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[INFO] DBSK in HMV Asia Chart No.1 Album

This year's DBSK's 4th album MIROTIC took up the chart on HMV Asia, Japan's largest music chain store.

On December 17 at Tokyo Japan a reporter found HMV's Asian charts in their public store. DBSK's 4th album MIROTIC was named number 1 in Asia on the chart.

In particular, last December 11 the USEN Annual Request Ranking had been released wherein in the love ballad "Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou" has gone to be the number 1 J-POP requested song, signifying higher popularity, according to the reporter.

Also, DBSK's "Christmas Gift From~", last 2004 was ranked as number 9.

In a large management studio forecast Japanese officials meeting in Japan they reported that
"DBSK actually has increased popularity in Japan", and "Laying the biggest effect is the stage tour throughout the country"" he said.

Meanwhile, in Japan on December 31 DBSK is invited to the end of the year event, in NHK Kohaku to represent Korea, and they will be appearing for the first time.

source: Star News Tokyo, 시크챵@DNBN, fangirlmitz, DBSK Dream & cassiopeialuv

Whoo~! XD
The guys beat off SHINee, Big Bang, Rain, Super Junior, SS501 and some other stars! xD
Well, actually, i'm not surprised. Lol
It's DBSK for heaven's sake, they're the biggest stars in ASIA.
Meh...soon the rest of America will love them too. Hehe...enough of us already do. ^__^