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[INFO] Tohoshinki 4th Album: 'The Secret Cord' Tracklisting

The track list for The Secret Code was released today. =]
About half and half for new and old songs:

● Beautiful You
● どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(Doushite Kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou?/Why Did I Fall in Love With You?)
● 呪文 -MIROTIC-
● Bolero
● Survivor(3月11日発売シングル収録楽曲)
● FORCE (新曲)
● Nobody Knows(新曲)
● ウィーアー!(新曲)
● (TAXI(新曲)
● 9095(新曲)

credits: extrafugly @ DREAMiN & cassiopeialuv

There's a total of 14 tracks or so it says so...
i'm guessing there's a few more hidden song titles somewhere. x]
We'll have to wait for that. =D
I wonder what they'll be...O_O
There will be 3 versions of this album and..I want the most expensive one. just has a lot of stuff so...I want it? The more the better for a Cassiopeian, eh? =D
Well, i'm looking forward to the tour. They'll gain too much of an audience as usual haha.
I'll go one day. I will. ^^


[INFO] New Single: "Survivor" & 4th Japanese Album: "The Secret Cord"

◆ March 11 Monday, single "Survivor" Bigeast limited release CD single decision ◆

◆ March 3 Monday, album "The Secret Code" Bigeast limited ◆

Book sales period, will be starting from 2009 Thursday, January 29.

Just to follow-up ^^

For the Oricon Chart =]

THE SECRET CORD or (The Secret Code)

credits: fangirlmitz & cassiopeialuv

E-yahhh~! XD
'Survivor' made me think of Destiny's Child but lol
I'm looking forward to interesting title
'The Secret Cord'
wonder what's in store for us this time. =D
won't be disappointed. i know that much. ^___^


[INFO] All About DBSK Season 3~!

[[Click For Full Image]]

The dvd is in the highlighted yellow heart. =]

According to the Saipan account, there's LOTS of interesting games and surprises in store for us in the season.

credits: shikonira, fangirlmitz & cassiopeialuv

Oh my God yay~! xD *dances around*
I love the AADBSK dvds. =D
Season 1 and 2 were awesome~ let's see what season 3 has in store for us..
the feeling has come...
this is going to be a good year =]]


[NEWS] SM Entertainment Artists Barred from KBS Music Bank Indefinitely

BoA, DBSK, SHINee, etc. will not be appearing on KBS Music Bank indefinitely after SM Entertainment was served with a notice from KBS this month. This apparently was because of DBSK's no-show at KBS Gayo Daechuk last year. (2008)

DBSK was in Japan for the final 2 days of 2008 as they had to attend the TBS Japan Record Awards and the 59th Kohaku Uta Gassen 2008 respectively and thus couldn’t attend KBS and MBC gayo festivals. But in the process, there was a breakdown in communications between SM Entertainment and KBS resulting in Shinee, Super Junior, etc missing KBS Gayo Daechuk as well.

Competition was fierce to get singers to appear at the year-end gayo festivals for the 3 respective major broadcasters, SBS, KBS and MBC. KBS was probably incensed to see BoA and DBSK appearing at Festival S (SBS gayo festival) but not appearing at theirs. As a form of punishment, KBS has thus decided to prohibit SM artistes from appearing on Music Bank indefinitely.

The worst hit SM artists at the moment must be SNSD who made their comeback recently with their Gee mini-album. They were originally scheduled to make a grand comeback on Music Bank on 9th January. But it was shelved at the very last moment on 8th January and the girls had to make their comeback a day later instead on Music Core M! Countdown, leaving them with only Music Core and Inkigayo.

The ban was initially dismissed by SM Entertainment who said that the girls wanted more time to prepare and so their Music Bank comeback was delayed to 16th January. But it was strange that they would say that since it was only a day later before they would appear on Music Core. But fans didn’t make too much fuss over it since Shinee was on the 9th January episode of Music Bank. But after seeing SHINee and SNSD missing from the 16th January Music Bank line-up, the ban looks like it’s being enforced by KBS.

In an interview with a Music Bank PD, “Currently, SM Entertainment artistes are only barred from appearing on KBS Music Bank. It will not affect their apperrances on other shows on the KBS network. The ban is indefinite.”

