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[FANACC] 03.11.10 U-Know Yunho Encounter in Las Vegas

O____O This lucky effin...and it wasn't even one person!
Wae can't he be in the east coast?! T___T
You guys are "Rising Gods of the EAST"

HELLO~ I’m am a 20-year-old fan residing in Las Vegas.

From the moment I saw Yunho oppa until now, my heart still could not calm down~~.

When I heard the news that DBSK's U-know Yunho is coming to Las Vegas,

I was very very surprised, thinking about breathing the same air as him. I was happy to an extreme extent.

Today someone gave me a text saying Yunho is at XXX hotel (xxx = name censored)

My plans of watching movies with friends were immediately canceled.

I hurriedly rushed over to the hotel oppa appeared in.

A movie definitely cannot be compared to Yunho.

When I got there, I saw 2 guys sitting there.

Even though Yunho oppa was only wearing a plain white T, it was as if he was glowing.

We were enticed.

Because we were afraid he is tired, we waited on the side.

Because we were afraid he is tired, we waited on the side.

There was a time when he went to the restroom and passed by the table we sat at!!!!!

He past by me very fast!!!!

So happy =3=

After Yunho oppa returned from eating, I went and asked him to give me an autograph.

The manager looking guy said "No", but Yunho oppa said "It was okay", and gave me his autograph. =3= so...effing...lucky O_O

I said "I am Yunho oppa’s fan", and he said "Thank you."

I have a lot of friends, he signed autograph for every one of them, and even asked for their names.

He had sunglasses on, even wearing a plain T-shirt he was still dazzling, very very handsom.

He is tall, very handsome face, everything about him is screaming elegance…

To me, Yunho oppa is the most amazing person in my life.

He is very considerate of fans, SO SWEET~

Oppa was tired so we didn’t take a picture, even though it was disappointing but it was understandable.

I love him to death, Yunho oppa~

Always Keep The Faith!

source: PANN
credits: 车奉君の小脸@baidutvxq
translations: sharingyoochun
shared by: sharingyoochun, OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

....I have nothing to say about this.
It's unfair beyond the next level.
T___T I hate my life when this kinda stuff happens..

Always keep the faith!