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[NEWS] 1o.15.o9 - The Boycott Continues.

1. Items to be Boycotted

  • All Korean singles, regular albums, goods, photos, live albums, DVDs related to Concerts/Events, photobooks and original character products.
  • All Japanese Single, regular SM-LICENSED albums (Japanese labeled products are excluded)Extra businesses related with SM Ent.: Extra businesses related with SM Ent.:Family restaurant (Ashley, Podonamu, e-table), Everysing, Clothing company SPAO
  • All kinds of answering tones (aka Coloring in Korea), ringtones, BGM, music (both streaming and downloading), UFO ringtones.
  • All the TVXQ songs in karaoke (The income goes straight to the creditor!)

2. SM Ent. is still neglecting the Korean fans.

  • For example, compared to the abrupt cancellation of SM TOWN LIVE '09 (without any good reason), SM Ent. is carrying out the China concert in Shanghai and even the Shenzhen Concert in November, with ticket sales open already.
  • SM Ent. is contradicting itself by continuing the foreign activities yet cancelling all activities in Korea.

3. Comparison between the Japanese License albums and Japanese albums.

Japanese singles and regular albums come out in two ways:

  • The 'SM-licensed 'Korean version', and the 'Japanese/HongKong Version' released by AVEX (Also known as a direct import).
  • As for the license, 100% of the income goes straight to SM Ent, thus SM-licensed albums are no different from the Korean albums.
  • Albums released by AVEX (labelled Rhythm zone) are not included.

4. Continuation of Boycott movement.

For the boycotting, we are seeking our rights as consumers, and this is the best way to sound our appeal. The first boycott movement clearly states it will continue until the following two aims are fulfilled:

  • 1) SM Ent. to improvement its treatment their consumers.
  • 2) SM Ent. to correct the unreasonable contract signed between the company and the boys.
  • The two aims have not been fulfilled, thus the boycott continues.
  • The boycott is voluntary and no enforcement will be made. However, please bear in mind that your choice can make a difference!

credits:, the.cherrytree@soompi, Dbsk Dream & cassiopeialuv

Let the fight go on!
Cassiopeia, we're doing fine as of now with this boycott,
let's make a difference and win this battle!
Onward to victory my fellow cassiopeians!
DBSK, you can believe in us!