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[TRANS] From Cassiopeia to International Cassiopeians

This is part of Tohosomnia's project Thanks to..., where translators from Tohosomnia generously translated letters from International Fans to Cassiopeia and the reply letters to International Fans from Cassiopeia.

To. Tohosomnia

Five people who have gathered full of passion under the four letters that are TVXQ..
and us, who gathered full of love for them under the name Cassiopeia..

And in a far away place..
In an unfamiliar.. and different place, there are fans who care for them too..

When I saw the letter talking about the fact that international fans
rely on.. care for.. and support Cassiopeia as much as they do TVXQ
my heart swelled with emotions..

Although I am only a small presence in comparison to Cassiopeia as a whole..
I am so thankful to the international fans for sending us heartfelt letters
that I decided to send you all my thanks, small as it may be..

It could have been that... It was easy for us to know about them -
Because we saw them constantly on programs ever since they debuted..
They were on whenever we turned the TV on..
And falling in love with them was so natural that I don't remember when it happened exactly..

It could have been that... It was easy for us to find out what they wanted to say to us -
I am always thankful to God for this..
We were born as people on the same land... under the same sky as them..
Under the same emotions.. the same language.. we were able to hear what their hearts wanted to say to us very easily..

But for the countless number of international fans... It's probably not the same for you..

You cannot see them unless you put in some effort..
You cannot understand what they are trying to say unless you set aside some time..

When they perform in Japan,
when I support them as Tohoshinki, not TVXQ..
I feel as though I am able to experience a little of what you all go through,
although I cannot confidently say that I know how you feel completely..

Thanks to all of you,
who nevertheless try to..
love them... and understand them as much as we do..

I am learning that even their mere presence is a great gift..
I am learning that even their mere presence greatly moves people..

Whether they are TVXQ or Tohoshinki..
No matter where they were born or where they sing..

I am learning that the music, the heart's melody, can unite us all as one..
Regardless of the fact that we do not live under the same sky..
Regardless of the fact that we do not speak the same language..

It may be... that we are all united as one
under the same sky.. the same land.. the same emotions.. the same language.. that is TVXQ^^

I am sure that you all are going through times as hard as ours are right now..

But let's endure these troubled times together..
Let's overcome this together being thankful and moved
by their presence.. and their music..

These are my words of thanks that I send to you, this is the most I can give you in words..
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart..

And I love you..♡

I keep praying, Don't forget, Baby We keep the faith eternally!!

Always keep the Faith★

Excerpt from Separate letter:

And in the midst of that, I read your letters.. Yes.. As soon as I read your letters I began writing this e-mail..
Because I was filled with emotions, my letter got long.. and convoluted..

But please send my letter to them..
Please.. Please..
I'm not threatening you..

But.. You could say that I am pressuring you just a little.. lol..

I beg of you..

To our TVXQ, the international fans are as great a strength to them as we are..
For that, I am thankful.. and thankful once more..
If the heavens are watching over us
I wonder why they wouldn't pay attention to so many people's earnest wishes..
by. 촹난다

translations: jeeelim5@tohosomnia
credits: tohosomnia
shared by DBSKnights & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Cassiopeia, We are one!
Thank you for the heart-warming letters.
Really, thanks for acknowledging us i-Cassies T___T
We really are joined by 5 people.
I am truly grateful for all the love we share and the one thing that brings us together
Our Dong Bang Shin Ki.
Our lights in the dark sky.
Our reason's for the existence of "Cassiopeia".

Thank you...
to Every single Cassiopeia out there.
No matter if you're a little fan who just listens to their music,
or a major fan like I, we are still connected.
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for support our boys.

Now more than ever, We must keep the faith!
DBSK must receive our faith!