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[TRANS] 02.25.10 Lee Soo Man's Resignation Has "No Particular Change in SM"

Daily News Korea
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2010.02.25 11:24:37 입력

A founder of the SM entertainment resigned from SM Entertainment.

SM entertainment spokesman explained that,
"from now on Lee Soo Man will focus only for future foreign production activities."

Lee Soo Man will withdraw from his duties at SM (Korea) which he founded in 1995.
He will formally resign from a public management director's position on the 25th,
and stay only as a main shareholder of the SM entertainment in Korea.

However, it is expected that no particular change will be made at SM after his resignation from the director's position since SM (in Korea) has been administered by the representative Kim Myongmin.

However it could bring the case that the SM artist's situation/내실
(*No specific word written here about what kind of artist's "situation/내실")
could be strengthened/improved/강화될 due to this change at SM entertainment (Korea).

Recently Avex sold their stock to Lee Soo Man and Neowizbugs.
Even if Lee Soo Man has resigned from SM director’s position,
he remains strong as the main shareholder of the SM owning total of 28.3% in share.

translations: Junsulv@OneTVXQ
shared by: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

"No Particular Changes".
I was hoping for a "DBSK will go on with 2010 Korean Comeback!"
T____T *hopes & dreams smashes to 5270468924823 billion pieces*
We have to keep holding on for some news on the boys in Korea O_O

Always Keep the Faith!