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[NEWS] Does DBSK's Jaejoong Make Your Heart Flutter?

Apparently fangirls in Japan seem to think so, and we can't find any argument in that!

In the October issue of Nicola Magazine, Jaejoong smuggled his way in the 'Top 30 Godly Men Who Make Your Heart Beat Faster The More You See Them'.

The mag featured 30 pieces of eligible eye candy, like Shun Oguri and Gackt, who involuntarily induce unexplainable hormonal and behavioral effects in females.

In the past, the eldest member of DBSK has found himself ranked quite highly in polls that involved good looks time and time again, even snagging first place in allkpop's 'Hottest Male Star Under 25' in the past.

As usual, Jaejoong was the only non-Japanese individual on the list, demonstrating that his beauty appeals, not only to Korea, but a great majority of Asia as well.

With his wide, glimmering eyes that you can easily get lost in, angelic, dreamy looks that make you question whether he is even human, and - not to mention - a kick-ass body that you just want to rub oil all over, Jaejoong proves to be quite a stiff competition.

Is there anyone who even stands a chance against DBSK's pretty boy?

credits: allkpop & cassiopeialuv

Oh looky! My beautiful Jae earned yet another title<3
I swear I really do question if he actually exists sometimes. x]
But...I've seen him in person so...I can't keep asking that. XD