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[NEWS] DBSK Gets 'VIP Treatment' in Japan

TVXQ participated in the Meiji Jingu Fireworks Summer Event held in Tokyo, Shinjuku. The staff working at the event covered the passage that lead the members to the stage with black material so the members would not feel disorientated by the fireworks.

According to Japan’s Daily Sports newspaper, “So that the five members, including Junsu(23), Jejung(23), and Yuchun(23) who filed a lawsuit against SM, would not feel disoriented or panicked by everything, the staff at the event covered the passage leading to the stage with black material and gave the members ‘VIP Treatment’.” It also said, “After all five of them said, ‘Hello, We are TVXQ!’ in unison, they sang seven songs straight without wavering.”

Japan’s Mainichi newspaper said, “According to TVXQ’s Japanese agency Avex, all five of them will be participating in the ‘a-nation 09′ performances on the 22~23 in Tokyo and the 29~30th in Osaka as planned.”

source: [chosun + DNBN]
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Hehe...DBSK is special.
Good job Japan! ^__^
You make Cassiopeia happy.
But Jesus Christ, SEVEN songs in a row?
O__O What part of "You are tired." don't you guys get?
I'm about to go find DBSK and make them sleep for a week xD