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[NEWS!!] Dong Bang Shin Ki possibly leaving SM Entertainment?

The future of idol group DBSK is uncertain. DBSK's 3 members (Micky YooChun, Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong Jaejoong) and SM's trouble is too deep. Although they state that there will be no disbandment, in reality, disbandment is more than likely. Even if they avoid the worst case scenario, disbandment, it feels like their departure of SM is set.

On the third, a acquaintance of the 3 members said, "settlement with SM has been tried multiple times. But their differences couldn't be settled. The reason this went to court is because they couldn't find a point to settle." Thus, they concluded that more attempts for negotiations was useless.

The acquaintance that the reporter met is someone who has watched over DBSK very closely. He has experienced all ups and downs since debut until now. According to him, DBSK advocated for only one thing. They wanted conditions of the contract to be eased. However, it has gotten to a point where the conversations between the two parties have gone nowhere.

He stated, "they asked for the contract term and earnings distribution to be revised because everyone could tell it was irrational. They attempted to negotiate until the end but they felt that SM was avoiding them. Therefore, things got emotional for both parties and the 3 members are even more angry with SM's response."

"The truth about the 3 things that SM distorted."

After the initial reports about this incident, SM sent documents on the 1st and the 3rd. On the first, they reported that this problem was due to the makeup company investment and they will work it out. After the contract conditions were reported, they responded that members were paid 11 billion Won and were given foreign cars as presents.

In response to this, he stated, "the nature of this instance is the unfair contract, not the make up company. However, SM has not mentioned the contract conditions and have continued to use make up company issues to play with the media."

He also criticized abnormal methods of calculating methods. According to him, "SM requested money for back dancers and food. Basically, almost all of the expenses were paid for by DBSK." He added, "besides this, SM created a local subsidiary and divided the earnings of DBSK into pieces. For example, SM Japan and Avex divided earnings, and this was also divided with Korean SM. With complex divisions, the money for the members were reduced.

Also, he stated that the foreign cars were given to them under the company's name. "They received cars from SM after an award ceremony. However, the cars were registered in SM's name and is not owned by DBSK."

"The three members are as tired as they can get."

According to this acquaintance, the three members of DBSK are tired of SM's play with the press. They have no intention to solve this with mere words, and are extremely upset that SM is exaggerating only one side of the story, distorting the truth. He said, "they expected SM to twist words with the press but didn't realize it would be to this extent. If SM continues this method, I think it would be nearly impossible to work together with SM again. I suspect that they will part with SM and try to find a different solution to settle this.

Their departure from SM does not bean the disbandment of DBSK. He asserts that there is no problems in relationships between all the members. They are still like family and agree that in any situations, they must work together. He said, "Truthfully, all five had the same intentions. But in the process of negotiations, there was differences between the members. That is why only 3 members decided to fight with their company. They all agree that the contract conditions are irrational, it is just that their way of handling it is different."

"DBSK will continue even after departure with SM."

Micky YooChun, Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong Jaejoong's will is stronger than ever. The acquittance reported that, "the 3 members are showing stronger wills than before debut. The three members are determined to stick together no matter what hardships come their way."

They are also determined to get back together as 5 members under the name DBSK. He revealed, "even if the 3 members leave SM through lawsuit, this only means departure from SM. This does NOT mean the disbandment of DBSK. It may be after the 2 remaining members leave, or if they perform from 2 different companies; the 5 want to continue with DBSK."

Well then, if 3 members leave SM, would they still be able to use the name 'DBSK.' Upon researching in the Industrial Property Office, the group name 'DBSK' is not registered. SM registered for DBSK trademark in 2004 but was denied. In other words, SM does NOT have the right to the name 'DBSK.'

credits: Song Eun Ju & Na Ji Yeon@Sports Seoul
translations: j.adore@soompi

what the hell is this?!
I wasn't waiting to hear this...this isn't what Cassi needs to hear!
I want them to be with the SM family...T___T
Lee Soo Man, you are the worse man on this earth for doing this.
How greedy can an old guy get?!
What the eff do you need all their HARD EARNED money for?!
Give the three guys what they want! It won't hurt you, you fool.
You'll still be making loads of money. The problem can so easily be solved yet
you're off in France making wine that no one will buy from you!
Go die. Really. Drop dead.

Dong Bang Shin Ki, hwaiting! Cassiopeia is STILL behind you!
One Hundred Percent.