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[PHOTOS] A China Fanboy's Room~!

OMG right now. XD This is a fanBOY's room!
Even my room isn't like this!
Half of my things are kept safe and off the dangerous walls. O_O
Overtime, walls can get dangerous and life-threatening to poor posters. @_@
This is one fanboy I would love to meet. xD
Rare to find fanboys.

^ so many~ my mom would choke me if I even wanted to put
all of mine up. -__-

^ Cassi, wouldn't you girls love to meet this boy?! xD

^ ok now, remember this a BOY'S room. LOL this is adorable.
he's not scared to use such a frame to frame our Yoochunnie. XD

^ i'm gonna go with Yoochun's his favorite. lol
bah...this is so neatly decorated it feels like a girl did it. XD
way to go chinese fanboy! or should i say, 'China Cassiopeian' ^__^

credits: HERObaidu, fangirlmitz & cassiopeialuv


Jeann said...

without reading & just looking at the pics, it really seemed like these posters up on the walls belonged to an obsessed girl.
never thought a dude would have a love for DBSK, not like that at least, lol.

Jeann said...

show them selves?
well, think about it.
I think the fanboys are afraid of revealing themselves then get beaten up by those crazy anti-fanboy people. That's just what I came up with.