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[NEWS] DBSK Rejects Rumors of Disbandment

Excellent news for any Cassiopeians out there - according to an interview on August 31st with the Japanese paper Goodday Sports, DBSK has expressed no plans or intentions to disband despite the lawsuit controversy with SM Ent. Though this bit of information started circulating once the controversy had cooled a bit, it's nice to hear this coming from the mouths of the five members themselves.

In the interview, the quintet expressed their excitement for their growing popularity in Japan. Leader, Yunho felt that their fan count was increasing; the Tokyo Dome concert was a success and the recent video release has become a hot issue. They also discussed international plans in coming months and rejected rumors of disbandment. "[We hope that] all five members can attend the end of the year music programmes," Yunho expressed during the interview in reference to Kohaku in Japan & Gayo Daejun//Music Festivals in Korea. Junsu later added, "following this, all five members will continue to do activities together. We want to grow with our fans."

Furthermore, each member, including those involved in the legal dispute, gave a reassuring message to fans:

Changmin: Please be careful not to get too tired this summer.
Yunho: To everyone who couldn’t manage to come this year, let’s enjoy it together with Tohoshinki next year!
Junsu: I want to do many more activities with fans in the future. Please look forward to it.
Jaejoong: I really want to do next year a-nation again really soon. I want to enjoy the stage with these five members again.
Yoochun: We want to perform a lot of songs in the future. We want to sing. That’s all.

Indeed, DBSK's activities in Japan are still in full swing and there's no indication of major impediments anytime soon. Earlier this month, DBSK performed in avex's a-nation, their fifth appearance on this annual summer concert tour. Jaejoong and Yoochun, though both involved in the legal controversy, are still scheduled to be featured in M-Flo's 'Been So Long' and to release their own song on the 30th. Yunho is busy filming for Heading to the Ground, and Changmin is filming in his star role for Paradise Meadow.

The fact that group activities are on hold right now for the pursuit of solo activities seems to be unrelated to the lawsuit. "Even if we have these various activities for each member, we'd like to keep rising with everyone, together," Junsu explained. Yunho promised to meet again at next year's a-nation as well.

However, it's not like DBSK is avoiding Korea - in fact, all five members returned to their home country yesterday morning (Aug 31), though there aren't any major schedule plans revealed yet. Furthermore, DBSK will be holding a concert in Shanghai on October 2. With such an ambitious, pan-Asian schedule ahead of them, the rumors of disbandment now seem quite unlikely - fans, take a deep breath! Hopefully everything works out and they come back stronger than before.

sources: Star News, Newsen, 銘記, xiahyu-ri
translation:, sharingyoochun@wordpress &
credits: allkpop & cassiopeialuv

I can breathe....finally T____T
It's definitely nice hearing it from the guys themselves.
Wah...I probably can regain my appetite for awhile now O_o
Dong Bang Shin Ki, hwaiting!