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[NEWS] SM Entertainment Speaks Up

SM Ent. recently made an announcement that the boys are actually getting 4:6 (40% DBSK / 60% SM Ent.) of the profits. During the last 5 years, DBSK has earned about 49.8 billion won which is equal to a bit more than 40 million USD. From this amount, 22.4 billion won (a bit more than 18 million USD) was subtracted for the expenses SME invested in the group. From the remaining 27.4 billion won (a bit more than 22 million USD), the profits were divided 4:6.

SM Ent. stated "Right now the profits are split DBSK 40%, SM 60%. From the 27.4 billion won, 10.1 billion won (almost 9 million USD) goes to DBSK and 16.4 billion won (a bit more than 13 million USD) goes to SM Ent." Furthermore, it was mentioned that for overseas activities, DBSK earned 70% of the profits while SM Ent. made 30%. This included all events, festivities, and commercials.

However, members Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong said,
"The calculations of the profits are too vague. We cannot trust it."

SM Ent. also explained the reasoning behind the 13 year contract with DBSK. They stated "We were taking overseas activities into consideration when we were making the contract. We were thinking about 3-4 years in Korea, 3-4 years in Japan, and 3-4 years in China."

credits: allkpop & cassiopeialuv

Jesus Christ. I don't trust SM so...
I'm gonna stick on DBSK's side.
Until the fight is over, DBSK, hwaiting!
Rawr. Ihateyou SM Ent.


Anonymous said...

i always stay by dbsk side. please, im only can trust the only one and that is micky yuchun. i love him so so much.