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[TRANS] TVXQ! Makes History


Currently the ones shining in Korea and Asia is DBSK. DBSK's 4th album MIROTIC has taken over the number one spot in Korea, Japan, Thailand and etc. Last October DBSK took 1st place in weekly Oricon chart and had highest album sales for foreign artists in Thailand.

DBSK on the 15th in "2008 M.Net KM Music Festival" had won ALBUM of the Year, the highest Daesang, as well as took over the BIG5 awards even with the long out of country activites, without a shake, and without a doubt. They have once again took over the title of Korea's Best Idol Group and have proven this so.

On the 20th in the Hanteo Charts, DBSK 4th album hit 300,000 album sales. SM.ENT company has announced, however, that they have reached 360,000 currently.
(T/N: HANTEO charts updates are slower.)

With the current state of digital sales being over album sales, DBSK's ability to sell over 300,000 album is truly amazing and meaningful. This year has been the best year for artists/idols passing 100,000 album sales, with Kim Dong-Yul, Big Bang, Brown Eyes, Seo Taiji and more passing record sales of 100,000, the amount of sales for DBSK has surpassed even this.

In reality, the image of idol group is not that of an artist, but just singers with visual looks. Because of this idol group's music are considered not sophisticated enough among korean music fans.

However this is not the case for DBSK. For DBSK, starting with their debut in 2004, all of their 4 albums sales have been around 300,000.


Korean music critic Mr. Kim said that DBSK has the most loyal fans among any idol groups and this is why they were able to accomplish this even during the hard hit time when album sales were worst for singers in 2004.

Kim said "DBSK's fans, instead of going with the new digital sales, stay with purchasing albums very strictly, and through this they show that believe and know that to support their favorate artist and to show their respect, purchasing the album is the best way to support them."
(Tehee..I am a loyal supporter. I purchase the albums.)

By buying albums Korean fans and music lovers show that they really appreciate and agree that the quality of the music is in high standards.

Kim said "Big Bang and Wonder Girls debuted around time when digital sales were normal and DBSK had debuted around time when album sales were still popular. So the fans know, are used to, and understand more how important purchasing albums are and they stick with tradition."

And DBSK does not just have fans in the 10's but also all throughout the 30's. Because they have a wide age range in fans, it helps their albums sell more, especially since image of a more mature and manly DBSK has appealed to fans in the 20's as well.


DBSK are able to gain popularity not just in korea because they are a group with everything: image, vocals, and dance skills. This is a rare case. Starting from their debut, DBSK has always shown the most powerful stage performances with lives. Starting 3 years ago, DBSK had been doing small concerts in Japan to get used to stepping into areas of unfamiliarity. Their live performances are the best. Their tall bodies and idol facial images is what DBSK adds to their talents.

Music critic Im Jin Mo has said "In DBSK's case, their image and performance as well as music has nothing for the critics to pick on. We can't really find a bad point about them to bash about. Especially with this 4th album - it has helped DBSK and people to realize how much DBSK appeals to fans all over Korea and Asia."

KIM "The reason DBSK is being accepted as artists in Japan even with their idol looks is because of their skills." "There are no idol groups in Japan that has everything from looks, great vocals and perfect dance performaces, this is why DBSK appeals to them. They are filling that empty spot for the Japanese fans."

Kim Ki Woong (MNET CP) "DBSK is a group that has surpassed the 1st generation idols H.O.T."


Reason is DBSK's stubborness. Many idols currently are busy doing solo work as well as unit groups, but DBSK has never publicly done solo works.

Unit performances can definitely help the group to gain more popularity among various categories in the entertainment industry, but this can also bring negative effect to the groups. Also the image of solo work can get in way with the image of the members in groups as a whole too.

SM ENTERTAINMENT has said "DBSK will not be doing any SOLO work in the future or neither do we have any plans for it" "DBSK is a group that puts GROUP and TEAM first. "

"DBSK is like fusion food. You can put them anywhere in Asia and they will still be on top."
- Their vocal stills are really great. They have surpassed the past image of idols. They also are very good at keeping their group image. Since their debut I have never seen their image crumble and this is rare to see a group that have kept their image well this long... The reason why they were able to do this is because DBSK members are a very hard working group and they don't give up. They must be extremely tired with their schedule but I've never seen them show their weak side ever. Even when I meet them to have a conversation during recording, they always show high energy.

"They are an idol's dream as well as an idol's end."
(T/N: meaning they are what all idols wish to be what they dream about, and DBSK will end the idol world themselves meaning they will carry their fame till the end.)
DBSK's performance, charisma, music, and visual image are best. They've shown a lot more relaxation onstage recently but their performance energy has gotten bigger. Are there any groups that can compare their talents with DBSK right now?

"DBSK is Korea's representing idols because they are the highest idols of our country. They are at the top of the peak."DBSK has surpassed the image of the 1st generation H.O.T. Their performance and music has been upgraded. Especially DBSK'S MIROTIC-Jumun; there are no groups or singers that can actually be able to do this music and actually make it look good as DBSK does. Their 'pose' on stage isn't something you can joke around about.

credits: SPN eDaily & extrafugly@DREAMiN & cassiopeialuv
translations: virvir111@Soompi & Slight Edits For Understanding By clicheterms@LJ