There were also talks that TaeYeon of SNSD was actually considered by KBS to take over from the outgoing Seo In Young as the MC of Music Bank. But the ban effectively puts an end to that and announcer Park Eun Young will take over Seo In Young instead from today’s episode onwards.

credits: Coolsmurf @Wordpress

Ooh~ this sucks..what the hell. -__-
Was KBS that mad the guys couldn't make it?
Hello! They had to be at another show in Japan.
Give them a break? Japan is basically their 2nd home.
Yet KBS goes and bans all SM artists.
That's hardly fair. =.=
Poor SM people...~
Although I personally do not like SNSD, this sucks for them as well.
Just when they're about to make a comeback, they're banned from appearing on
the show. Sad, eh?

[NEWS] DBSK & BoA to Participate in Japanese Movie - "Subaru"

BoA and TVXQ will participate in the Japanese Movie "Subaru"
ChoSun 2009-01-22 09:41

TVXQ, BoA and Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace will participate in the Japan-Korea-Hong Kong joint movie Subaru through music.

Popular mangaka Masahiro Soda is the original creator of the same title "Subaru" about a ballet genius growing through the film, a variety of OSTs is expected to be used. BoA doubling in the US will have her song "Eat You Up" as the background music of the film. Some of CSJH's "Dear" mini-album is also inserted in the movie.

TVXQ recently released in Japan their 25th single, on of the main theme songs of the movie. Top star of Japan Koda Kumi will also participate in the film movie.

Subaru the movie will star 'One Missed Call Final' and 'Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru' Best Actress Kuroki Meisa. South Korea's leading actress, Go Ara, will play the role of the friend and rival ballerina and they will have a confrontational showdown. TVXQ will be appearing through a surprise cameo act.

Subaru will be released in Japan on March, whilst release in Korea is yet to be announced. The film will launch Ara's Japan advances.

trans: fangirlmitz
credits: fangirlmitz & cassiopeialuv

Hmm...i'm thinking of watching this when it releases.
It sounds pretty interesting and it has awesome music
as part of the OST.
What more can I ask for? XD
Japanese movie, korean artist's music, DBSK featured in someway...weee~


[INFO] Korean Cassiopeian's Views on 'MIROTIC' Chinese Version

칩 대위창민 - Chinese is really ... ... very difficult. If it's Japanese, we are still able to hum along, but for Chinese, how are we going to sing it?! China people are really amazing ... ...

샤옹샤옹 - The lyrics is going to be banned again, it's even more powerful than Japan and Korea versions.

티 아라나 - They used English for the rap part ... ... The lyrics is very poetic, even though i have done lots of practices, i still unable to sing along, i wish to listen to the full version of the Chinese version ... ...

슈퍼리어 - I've read abit of it and why is it so funny? (PS: This fan had read the Chinese words in accordance with Korean.)

티오에쵸 - The rap part is all in English, but the lyrics is very meaningful ... ...촵 웃김 - Lyrics ... ... It totally give me a very deep impression ... ... If the boys are able to sing it openly like this in our country with this kind of lyrics, that would be great.

샤쵸롭한 촵호제 - Chinese version ... ... The pronunciation is very tough. The lyrics totally fits the intentions ... ... Will the lyrics being banned? Wow ... ... Please reveal it as soon as possible ... ... Chinese version is so amazing ... ... Extremely powerful ... ...

날라리YJ - It's so tough ... ... The pronunciation is full of passion, awwwww ... ... The notes are even more able to draw people ... ...

Spellbound - The rap is in English ... ... The lyrics is terrific ... ... It totally makes people obey unconditionally.

BADA - Ah ... ... It's really awesome.

씨앗 - Chinese lyric version ... ... Woo Wow ... ...

퍼 플리쉬 - So the pronunciation of "Na" is actually means "那(that)", i still thought that why are there so many "I" in the lyrics. (In Korean, "I" is pronunced as "NA")

설잎녹차 - Just as expected, the lyrics ... ...

쓰나 - The rap part seems to have the same meaning as Sara Corner's Under My Skin.

콩 깍지 - Chinese lyrics version, woo wow ... ... To compare ours with the Chinese lyrics, ours is so much weaker, if the boys are able to sing it openly in our country with such lyrics, that would be great, hehe.

촹촹하고화샤하게 - The Chinese lyrics is more able to emphasize on the bad boy feel.

완콩 - Chinese lyrics ... ... Absolutely mystical.

깜별 - Totally speechless ... ...

쵸 레로 - The lyrics for the rap part ... ... At first i still thought that it would be in Chinese, but it turn out to be in English.

