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[INFO] 01.25.10 DBSK's Kim Jaejoong is NAVER's Top 10 Search Entry

On January 24th, Our Kim Jaejoong occupied not only 1 but all ten of the TOP 10 spots on Naver.

Happy Birthday,
Kim Jaejoong.

26th January 1986, you were born on this earth, pure and innocent.
26th December 2003, your first stage, a fidgety fillling you.
26th January 2010, your 24th birthday, a celebration together with fans.

26th January 1986 ~ 26th January 2010

All these years, from a pure and innocent kid to an admirable talented singer; your hard work, to us is a line of poem written in our memories, but to you, its a treasure that will be beneficial throughout your whole life; your distress, to us is a sand in our eyes, but to you, it will be a lesson that forms a strong support that will aid you in future; your success, to us, its a happy injection to our soul, spiritually, but to you it’s like a strong wave within your heart, which is beyond beautiful.

Only believing in you, following you.

No matter when and where, we will be there for you.
If you are well, it will be a sunny day, we will accompany you to the ends of the earth.

source: Naver & BaiduTVXQ
translations: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ
special thanks: ミ♥ Lovedust @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv

Jaejoong, through all these years we've been with you,
not once have you let us down.
Everything you have done came with a reason.
We've supported you 6 years ago today (Korea Time) and
we will continue staying by you until the end.

I hope you have a Happy 24th Birthday and know that all of us
who can't be there with you in person, is celebrating with you in spirit.

When you're happy, we're shining.
When you're down, we're in pain.
Hwaiting Jaejoong, hold on to what you have and
we'll forever be standing with you as Cassiopeia.

On behalf of every Cassiopeian,