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[TRANS] 01.23.10 Japanese: JJ Magazine is Already Sold Out?

What you're about to read is a fan account just to inform you. =D

The cover of the magazine JJ on sale today (T/N: Jan 22) is Tohoshinki.
The news and newspapers were introducing them.

I honestly thought,
“Is it such a big deal just to appear on the covers?!”

Today was my off day,
and I like Tohoshinki, so I thought
"I’ll go shopping to buy JJ~❤"

I went to a big bookstore
around 6:00pm.

At the time…
there were many new magazines on sale starting today,
but I couldn’t find JJ…

I went to other bookstores,
and to convenience stores nearby,
JJ was missing in all the places…

Why, why, why!!!!
I'm making comments like the straight man (T/N: one role of comedians)

Watching the mixi Tohoshinki community, (T/N: an internet fan site)
JJ seems to be out of stock all over Japan.

All are sold out just by the reservation, before the actual sales started,
and there seemed to be many shops where they had no magazines to display in the shops…

Every bookstore clerk
seems to be surprised…lol

(few sentences omitted)

Of course I like Tohoshinki
but are they so popular?!(T/N: the blog author is also a fan of Namie Amuro and other artists)
Today, I was very surprised…

In some places, the sales will start from tomorrow (T/N: Jan 23)
If you want them, first come, first served~

source: Miiyan’s Blog
translations: smiley @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv

Oh, just in case anyone reading wanted to still purchase a copy,
JJ Magazine is still available online at YesAsia and CDJapan but
I advise you to purchase them quickly since they're going to be sold out if you don't act now. =D

Always keep the faith.