Lell - Oh, the rap part is not in Chinese, the Chinese version really have the feel of Spell, when i first listen to it, nothing is more charm than this.

팔랑개비 - Compare with korean, the expression is even more undisguised. It totally give me the feeling that they are trying to smash the Youth Association up ... ...1

뿐짓동방 - It had expressed as if there is some spell on it, totally seems to have open sexual ... ...

쁘띠 - Let me conquer you ... ... Come on come on ... ...

JJ의이쁜이 - What a addictive lyrics ... ... When i saw "Hug" this word in the lyrics, it remind me of Hug Chinese version.

credits: DEMON仙一族, HERObaidu, fangirlmitz & cassiopeialuv

Yah...i love it. Love their responses. xD
Personally, I still love the korean version better but this has
a correct feeling to it. The japanese one to me was a little weird. x]
This just totally shows that the guys don't give a crap about
the Youth Committee in Korea. XD They're still using 'under my skin~'
which sounds so much better than freaking...'under my sky'.
Wth kinda line is that for lyrics? It doesn't even make sense with the song.
Could've at least used 'under my spell'? -__-
People sometimes just piss me off for the most stupid reasons. lol
don't mind my views on things. x]
Well, dbsk, you guys keep doing what you're doing and cassi will support.
I can guarantee you that. ♥

[NEWS] Cassiopeia vs. VIPs & Wonderfuls

credits: as tagged.
YAH! Wtf kinda news is this?
I can see why Cassi is upset. I'm one of them. -__-
I'm a VIP and Wonderful too but
you don't see me buying tickets and then cancelling them. =.=
What they're doing is wrong...even if its "free decision"!
This is gonna cause another issue with the fan bases...ef it all. =___=
yah yah, i'm pissed. can't think anymore.
Cassiopeia demands an apology and I wanna see it.
Cassi will take revenge through "free decision" just the same if they
don't get what they want.


[PHOTO] 영웅재중 (YoongWoong//Hero Jaejoong) & His Biological Sister

[[Click Image For Full Size]]

credits: as tagged, 箫月灵_佳@YJBaidu, fangirlmitz & cassiopeialuv

Omo...they're definitely biolgical. ^__^
I wonder how Jaejoong feels having 9 sisters total
and being the only boy in the family.
Yet, he lives a successful life worries I guess.
I would be proud if I were his little sister. =D

Do you see the similarites between the two? ^^
His other sisters are just gorgeous girls.
Now you see where he got his prettiness from.

I wonder if his specs have lenses in them this time. XD


[PHOTOS] A China Fanboy's Room~!

OMG right now. XD This is a fanBOY's room!
Even my room isn't like this!
Half of my things are kept safe and off the dangerous walls. O_O
Overtime, walls can get dangerous and life-threatening to poor posters. @_@
This is one fanboy I would love to meet. xD
Rare to find fanboys.

^ so many~ my mom would choke me if I even wanted to put
all of mine up. -__-

^ Cassi, wouldn't you girls love to meet this boy?! xD

^ ok now, remember this a BOY'S room. LOL this is adorable.
he's not scared to use such a frame to frame our Yoochunnie. XD

^ i'm gonna go with Yoochun's his favorite. lol
bah...this is so neatly decorated it feels like a girl did it. XD
way to go chinese fanboy! or should i say, 'China Cassiopeian' ^__^

credits: HERObaidu, fangirlmitz & cassiopeialuv


[NEWS] DBSK 3rd Asia Tour 'MIROTIC' Sold Out in FIVE Minutes!

** According to the actual news post, tickets were sold out in FIVE MINUTES rather than 20 as stated in the translations.

credits: as indicated on the template, charixiahma@LJ, fangirlmitz & cassiopeialuv

Well! No surprise here. xD
It's Dong Bang Shin Ki we're talking about,
it's expected to happen and then what?
They again, didn't let us down. Sold Out in 5 Minutes. whoo!
only bad thing is, i'm not going t be able to go T^T
But, congrats to the guys for selling out in 5 minutes or less again. xD
They're on a roll this year.
Next tour is set to start in May.
BigEast, ready yourselves! XDD
Yah, I will attend one of their concerts one day.
Probably within the next few years I'll get there. :D
Which means I get to see you guys again...YAY! =DD

DongBang, have fun and don't overwork!
International Cassi is with you in spirit! ^________^


[INFO] Idol Award Album Battle & Arirang Voting

At present, it is hard to distinguish the outcome from the voting status of the albums for the 1st Idol Award held by the Chosun Sports Newspaper.

