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[NEWS] DBSK on the Same Stage as Japan's Top Artists

DBSK on the Same Stage as Japan's Top Artists, "NHK 2008"

Popular group DBSK will be on the same stage as Japan's top artists in this year's NHK's "Love Song 2008.

"DBSK will attend NHK on the 14th of November for their live event "Love Song 2008."

NHK's annual broadcast concert "Love Song" is a stage where Japan's top artists perform. During last year's "2007 Love Song," BoA's performance attracted the eyes of many Korean fans. This time, DBSK is appearing as the Hallyu star, testing their popularity in Japan.

DBSK's 24th single "Mirotic," which released in October, placed #1 in the weekly Oricon charts again, marking the fourth time their single placed #1 in the weekly Oricon charts. DBSK's popularity cannot be denied.

According to a worker at SM Entertainment, "To prepare for the performance that day, DBSK will fly to Japan on the 14th. To show everyone their best side, they are working hard in preparations." "Love Song 2008", in which DBSK will be making their appearance, will broadcast for 80 minutes live at 10 PM on the 14th.

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