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[TRANS] 01.21.10 DBSK's Xiah Junsu's "Mozart!" Earned...

DBSK's Xiah Junsu has increased sales by approximately 4 billion Won ($3.5 million).

Xiah Junsu will take on the lead role of Mozart in the musical 'Mozart!'. 'Mozart!' opened at the Seoul Sejong Cultural Center on the 20th.

Many in the domestic musical industry are saying that "'Mozart!' already had the money needed to cover the productions costs even before it had its first show." The total production costs for 'Mozart!' is around 4 billion Won. There is no other way to explain this situation other than the 'Xiah Junsu phenomenon'.

Calculating Ticket Sales

There are 4 people who will play the role of Mozart and they are Kim Junsu, Park Gun Hyung, Lim Tae Gyung and Park Eun Tae. They will be rotating every day for the performance. As soon as ticket reservations were open to the public, the number of tickets left on the nights that Junsu was scheduled to perform quickly depleted till they all reached '0'.

The Sejong Cultural Center's theater has 3000 seats. 452 VIP seats, 890 R seats, 538 S seats, 482 A seats, 362 B seats, and 256 C seats. The price for the tickets range from 20,000 Won ($18) to 120,000 Won ($106) on weekdays.

In the case that a show is performed on a weekday, one performance brings in 234.8 million Won ($ 206,000). On weekends, each performance brings in 264.6 million Won ($233,000). As Junsu is scheduled to perform in 8 weekday shows and 7 weekend shows, he is bringing in sales of 3,730,600,000 Won ($3.28 million).

There are also the provincial performances to consider. There will be shows in Daegu and Suwon and currently, Junsu is confirmed to perform in Daegu. There are 1954 seats in the Daegu Gaemyung Art Center. Junsu will perform in five weekend shows in Daegu. If the amount earned each night in Seoul is multiplied by two-thirds to find the revenue in Daegu, Junsu would still have earned 'Mozart!' 850 million Won ($747,000) in ticket sales.

If both these amounts are added, it totals in at 4,580,600,000 Won ($4.03 million). If Junsu decides to perform in more provincial shows, this number will rise. EMK Musical Company, that is in charge of 'Mozart!', seems to be expecting sales of side products such OST CDs and pamphlets to rise rapidly as well.

Male-Female Ratio is 1:9

According to the information about people who reserved tickets for 'Mozart!' on ticket reservation site Interpark, 92.5% of buyers were female while 7.5% were male. This seems to be the strength of the Korean and Japanese female fans.

Usually, women do attend musicals more than men but never has the division been so apparent. The people who watch the musical 'Chicago' are 64% female and 36% male. Even for 'Hairspray', the division is 66% female and 33% male.

A representative of 'Mozart!' stated, "Thanks to Junsu, we were able to draw the public's attention to the field of musicals more than we've ever been able to before."

There are some who are wary about Junsu's first musical show, but many are saying that we must wait and see. The musical staff commented about him and said, "It may be because he was a trainee for a long time, but he has a very active attitude when it comes to learning about the musical and he learns things very quickly."

Junsu was hospitalized recently due to fatigue. He was there for one day and was told to rest after being diagnosed with an accumulation of fatigue.

Junsu's first performance will be on the 26th. As the role of Mozart has been divided between four people, it is near impossible to not be compared to the other three. This is probably the most stressful part for him. He must now prove that his capability as a musical actor is as great as his ticket power.

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Well Holy Mother of Shin Ki.
That's a hell of alot of money he's bringing in alone just for his name. XD
Susu, we love you~
I wish this was in the summer though...eff it
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Always keep the faith.