Idol Award have gathered the 10 most supported Idol groups (TVXQ, Big Bang, Super Junior, Girls Generation, SHINee, SS501, Wonder Girls, FT Island, 2AM, 2PM) from last year to be chosen for the most popular award.

Currently in the first place is TVXQ with Big Bang following behind, as for Super Junior and Girls Generation are chasing right behind them.Who is going to take the lead among the most flourishing leads that guided the Idol groups last year and will there be any flowing in the year 2009 Ballad? It also received the greatest attention.

The standard for the winner will goes by the fans' voting which taking up 60% and the reporters group's voting which taking up 40%. The voting will end on 19 Jan (Monday), 12am and the award winners list will be out on 23 Jan.

Voting Website:
^ only korean citizens allowed to vote here.

credits: SportsChoSun, YJbaidu, fangirlmitz & cassiopeialuv
trans: ica89


yah...leading #1 at an Idol Album?
Go Dong Bang Shin Ki! xD
only one thing...
how in all the world did snsd get into the listing?!
the world has finally turned upside-down...


[INFO] Tohoshinki 4th Live Tour Ticket Information & Confirmed Venue Dates & Times

Types of Tickets

-Premium Seat
30,000¥ [special ticket + premium goods + good seat (maybe so near the main stage ) + private entrance]
-S seat
7800¥ [booked seat, arena seat or standing]
-S seat + special goods
9800¥ [booked seat (arena seat or standing) + special goods]
-S seat (prohibited standing) 7800¥ [(standing only), We must take our seats during performance]
-S seat (prohibited standing) + special goods
9800¥ [(arena seats only), We must take our seats during performance + special goods]
-A seat
6000¥ [not good seat (maybe stand arena seat), which is far from the main stage]

4th May - Kobe (10,000 pax can be accommodated) - 6.30pm
5th May - Kobe (10,000 pax can be accommodated) - 4pm
9th May - Saitama (37,000 pax can be accommodated) - 6.30pm
10th May - Saitama (37,000 pax can be accommodated) - 4pm
16th May - Sendai (7,000 pax can be accommodated) - 6.30pm
23rd May - Sapporo (11,500 pax can be accommodated) - 6.30pm
30th May - Fukuoka (15,000 pax can be accommodated) - 6.30pm

6th June - Hiroshima (10,000 pax can be accommodated) - 6.30pm
11th June - Osaka (16,000 pax can be accommodated) - 6.30pm
13th June - Osaka (16,000 pax can be accommodated) - 6pm
14th June - Osaka (16,000 pax can be accommodated) - 6pm
18th June - Nagoya (10,000 pax can be accommodated) - 6.30pm
20th June - Nagoya (10,000 pax can be accommodated) - 6pm
21st June - Nagoya (10,000 pax can be accommodated) - 4pm
Tour Schedule

3rd January - [JAP] FujiTV’s Mecha-Mecha Iketeru! New Year Special - 3.30pm
4th January - [JAP] Sanma-no Super Karakuri TV - 6:30pm
9th January - [JAP] NTV Music Fighter - 12.50am
15th January - [JAP] Music Japan (Bolero) - 12.10am
16th January - [JAP] NTV Music Fighter - 12:50am
18th January - [JAP] Bigeast 3rd Fanmeet (Makuhari Fair Trade Event Hall)
19th January - [JAP] DBSK on Fuji TV’s Hey! Hey! Hey! - 8pm
20th January - [JAP] Bigeast 3rd Fanmeet (Fukuoka International Centre)
21st January - [JAP] Bigeast 3rd Fanmeet (Kobe Memorial World Hall)
21st January - [JAP] 25th Japanese Single: Bolero release
25th January - [JAP] Ontama Carnival 2009@Yokohama Arena - 1 to 2pm
26th January - HERO Jaejoong’s birthday!
27th January - [JAP] Jaejoong + Yoochun MCing on M-on
29th January - [JAP] DBSK Bowling/ Soccer on Channel A

5th February - [JAP] DBSK Bowling/ Soccer on Channel A
6th February - UKNOW Yunho’s birthday!
7th February - SM Festival in Bangkok
18th February - MAX Changmin’s birthday!
20th February - 3rd Live Tour: Mirotic (Seoul) - 7pm
21st February - 3rd Live Tour: Mirotic (Seoul) - 7pm
22nd February - 3rd Live Tour: Mirotic (Seoul) - 7pm

