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[TRANS] DBSK's Jung Yunho's Donation to Haiti was Secretly Done.

It was found that DBSK's U-Know Yunho donated to the earthquake victims of Haiti while trying not to draw attention to himself.

On the 20th, 'MBC Newsdesk' revealed the names of those who participated in the donations to help the Haiti earthquake victims.

'Jung Yunho', which is also U-Know Yunho's real name, was seen amidst the names and fans began speculating whether or not this was DBSK's U-Know Yunho.

MBC carefully stated, "We're not supposed to reveal the donor's identity without his or her consent," and "U-Know Yunho's father called in instead, gave his condolences for the people of Haiti and donated 5 million Won (approximately $4,400)."

MBC also stated that, "He told us that the donor wished for us to show the donation under the name Jung Yunho so not to have his identity as a celebrity revealed. We thought that he did not want or need his stage name to be seen with his donation so we put Jung Yunho in the subtitles."

Netizens said, "His actions shine brighter because he donated under his real name," "It's great to see him donating secretly," and "He is good to the core," and left words of praise for U-Know Yunho.

source: [etoday & DNBN]
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I said this once, no..way more that once but I'll say it again.
Jung Yunho is a LIVING ANGEL.
The man is pure inside out.
Yunnie, we love you. Thank you and on with I:LOVE!
Haiti will recieve more in dedication to you guys!