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[TRANS] 03.09.10 Yu Takahashi Q&A Blog Entry

NOTE THIS: Yu Takahashi is a 'Seventeen' Model and she recently posted a question and answer blog entry revealing that she's a fan of our boys!

Q. Is your mom a Spain Filipino? (Spanish-Filipino)
- yes, that makes me half Filipino and half Japanese, but Spanish runs in my blood too.

Q. Is it nice to have girl fans?
- reallllly happy! I want to be someone who is liked from the same gender.

Q. Who do you like in Tohoshinki? Everyone?
- I like the whole group Tohoshinki so i like everyone in Tohoshinki!
but I love the leader Yunho.

Q. What is the song and artist you listen to repeatedly recently?
- Tohoshinki’s “With All My Heart~君と踊る、夏~”
I love it!

Q. What made you want to be a model and how did you become one?
- I actually wanted to be a singer and auditioned but I have this height so I thought. I should use how tall I am and become a model.

Q. Whats your favorite comedians?
- Downtown

Q. What is something that made you upset the most?
-hmmm.. what is there.. how I got my money stolen.

Q. Today is my graduation day but do you have any graduation memories(^o^)?
- You’re graduating today!? Congratulations~
I have a lot of graduation memory!
I have alot of wonderful ones so I’ll share the one that wasn’t the best…
At my elementary school graduation, I had a stomachache for the whole time and I couldn’t listen to the speeches.

Q. What can you cook the best?
- Tofu hamburger.

Q. Please tell me your favorite brand bag!
- everyone can hold a miumiu and look cute these days my favorite is Jupiter&Juno

Thank you for the questions!
10 for now, I’ll update the questions and answers again next time(:

source: Takahashi Yu
translations: Rieko@sharingyoochun
credits: sharingyoochun & cassiopeialuv newsblog

Aish...she's freaking gorgeous.
Yet another celebrity fan!
Next thing you know, we'll find out...
our president here loves our boys too! x]

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