with their singles "Begin" and "The Fighting Spirit Of The East"; the show has an audience of about 4.2 million listeners, reaching as far as Singapore.

_TVXQ!'s 3rd Korean album "O"- Jung. Ban.Hap. became the highest ranking Korean album in sales overall for 2006, with over 385,000 copies sold in South Korea as of December 2007.

_ TVXQ!'s All About TVXQ DVD became the best-selling DVD for 2006 in South Korea, with sales of 47,186 copies surpassing movies and shows.

_At 2006 MKMF Music Festival, TVXQ! won four awards including Best Group and Artist of the Year. At the 16th Music Seoul Festival, they won three awards including Daesang, equivalent to Artist of the Year followed by another Daesang at the 21st Golden Disk Awards 2006, in addition to a Bonsang. Lastly, they also picked up awards at the SBS Gayo Awards 2006 in which they were awarded the prominent title of Daesang and Bonsang.

_12th Japanese single "Summer Dream" debuted as #1 and with sales of 112,771 copies in a week.

_TVXQ! represented Korea on MTV's Video Music Awards Japan and won the 'Best Buzz Asia in Korea' award on May 26th, 2007.

_TVXQ! was voted as the "President of the Republic of Korean Music" among 30 other candidates by netizens. Because of this win, MTV and Boombox declared December 23 as “TVXQ Day.”

_In Thailand, TVXQ had the highest foreign artists sales of 114,027 for 2007, while their single "SHINE" was #1 of the “Top 10 of No.1 on Year Chart 2007” charts by Channel V Thailand.

_16th Japanese single "Purple Line" topped the Oricon Weekly Chart during the week of its release, becoming the group's first #1 on the weekly charts in Japan; TVXQ became the 1st foreign male group to accomplish this feat.

_22nd Japanese single, "Beautiful You / Sennen Koi Uta (千年恋うた‎‎)" debuted at number 1 on the Oricon daily and weekly chart, becoming TVXQ's 3rd single to reach that position on the daily charts and 2nd single to reach that position in the weekly chart. TVXQ! thus became the 2nd non-Japanese Asian artist to do so, the first being Taiwanese artist Ouyang Feifei (歐陽菲菲), 24 years and 5 months ago.

_TVXQ! ended their 2nd Asia Tour with a performance for over 200,000 fans.

_TVXQ!'s 2nd live tour in Japan, "Five in the Black", during 2007 drew crowds of 55,000.

_TVXQ!'s 3rd live tour in Japan, "T", during 2008 drew crowds of 150,000. (17 concerts in 8 cities.)

_A total of 390,000 audience members attended their concerts~!

_On July 22, 2008, TVXQ became the 1st non-Japanese Asian artist to have 3 number one hits on the weekly Oricon singles chart, when their single " Why Did I Fall In Love With You? (どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?) attained the number 1 position with weekly sales of 68,000 copies.

_ 4th Korean album entitled "MIROTIC" was released on September 26th, 2008; it was originally scheduled for release on September 24th, but was delayed due to the high amount of pre-orders of 300,000 albums. Over 350,000 copies of the album were sold on the first day of release, including the pre-order sales. At present time, almost 190,000 copies of album were sold except online sales.

_Two days after its launch in music stores, "Mirotic" rose on music sale charts. According to Hanteo charts, the CD-only version of “Mirotic” has sold 90,000 copies as of September 30. It has risen to #1 on the weekly and monthly charts. The album has also topped Hot Tracks, Yes24, and other music sale charts.
_TVXQ! won the ASIA'S TOP SINGER AWARD at 5th Asian Song Festival on 4th October.

And...the success shall continue throughout history...♥