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[TRANS] 03.15.10 D-NA - "We Want to be Like DBSK."


[스타 인터뷰] 대국남아 "우상 동방신기처럼…"
입력시간 : 2010/03/15 06:24:49
*Translated DBSK part*

"We Want to be like TVXQ."

From pre-debut, Dae Guk Nam Ah gained another name called, "The second TVXQ".

There are many similarities between these two groups. It is the five male group. Their debut average age was 17 years old which was the "youngest group" at the time of their debut. And both groups are formed into consideration to target overseas market. Therefore from the start, Dae Guk Nam made TVXQ as their "idol" and the "role model".

During their interview time, J said "All the members watched TVXQ growing up and had the dream to be a singer some day. TVXQ is more than the idol. They are way above an idol. We do not know how we could ever dance and sing like them. We may never overrun their abilities. Every time we see them, we realize it is way far-off goal for us to aim to be closer to TVXQ".

Ever since they started to be called "The second TVXQ", there were some anti talks telling them not to compare themselves with the Asia's best super star group.

But the members said that they appreciate such reaction from the people.

"It may be said that TVXQ is like a huge mountain which is impossible to climb. Our heart toward them is much more than the word "respect" could explain. And we still wish and aim to be the group like them", said HyonMin.

translations: Junsulv@OneTVXQ
credits: OneTVXQ & cassiopeialuv newsblog

I'm on the "anti" side.
Though I don't hate D-NA, because I don't listen to them,
but really, enough is enough.

Blurting our boys' names in everything.
Trying to get attention on the group?
Do you know what Cassie can do?
You'll never reach the top using our boys.
So if you are, Stop. Just Stop.

There will NEVER be a "2nd TVXQ".
Not even if you dream about it.
Even in the next 52789424 lives.

Sorry to their fans if you see this.
But I have to vent, Cassie protective side is on.

No one can ever surpass or even get near DBSK.
Ok? Thank you.
I'm still pissed but I don't want to go crazy and want to kill.
Please, just be yourselves.
It's not fair to DBSK who started as themselves.
And then you come out and just copy them.

It's sad.
It's wrong.
It's not approved.


Always keep the faith!