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[TRANS] 02.22.10 Xiah Junsu Mesmerizes Audience in "Mozart!"

The incarnation of love and freedom child musical prodigy Mozart, [Mozart!] the musical’s last performance in Seoul was on the 20th, and Xiah Junsu’s explosive live performance mesmerized the audience.

Child music prodigy Mozart’s legendary life has been presented in front of an audience, Xiah Junsu’s performance on that day won the unanimous praise of seniors, the dreamy live singing getting favourable reviews.

In the eye-catching chapter 12, at the playground, while dressing up a new stage, with a Mozart who reunited with the Beverly family, to match their silly image, four words “TVXQ” and “Xiah Junsu” were called out, causing the audience to collapse with laughter.

When Constantine and her loved one Mozart reunited, Constantine’s skirt rolled up a bit, a charming yet innocent joke by Junsu “I can see your underwear” was also made.

The most spectacular was Chapter 14. The Archbishop of Cologne was in front of the emperor for opportunistic theft of Mozart’s chance to perform. When Mozart found him in a fit of anger, in the situation of a opposition, the words “You are an idiot” exploded. The archbishop did not understand and asked, “What do you mean by idiot?” “Count Arco! Do you know what is an idiot?” When the lines came out consecutively the audience burst out in fits of laughter.

With structured conflicts in the extreme, such performances let audiences feel fast and tense dramatic action. Following the story’s epic progression, passionate live performances let the piece of work show fluent rhythm and made the musical doubly interesting.

The audience have said that “This kind of singing is in no way inferior to the explosiveness of a bullet, it makes people forget this is live, it’s like being in a dream.” “Especially Xiah Junsu’s natural yet not indifferent kind of singing, it’s like a child who hasn’t grown up yet, the pure image of Mozart lets people feel closer to the character.

source: ohmynews & Xiahking
translations: faithintvxq @ OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

how many times was this now?
"Junsu" & "Genius" in the same sentence? lol

but really, he is amazing.
no one can resist him even if they tried their hardest.
so proud of him...

WAE can't there be a DVD?! T__T

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