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[NEWS] DBSK & BoA to Participate in Japanese Movie - "Subaru"

BoA and TVXQ will participate in the Japanese Movie "Subaru"
ChoSun 2009-01-22 09:41

TVXQ, BoA and Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace will participate in the Japan-Korea-Hong Kong joint movie Subaru through music.

Popular mangaka Masahiro Soda is the original creator of the same title "Subaru" about a ballet genius growing through the film, a variety of OSTs is expected to be used. BoA doubling in the US will have her song "Eat You Up" as the background music of the film. Some of CSJH's "Dear" mini-album is also inserted in the movie.

TVXQ recently released in Japan their 25th single, on of the main theme songs of the movie. Top star of Japan Koda Kumi will also participate in the film movie.

Subaru the movie will star 'One Missed Call Final' and 'Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru' Best Actress Kuroki Meisa. South Korea's leading actress, Go Ara, will play the role of the friend and rival ballerina and they will have a confrontational showdown. TVXQ will be appearing through a surprise cameo act.

Subaru will be released in Japan on March, whilst release in Korea is yet to be announced. The film will launch Ara's Japan advances.

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credits: fangirlmitz & cassiopeialuv

Hmm...i'm thinking of watching this when it releases.
It sounds pretty interesting and it has awesome music
as part of the OST.
What more can I ask for? XD
Japanese movie, korean artist's music, DBSK featured in someway...weee~