4th May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Kobe (Kobe World Kinen Hall) - 6.30pm
5th May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Kobe (Kobe World Kinen Hall) - 4pm
9th May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Saitama (Saitama Super Arena) - 6.30pm
10th May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Saitama (Saitama Super Arena) - 4pm
16th May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Sendai (Hot House Super Arena) - 6.30pm
23rd May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Sapporo (Makomanai Ice Arena) - 6.30pm
30th May - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Fukuoka (Marine Messe Fukuoka) - 6.30pm

6th June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Hiroshima (Hiroshima Green Arena) - 6.30pm
11th June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Osaka (Osaka Hall) - 6.30pm
13th June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Osaka (Osaka Hall) - 6pm
1th June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Osaka (Osaka Hall) - 6pm
18th June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Nagoya (Japan Kaishi Hall) - 6.30pm
20th June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Nagoya (Japan Kaishi Hall) - 6pm
21st June - [JAP] 4th Live Tour: Nagoya (Japan Kaishi Hall) - 4pm

Credits: KPOP JJANG, Fangirlmitz, KPOPJJANG!, DBSK DREAM & cassiopeialuv

Omona...I want the premium seats. O_O
I could definitely pay for that if I was in Japan right now...
someone should fly me to Tokyo xD
all those dates and I can't go?!
I'm definitely attending one of the tours in 2010. =D
but for now...I shall buy copies of the dvds as soon as they release. ^^


[NEWS] DBSK's 4th Album, 'MIROTIC' Breaks Through the Half-A-Million Mark

DBSK//TVXQ 4th album MIROTIC through the half-million mark.
Star News Article January 8, 2009 08:52

[MTStarNews] The Youth Protection Committee classified DBSK's 4th album MIROTIC as harmful for the youth, but 100 days after the said album was released it has already reached 500,000 sales.

On the 8th, DBSK's agency SMEntertainment said, "Since DBSK's MIROTIC album was released September 26 last year until January 6 it has been sold online 167,697 copies, from off-line 335,140 copies amounting to after 103 days a total of 502,837 copies" they revealed.

This 2008 (the MIROTIC) album is among the all-time record-high sold. Not since Kim Gu Mo's 2003 8th album (Hestory) of 520,000copies has there ever been another artist that sold over 500,000.

DBSK's album November last year was branded as having harmful lyrics by the Youth Protection Committee, but as if to mock the decision, album sales are increasing more and the phenomenon finally led through the breakthrough of the half a million mark.

Meanwhile, DBSK is scheduled to have the 3-day (February 20-22), "TVXQ THE 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT-MIROTIC" at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

credits:, 이쁘제@DNBN, fangirlmitz & cassiopeialuv
Trans: fangirlmitz


[NEWS] Tohoshinki 4th Live Tour Dates

dude, its confirmed.
4th japanese tour happens during the spring of 2009! ^___^
but then again...that gives them less than 5 monthes to
record and coreograph all the new songs. @__@

May 4, 6:30pm, Kobe World Commemoration Hall (10,000pax can be accommodated)
May 5, 4pm, Kobe World Commemoration Hall (10,000pax can be accommodated)
May 9, 6:30pm, Saitama Super Arena - (37,000pax can be accommodated)
May 10, 4pm, Saitama Super Arena - (37,000pax can be accommodated)
May 16, 6:30pm, Hot House Super Arena - (7,000 people can be accommodated)
May 23, 6:30pm, Makomanai Sekisui House Ice Arena Hokkaido
(11,500 people can be accommodated)
May 30, 6:30pm, Marine Messe Fukuoka (15,000 people can be accommodated)
June 6, 6:30pm, Hiroshima Green Arena - (10,000pax can be accommodated)
June 11, 6:30pm, Osaka Jou Hall - (16,000pax can be accommodated)
June 13, 6pm, Osaka Jou Hall - (16,000pax can be accommodated)
June 14, 6pm, Osaka Jou Hall - (16,000pax can be accommodated)
June 18, 6:30pm, Japan Gaishi Hall - (10,000pax can be accommodated)
June 20, 6pm, Japan Gaishi Hall - (10,000pax can be accommodated)
June 21, 4pm, Japan Gaishi Hall - (10,000pax can be accommodated)

credits: BigEast, fangirlmitz & cassiopeialuv