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[INFO] DBSK's Xiah Junsu and Pho? O_o

Despite the turmoil between TVXQ//DBSK//Tohoshinki and SM Entertainment, the boys of DBSK have been quite busy. Jaejoong and Yoochun with their COLORS single topping the charts in Japan, Yunho with his acting on Heading to the Ground, Changmin with his preparations for his upcoming acting role, but what about Xiah Junsu?

Well, it seems Xiah Junsu has secretly opened up a Pho restaurant and has been busy with that. According to Women's Weekly in Japan, a Korean reporter recently took a trip to Xiah Junsu's new Vietnamese Pho restaurant in Seoul. The reporter stated that the food that was served was delicious and also stated that Xiah Junsu was hard at work in the kitchen. Junsu was seen talking to the kitchen staff and would stay in the back of the restaurant. The reporter went for a total of three days and saw Junsu at the restaurant each day.

Lim Yong Pil, a good friend of DBSK and former manager of So Ji Sup is also said to be part investor in the restaurant. There's also rumors that Micky Yoochun may be a part investor as the trio was frequently seen meeting privately. Lim Yong Pil also wrote on his minihompy, "Finally, I've started a business with my two younger brothers of DBSK." Showing further proof that Yoochun is also an investor.

Many people also claimed to have seen various members of DBSK eat randomly at the restaurant to show their support for Xiah Junsu and Micky Yoochun. Unfortunately, there's no specific information on the name of the restaurant or where exactly it's located, but I would love to stop by and eat there.

credits: chacha, KPOPJJANG, sharingyoochun, allkpop & cassiopeialuv

So THIS is what our little Junsu's been doing =D
Ohhhh~! I wanna know where it is so I can pop up there next summer. xD
Who's with me?